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  • Fiona HolmesCreator & Author

  • Wonderland

    A comprehensive literacy programme that

    includes an all-embracing reading scheme

    with fun-filled relevant stories set in the

    magical town of Wandsville.

    Children all over Ireland have been

    captivated by Wandsville and its eight

    main characters with their unique and

    quirky personalities.

    The characters are all friends and the

    lively, pacy and innovative stories

    chronicle their adventures together.

    The original, modern and humorous

    story plots engage and appeal to todays

    critical, media-savvy young readers.

    The books have been published for the Educational

    market but are also renowned for their trade

    book similarities with lavish illustrations, that are

    vivid, colourful and detailed.


  • The Author

    The Publisher

    Fiona Holmes is a primary teacher and award winning

    author who has been involved in education for the past

    twenty five years. Throughout her career as a teacher in

    Dublin, she has won numerous national awards with her

    classes for drama and musicals.

    She is the creator and author of the highly successful Wonderland Literacy

    Programme for the junior cycle.

    As a teacher and parent of six children, Fiona noted the emotional attachment

    children form with characters from a particular series of books. However she

    found that the characters and stories often dont develop in tandem with

    the reading skills of the child. She created a set of characters and stories that

    would hook children and motivate them to continue to read as the stories and

    characters developed along with their reading skills. This led to the creation of

    the Wandsville series.

    CJ Fallon, one of Irelands longest

    established and most respected

    educational publishers, has been leading

    the way in Primary and Post Primary

    publishing since 1927.

    CJ Fallon are committed to providing Irish

    teachers with the highest quality teaching

    resources in print and digital. They believe in providing Irish students with the

    best results-driven learning tools, developed to to the highest educational and

    academic standards. They work with only the best teachers in the country who

    contribute as authors, advisors and reviewers.


  • The Characters


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  • Summary Overview of Programme


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  • Some spoilers...


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  • The plot thickens...


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  • The Complete Circle

    Teachers Resource Books

    Teachers Notes

    Oral La




    t Schem


    Reading Picture Book

    Core Readers

    Supplementary Readers

    Flash Cards

    Wall Posters

    Oral Language Posters

    Fairy Tale Books (Large format)

    Programme Overview

    Phonological Awareness Rhymes Book

    Skills Development Introductory Skills Book

    Skills Books

    Phonics Phonic Cards

    Decodable Books

    Phonics workbooks

    Alphabet frieze

    Phonics CDs

    Each element of the programme supported with Teachers resources

    Stage One


  • Taking a closer look...

    Picture Book

    Year 1: 3 Core Readers

    5 non-verbal stories

    All Wandsville characters introduced

    High level art work facilitates

    Oral language development

    Narrative shape & real book experience

    Incremental word count to include the first 100 high frequency words

    Detailed illustrations to facilitate discussion and oral language development

    Reading Picture Book

    Core Readers

    Supplementary Readers

    Flash Cards

    Wall Posters


  • Year 2: 4 Core Readers

    and 1 Bridge Reader


  • 2

    Globby made a snowman.

    SPA-SnowTrouble.indd 2 25/02/2011 09:48:47


    He put a hat on him.

    SPA-SnowTrouble.indd 3 25/02/2011 09:48:48

    Supplementary Readers (x24)

    Same characters and setting

    Repetitive structure

    High frequency sight words

    Includes 25 most common words (approx. 1/3 of all written material)


    Then Globby made a snowgirl.



    SPA-SnowTrouble.indd 6

    25/02/2011 09:48:49

    He put a dress on her.7

    SPA-SnowTrouble.indd 7

    25/02/2011 09:48:50

  • Oral Language Development Programme

    Oral Language Posters

    Fairy Tale Books (Large format)


  • Support Material

    20 O.L.D. posters

    2 Large Format Books

    1 Fairy Tale Book (Large Format)

    20 O.L.D. posters

    2 Fairy Tale Books (Large Format)

    Senior Infants

    Junior Infants


  • Phonics Programme

    Burgers Book of Sounds

    Burgers Book of Sounds 1

    Burgers Book of Sounds 2

    Take-home Decodable

    In context

    Addresses the alphabet principle

    Practical use of the letter sounds learned

    Phonics Phonic Cards

    Decodable Books

    Phonics workbooks

    Alphabet frieze

    Phonics CDs

    Books Alphabet Frieze

    Phonics Cards Sets A and B


  • Take-home Decodable Books

    Pre Core Reader stage

    Encourages child to read stories by decoding words with sounds that they have just learned

    Sets child up for reading success



  • Skills Development Introductory Skills Book

    Skills Books

    Skills Books Components

    Introductory Skills Books

    Skills Books

    Motor coordination

    Visual matching

    Visual discrimination

    Phonological awareness


    Research based skills development

    Random activities


  • Skills Books Structure

    Skills Books Pages


  • Phonological Awareness Rhymes Book

    Phonological Awareness

    Featuring Wandsville characters

    Based on the 37 most common rimes

    Creative appealing rhymnes

    Rhymes Books


  • Teachers Notes A & B

    Teachers Notes A and B support the core readers and outline ideas to develop:


    Phonological awareness


    Print awareness

    Vocabulary and writing.

    Teachers Notes Sample Pages


  • Promotes focused teaching matched to the learning needs of the children

    Provides assessment tools


    Comprehensive phonics, phonological awareness, fluency and guided writing programmes

    Yearly scheme format with weekly lesson plans

    Instructional plan covering vocabulary, comprehension and guided reading

    Includes photocopiable resource material to support lesson plans

    Teachers Resource Books A & B


  • 6 Core Readers

    2 Novels

    2 Fact Books

    4 Skills Books

    24 Supplementary Readers

    Oral Language

    Development Schemes C & D Teachers Notes C & D

    IT Material

    Real book experience



    Reduced font size

    Stage Two Components

    Year 3 Core Books

    Stage Two


  • Looking after Zara pages 67

    Dance Shoes for GG page 58


  • Camper Van Fun pages 1011

    Year 4 Core Books

    More complex story lines

    Challenging vocabulary

    Top 300 high frequency words


  • GGs New Job pages 45

    GGs New Job page 42


  • Skills Books

    Research based skills development

    Random activities


  • 34

  • 35

  • Wonderland English Literacy Programme


    Creator & Author: Fiona Holmes

    Email: fiona.c.holmes@gmail.com

    00353 86 822 8225

    Publisher: CJ Fallon

    Ground Floor Block B Liffey Valley Office Campus Dublin 22

    Email: info@cjfallon.ie