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Endeca Installation


A Hands-on Guide forOracle Endeca Information Discovery

Description: BISP is committed to provide BEST learning material to the beginners and advance learners. In the same series, we have prepared a list of beginners guide and FAQs for Endeca Information Discovery. The document guides you through step by step approach to install, configure, post installation and validation of installation. Join our professional training program to learn from expert.

History:Version Description Change Author Publish Date 0.1 Initial Draft Kuldeep Mishra10th Dec 20120.1 Review Level1 Neeraj Soni12th Dec 2012

ContentsInstallation Prerequisite for Endeca3Supported Operating Systems:3Integrator system requirements3Software Requirement:3Studio system requirements3Supported operating systems :3Software requirements :4Download the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery software4Start Integrator9Start Studio13

Installation Prerequisite for EndecaHardware requirement for Oracle Endeca Information Discovery server in windows OS and Linux.Minimum Hardware Requirements:1) x64 processor and minimum 1.8 GHz.2) At least 3gb ram 3) 80gb hard drive

Supported Operating Systems: 4) Oracle Linux 5, Linux RHEL 5 running on x64 processors. Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise running on x64 processors.Note: Windows 7 is not supported for production deployment, but operates sufficiently to enable training and small scale development work.Windows XP is not supported.Disk Space Requirement: On Windows, the installation process requires a minimum of 400 MB in the system partition and 200 MB in the target partition. To avoid an "out of drive space" error during the installation process, you should allow the minimum of memory required on the system and target partitions.On Linux, the Oracle Endeca Server unpacks to approximately 430 MB..

Integrator system requirementsThe 64-bit version of Integrator client:Hardware Requirements:Same hardware requirement as Oracle Endeca Server.Supported Operating Systems:Supported on same operating systems as Oracle Endeca Server.

Software Requirement:1) an Integrator client installation on Linux is an X Window System.2) Java version 6 or JDK1.63) Integrator Servers must be installed on a stand-alone Apache Tomcat, version 6.0.x.

Studio system requirementsHardware Requirement: 1) x64 Processor, minimum 1.8 GHz.2) At least 2 GB of RAM3) 80 GB hard drive

Supported operating systems :Oracle Linux 5, Linux RHEL 5 running on x64 processors. Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise running on x64 processors.Software requirements :1) Supported Application Server are Tomcat 6, WebSphere Application Server 7, Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.5)2) Java- Tomcat 6 and WebLogic are supported with Sun Java 6(Sun Java 6, update 18 or greater is required), WebSphere Application Server 7is supported with IBM Java 63) Database- MySQL 5.1 ,Oracle 11g.4) Browser- IE 8, Firefox.

Note:Here I show the Installation of Endeca Information Discovery 2.4 software which include all the three things:1) The Oracle Endeca Server. The Oracle Endeca Server download includes the Cluster Coordinator package, used to run a cluster of Endeca servers.2) Integrator3) Studio in one setup.

Download the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery softwareFirst login to http://edelivery.oracle.com, Accept all terms and condition and then select Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio(2.4) Media Pack for Microsoft Windows x64(64bit).

Click Continue. and then select Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Quick Start(2.4) for Microsoft Windows x64(64-bit) and Click on Download.

Step 3: Installation of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Software on windows.To install the Endeca Server on a windows.1) Double click on EID_2.4_Installer.exe to start the InstallAware wizard.

2) Click Next

3) Click Next.

4) Click Next to begin the configuration.

5) Install Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 2.4.0 in the default location C:\Oracle or If you want to change the installaion location click change button.Click Next .

6) Configuration of selected features is started.

7)Here we see the Installation successfully completed. Then Click Finish.

Here we see the installation log files.

After Installation is done we see the installation directory C:\Oracle\Endeca folder.The Endeca containsEndeca Server installation folder--> Serevr\7.4.0Integrator installation folder-->Discovery\2.4.0\IntegratorStudio installation folder--> Discovery\2.4.0\ Studioand we also see the Endeca in start menu. Start IntegratorFor loading the quick start data we start Integrator.1)Click on Start --> All Program --> Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 2.4.0 -->Integrator.

2) The workspace launcher window will display. Here we select the default workspace location or to change location click Browse. Check-->Use this as the default and do not ask again.Click Ok.

3) After click ok , we see the started integrator welcome page. Here we click on Open and view the Quick Start Project.

4) The Integrator workspace opens and show the Quick Start Project.5) See that the Baseline.grf is open in Integrator.

Step 5: To run Pipeline project Goto Start-->All Program--> Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 7.4.0 -->Start Endeca Server.Edeca server starts with its default port 7770.

Here we click anywhere in the Baseline's graph gray box and then click Run.After click on run, wait for few minutes and at the end we see the Execution of graph successful message.

After completed the graph execution ,close the integrator and restart system.Start StudioGoto Start-->All Program--> Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 2.4.0 --> Start Studio Server.

After started studio server ,a command window display with Server startup in 57475 ms message.

Now, We start Studio, Goto Start-->All Program--> Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 2.4.0 -->Studio and write on the browser url--> http://localhost:8080 (8080 default port of Tomcate server).By using default Email address and Password we login to studio and Sign In.

To load Quick Start Application.Click on Welcome Admin Admin! and then Click on Control Panel.

Now, In control Panel tab Click -->About Studio page.

After Click on About Studio page. About Studio information display and here we click on Load Quick Start Application.

After click on Load Quick Start Application. One confirmation box display for asking the confirmation about loading the Quick Start Application. Click Ok.

When finishes the upload, Studio display a message. Click Ok .

Click on Back to Guest to close the control panel.

Step 7: To see the Quick Start Application.Now in the Oracle Endeca Discovery Welcome page, Click on Welcome Admin Admin! -->My Places-->quickstart-->PublicPages.

Now , Here we see Quick Start Application. The application contain three pages are Sales Overview, Resellers, Products and also in this dashboard page we see Search Box, Breadcrumbs, Guided Navigation, Metrics Bar. Here we can also Add Page in the dashboard.

click on hide.After click on hide , we are able to see Charts, Cross Tab.

Now go to other page of dashboard ,Resellers.Here we can also see Search Box, Breadcrumbs, Guided Navigation, Metrics Bar. Here we can also Add Page in the dashboard.

Now go to other page of dashboard ,Products.

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