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Riding the Change Wave. How Rapid Change is Impacting the 21 st Century Worker GinaMaria Jerome The Corporation Communication Coach. So Who Are You?. And why are you talking to us?. The Impact of Change on Technology. Information is doubling every 2 years - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Riding the Change WaveHow Rapid Change is Impacting the 21st Century Worker

    GinaMaria JeromeThe Corporation Communication Coach

  • So Who Are You?And why are you talking to us?

  • The Impact of Change on TechnologyInformation is doubling every 2 years

    To reach an audience of 50 million: Radio: 38 yearsTV: 13 yearsInternet: 4 yearsiPOD: 3 yearsFacebook: 2 years

    Video: Did You Know

  • The Impact of TechnologyGoogle searches in 2006: 2.7 billion a monthGoogle searches in 2009: 31 billion a month

    Total number of text messages sent each day exceeds the population of the planet

    165 billion emails are sent each dayVideo: Did You Know, CBS.com

  • The Impact of Change on Technology1984 there were 1000 internet devices2008 there were over 1,000,000,000

    2/3 of workers access a social networking site... while on the job

    From 2008 to 2009, number of hiring managers using social networking websites to screen job applicants jumped from 22% to 45%

    52 million Americans have used the Internet to search for a job (2007)Video: Did You Know, Career Builder.com, Pew Study

  • The Impact of Change on TechnologyThere are over 4.6 billion cell phone subscribers

    1 in 4 households have no landline, only cell service

    Over 9 million iPhones sold in Q1 2010Over 8.25 million iPADs by Q3

    By 2011, 1 in 2 Americans will have a smart phoneDid You Know, CBS.com, NPR, and Fortune

  • The Impact to the Workplace1 in 4 workers has been at their current job less than 1 year

    1 in 2 has been at their job more than 5 years

    People in high school today will probably have 10-14 jobs... before the age of 38

    Top Ten in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004

    Video: Did You Know

  • The Impact to the WorkplaceSHRM Commissioned Study

    * Going global* More contingent workers* Greater fluctuations more automations* Strong focus on soft skills* More diversity

    survey respondents expect employees to work longer hours, retire at an older age, and experience greater personal and family stress due to work. unsurprising, 57% of respondents expect there to be less loyalty to the organisation, while only 20% anticipate greater loyalty.

  • And yet....Change is everywhere....

    Fear of change is rampant...

    So how do we create sustainability?

  • Three Ways to StartAdaptability


    Emotional Elements

  • AdaptabilityAgile learning:What have I learned since yesterday? What am I working on today? What obstacles are in front of me?

    Soft skills:Communication Interpersonal relationshipsProject managementProblem solvingDiversity

  • TransferenceTransferable skillsSoft skillsLeadership OrganizationConflict Management (especially between permanent and contingent workers)Research capabilityDay to day

    Technological SkillsSuccessful global companies will use technology to interconnect large workforces smartly.

  • Emotional ElementsEmotion vs. Rationalization

    Motivational keys to change:Carrot and StickEnvironmentalLanguage

  • Questions?GinaMaria JeromeThe Corporate Communication Coach9802 Baymeadows Road Suite 12 Box 164Jacksonville, FL 32256904.564.9070info@corporatecommunicationcoach.comwww.corporatecommunicationcoach.com

    Tell story.The average student earning a 4-year degree, their field of study will be outdated by the time they graduate

    Think about what things you do today that you didnt 4 years ago. Text, get video on a phone, Skype, OnDemand, streaming movies, TV shows on computer(taking the average working about 10 years )

    90% of recruiting firms do a Google search on candidates

    70% of email is span

    Currently 1 in 4 prefer to communicate via email, in 10 years that will be 3 out of 4http://careerchangechallenge.com/50-job-search-statistics-you-need-to-know/Were training people today for jobs that dont current exist with technology that doesnt currently existGlobal Firms in 2020The next decade of change for organisations and workersA report from the Economist Intelligence UnitEmotion wins every time

    Carrot and the Stick the stick wins every time

    Resources: :Switch by Chip and Dan Heath and Drive by Dan PinkThese will lead to greater productivity, less stress.Roles will be more project-based

    Show constant successes

    Day to day: I show up on time, cooperate, pay attention to detail, I get along with others, Emotion wins every time

    Carrot and the Stick the stick wins every time

    Resources: :Switch by Chip and Dan Heath and Drive by Dan Pink