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Ed S h Endeca Search: An Overview An Overview John Laker

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Endeca S E d Search: h An OverviewJohn Laker

The Companybased in Cambridge, MA founded i 1999 f d d in considered the pioneer of faceted search p derived from German entdecken meaning to discover bought by Oracle in 2011 for $1.075B

Product OverviewEndeca InFront Suite Faceted Search & Navigation SEO Page Builder WorkBench Developer Studio

Developer StudioTool to visualize and develop the data pipeline Map incoming data to Endeca properties Define search dimensions Define search interfaces Insert custom data manipulators Push settings to running Endeca instance

IntegrationHybris integration Any data can be indexed if formatted to Endeca specification Data is exported Index scripts process exports Incoming data goes through pipeline Search records are updated

Pipeline Example

Index ProcessingBaseline Update Full index that clears all data in MDEX and refreshes all indexes. MDEX is down. Partial Update Incremental update that is performed through a merge in memory. No downtime. Partial Remove Incremental remove that is performed through a merge in memory. No downtime downtime.

Search & NavigationFaceted Search Guided Navigation G id d N i ti Spell Correction p Word Stemming Thesaurus

WorkbenchRule Manager Keyword R di t K d Redirects Page Builder g EAC Admin Boost & Bury

Architecture ComponentsMDEX the i d i th indexing and querying engine th t provides th core f d i i that id the functionality f all ti lit for ll Endeca. MDEX Engine is stateless and hence requires the query to have all the parameters to be provided each time. DGraph Endeca data store Platform Services This consists of mainly Endeca Information Transformation Layer and Endeca y y application controller (EAC). EAC consists of EAC central server and agents. EAC centeral server manages all agents.

Architecture OverviewEndeca Box 1 Platform Services Endeca Box 2


DGraph1 p DGraph2 p MDEX

DGraph3 p

DGraph4 p


Front End Layer

Use CasesMarketing Promotions P ti A/B Testing g Type ahead or autocomplete Guided Navigation


Adidas Hybris Integration Workbench Live Site

Alternative Solutions

Google Autonomy Solr Lucene

Endeca vs Solr vs.Endeca crazy expensive sorts search results on fields tasks can be pushed to business faster time time to market

Solr free uses relevancy algorithm to sort results

Endeca vs Google vs.Endeca Many tools and customizations Mature eCommerce offering Full control of data manipulation

Google g More of a black box eCommerce features are fairly new

Pro and ConsPros Highly configurable Workbench empowers business Efficient index jobs Fast & Stable

Cons Workbench UI

Wrap up

Q&A Thank you y Good night