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<p>Riding the Wave Spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profit</p> <p>Riding the WaveSpotting and forecasting consumer trends for profitA GyaanNiketan PresentationAdapted from The Next Big Thing by William Highman Publisher Kogan Page</p> <p>EMERGING TOPIC</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave Spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profitTRENDSTREND MARKETINGVALUEBEGINNING UNDERSTANDING IDENTIFICATIONINTERPRETATIONIMPLEMENTATION</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave Spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profitTRENDSTHE VALUE OF TRENDSBEGINNING WITH TRENDSUNDERSTANDING TRENDSImportance Relevance Impact Benefits 3Is Preparation Insights (Inhouse Outsourcing)How Trends start Trend Typologies Where trends occur Trends versus fads</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave Spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profitTREND MARKETINGIDENTIFICATIONINTERPRETATIONIMPLEMENTATIONWhat to look for? Statistical Data Observational Data Media Monitoring How trend spreads Active / Passive Trend drivers Predicting TrendsConvincing the Company Determining the Strategy Whats in it for me? Theory into practice </p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave The value of trendsImportanceRelevanceImpactBenefitMeaning of ConsumersMeaning of ChangeMeaning of TrendsConsumers TrendsTrends TodayAccelerated ChangeBoundary BlurringConsumer is KingGlobalizationOpportunityThreatMissingCatchingMarketingPurchase DriversCommunicationDistributionNew MarketsNew Products</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave Beginning with trendsThe 3IsPreparationInhouse InsightsOutsourcing InsightsWhat Trend Marketing ISWhat Trend Marketing is NotThe Trend Marketing ProcessFocus on the FutureAvoid BiasKeep an open mindBe SystematicInnovateTrend SourcingTrend ScoutsTrend ConsultantsTrend IntegrationTrend TeamTrend Department</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave Understanding TrendsHow Trend StartsTrend TypologiesWhen trends occurTrends vs FadsTrend InitiatorsInitiator TypologiesTypology traitsBehavioural vs AttitudinalMicro vs MacroInternational vs NationalConflicting trendsAvoidanceCreationidentificationSectorsSegmentsUtilization</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave Trend Marketing IdentificationWhat to look for?Statistical dataObservation dataMedia MonitoringWhat to studyWho to studyWhen to studyHow to study?Finding dataFuture dataPrimary dataSecondary DataTesting dataHow to monitor?What to monitor?BoardroomLiving roomThe StreetInternet</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave Trend Marketing InterpretationHow trends spread?Active DriversPassive Trend DriversPredicting trendsWhere trends spread?Who trends spread to?How trends spreadAssistance AttributesNeed AttributesTrend PredictionTrend MappingPassive driversConstantsCyclesCalculabesChaotics</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICRiding the Wave Trend Marketing ImplementationConvincing the companyDetermining the strategyWhats in it for Me?Theory into PracticePresentation Needs Presentation DriversPresentation TypologiesPresentation TipsImplication DeterminationCommunal DeterminationFormal DeterminationImplementation ProcessResponding to TrendsThe Next StepsPicking Your PurposePicking parameters</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICCan you Predict success ?</p> <p>EMERGING TOPIC</p> <p>EMERGING TOPIC</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICThe importance of trendsThe relevance of trends</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICImpact of trends</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICBenefit of trends</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICBeginning with trends </p> <p>EMERGING TOPICA GYAANNIKETAN PRESENTATION</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICOUR EDGE</p> <p>EMERGING TOPICThank Youvisit www.gyaanniketan.comThe Knowledge AbodeEnhance your Education, Experience, ExpertiseFor further enquiries / doubts /</p> <p>EMERGING TOPIC</p> <p>EMERGING TOPIC</p>