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  • Affordable Access To Talent In Just 24 Hours

  • What is iSource?

    iSource is a Talent Sourcing System. We like to think of ourselves as modern day head-hunters, at a fraction of the cost.

    We take a briefing on a role, take care of the search & identification of talent, let employers pick out the talent of interest, and then we take care of the outreach and approach to candidates.

    Once we have any positive interest from our outreach, theyre introduced directly to you, leaving you to take care of the rest!

  • Who Do We Work With?

  • Which Locations Have We Covered?

  • Generally speaking we find there are 3 reasons why a company will turn to iSource

    Theyre currently over-reliant on agencies and want to reduce spend.

    They dont have an HR / Internal Talent function to lean on

    The HR / Internal function are swamped with high volumes of roles and want to reduce the pressure and time on their shoulders when it comes to physically sourcing and reaching out to talent.

    Why Use iSource?

  • So How Does It Work?

    It all starts with a Brief.

    We take 5-10 minutes with you, over the phone or a coffee, to go

    through the role in depth. All our searches are human-led, done by ex-

    recruiters, so you get exactly the same experience and service as you

    would from a traditional head-hunter.

  • So How Does It Work?

    Next, We Search

    Once we have what we need, your Account Manager will start

    identifying talent on places like LinkedIn straight away. Every single

    profile is checked by an expert recruiter against the criteria of your

    role, and if relevant, placed on your dashboard along with justification

    notes from your Account Manager. All this happens well within our

    strict SLA of 24 hours.

  • So How Does It Work?

    Then, You Review.

    Before we waste everyones time

    contacting talent that you may not even be

    interested in, we get you to take 10

    minutes to log into your dashboard, and

    review the candidates weve identified.

    You select which ones you want us to

    approach for you by giving a simple

    thumbs up / thumbs down, making for a

    much more efficient hiring process.

  • So How Does It Work?

    We Reach Out

    When youve finished your review, we

    immediately start reaching out to the

    talent youve selected, informing them

    specifically of your interest in their profile,

    to ascertain if they are open to a move,

    and a conversation with you.

  • So How Does It Work?

    We Qualify Interest

    When reaching out to talent, we qualify if

    they are truly interested in a move or not,

    introducing you only to those who are

    keen to talk.

    We keep working on every role, until

    weve introduced you to at least 5

    interested candidates, or you can have a

    free vacancy on us in the future!

  • So How Does It Work?

    Over To You!

    Once we have a candidate interested in

    your role, we introduce you both on email,

    and hand over to you.

    From there youre free to liaise to set up

    calls, interviews and handle contracts and

    offers yourselves.

    No meddling, haggling or interfering from


  • The Numbers

  • Whats The Damage?

    Our Pricing Model has been designed to cater for SMEs with 2 vacancies a year, to fast growing

    start ups with unpredictable growth, to large corporates with continuous volume.

    Companies can use iSource on a subscription basis, which can be extremely cheap per role, but

    for flexibility, most start out on an ad-hoc basis, choosing one of the below options for a one-off


  • Our Guarantee

    For any Pro vacancy we work on for you, if were unable to introduce you to a minimum of 5

    interested candidates that youve approved yourselves, and you dont hire any of those that we

    have managed to find, you will have a credit returned to your dashboard for you to use on a future

    vacancy, completely free of charge.

    Hows that for Peace of Mind?

    Get in touch for a coffee, or a chat through your first role!

    Adam Horne


    0203 714 1155