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Transitioning: riding the wave. A/Prof Karen Stagnitti HDR Coordinator School of Health and Social Development 13 th October, 2011. This presentation is about. The transition from HDR to ECR and how to recognise opportunities along the way Ill cover conferences, networking and publishing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Transitioning: riding the waveA/Prof Karen StagnittiHDR CoordinatorSchool of Health and Social Development</p> <p>13th October, 2011This presentation is aboutThe transition from HDR to ECR and how to recognise opportunities along the way</p> <p>Ill cover conferences, networking and publishing</p> <p>The three other speakers are all covering publishing as well. </p> <p>I will take you through my experienceWhere it startedI started and completed my PhD research in a rural cityI started when my children were in primary school and I graduated when my eldest child was in first year university</p> <p>The journey was interesting to say the least!Over the course of my Phd I had 6 supervisors (some beyond my control) and transferred universities.Tip 1: have something to sayI was a part-time paediatric occupational therapist working in early childhood intervention and my PhD research was on a topic that was directly related to a clinical problemHow do you assess accurately a childs play?</p> <p>Wave: Have something to say, to contribute</p> <p>In paediatrics play is now a hot topicIt is now apparent that across many disciplines, this was a common problem.</p> <p>When I started play was off the radar no one was writing about itWhile seemingly a simple behaviour it is very complex4Tip 2: have something to say no matter where you liveWarrnambool: lovely place to live, but you only have a brain if you live in MelbourneI was isolated during my PhD</p> <p>Wave: For people who live overseas (or interstate) they dont care where you liveThey care about what you write and what you can contribute to the field!</p> <p>Tip 3: have something to say that extends beyond the PhDIf you plan a career in research or as an academic, I have found it extremely helpful that my PhD was just the beginning</p> <p>Foundational research in the PhD is now being built on and extended (for me into other age groups, across clinical and social conditions)</p> <p>Passion: it will keep you goingChange your area passion with something to say and contributeTip 4: recognise opportunities and take them!Opportunities come along - but you need to be publishing or presenting at conferences (or no-one knows about you or your work)</p> <p>Recognise opportunities step up to them</p> <p>During my PhD a little library card arrived at the office in Warrnambool requesting a journal publication. It was from a Charles Schaefer from New York State, USA.</p> <p>Wave: step out</p> <p>Tip 5: opportunities come as people get to know youPeople know your work by:Publications and presentationPeople know you by:Meeting you, You answering their emailNetworkingTarget conferences where you want to meet someone in particular so say hello (could be the next wave)Target conferences on your topic</p> <p>Tip 6: networking can lead to more publicationsIn my experience this is particularly so for books and book chapters(In my field books and book chapters are important publication sources)</p> <p>You get invited to contribute a book chapterIf you are meet your deadlines, meet the style requirements, and be gracious (you usually only get a free book for contributing)</p> <p>Books: you either get invited or you put in a proposalPublishers are more likely to take note of your proposal if you have published before and have a profile in the fieldTip 7: Develop your own personal strategyConsider:Your fieldYour vision of successWhere you want to be in 5 years, 10 yearsWhere for you, is it important to publish?(journals, books, chapters, magazines, blogs)What are your constraints?Time? Experience? Self belief?Tip 8: Ride the wavePublishNetworkGo to conferences, say helloTake chances some work, some dontUnderstand an opportunity</p> <p>Not everything will work out but there are joys along the wayWork hard sorry, no other option (unless you want to only surf literally)thanksQuestions?</p>