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    OFF-BEAT 16




    I n d e x Volume 1: January to June 2016

    Editorial Team

    Shri Utpal Bhayani, Honorary Treasurer

    Shri Asoke Basak, CEO, SVKM

    Shri Soumyadipta Banerjee, Director, HMIMRA

    Karishma Tolani, Newsletter Executive

    Published by,

    Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal,

    Shri Bhaidas Sabhagriha Bldg. 1st Floor,

    Bhaktivedanta Marg,

    JVPD, Vile Parle (W),

    Mumbai 400056.

  • F r o m t h e E d i t o r ’ s D e s kLet us Talk...

    There has been a long felt need of dialogue between the members of SVKM Parivar. In the past,

    members have often voiced their desire to have a common platform during meetings and par-

    ticularly, during AGMs. With this in mind, this house journal has been introduced only for pri-

    vate circulation among members. The Editorial Team is glad to introduce the SVKM newsletter

    once again after a very long gap. This newsletter will display -

    - What was SVKM

    - What is SVKM

    - What will SVKM be

    By designing various sections, we have made a humble beginning to connect the history, the

    present activities and the future vision. The section ‘Past Presidents of SVKM’ will give details

    of each president right from the beginning, whereas ‘Down the Memory Lane’ will revisit the

    history of SVKM. ‘Looking Ahead’ will consist of the future plans of SVKM and the rest of the

    sections will keep you updated about the ongoing events i.e. the present.

    While this is a launch issue, the editorial team looks forward to presenting many more issues on

    a quarterly basis in the years to come. In fact, we are already planning to introduce a

    Gujarati section in the next issue. We shall strive to improvise each issue and bring forth the

    best before you.


  • Shri Bhagwandas Girijashankar Bhatt

    Shri Bhagwandas Girijashankar Bhatt were the first president of Shri Vile Parle Kevalvani Mandal.

    He served the mandal as the president from 1934 to 1937. He was very committed to the cause

    of the Mandal and did his best to work towards the betterment of the trust. He presided over im-

    portant matters such as the establishment of the Rashtriya Shala, the formation and the registra-

    tion of the Mandal as an education society among many other

    commendable things that occured back in the day. SVKM has come a long way and from one

    president to another, every single one of them has devotedly contributed to the cause. They have

    all together created the history the mandal now so fondly remembers.

    Shri Bhagwandas Girijashankar Bhatt remains one of the many jewels embedded firmly into the

    history of SVKM.


    The First President!P a s t P r e s i d e n t s o f S V K M

  • SVKM Gathers for Yuva

    SVKMastermind was a Hit this Year Also! SVKMastermind began its journey in the

    year 2009. It is a career fair meant to help

    SSC/HSC passed students to choose the

    right stream. At the fair, all institutes of

    SVKM present their courses through a well-

    facilitated stall. On 24th April, 2016, SVKM

    held its 7th Mastermind Career Fair, which

    saw visitors aplenty and was a grand

    success. The institutes demonstrated the

    milestones that they have achieved and

    briefed the participants about their courses

    through brochures, slideshows and

    promotional videos.

    SVKM YUVA, an inter-institutional sports day was initiated by Mr J P Gandhi in the year 2005.

    Since then, SVKM YUVA has been held annually on a regular basis and the entire SVKM Parivar

    looks forward to the day. Amongst cheers and grandeur, there were winners! Staff from BNCP and

    UPGC won at carom whilst staff from MPSTME won at cricket. The UPGC football team was

    triumphant too. Young athletes from JV Parekh International didn’t lag far behind.

    Brought to your Notice

    Left: Basketball Team from NMIMS ASMSOC Right: UPGC male staff wins at carrom

    The entrance of SVKMastemind Annual Career Fair


  • New Toy Train and Car at CNMS and JV Parekh

    CNM School and JV Parekh International School have always used a toy train to escort student of

    the pre-primary section from their classrooms to the main gate. A new toy train and car was spe-

    cially imported from China this year. The opening ceremony for the same was held with a lot of

    pomp and splendour. Ms Girija Mohan, the principal of CNM and Mr Swaminathan Gurumurthi,

    the principal of JV Parekh were also present at the proceedings.


  • Femina Miss India Held Auditions Exclusively forStudents of SVKM!

    Students of SVKM were given an exclusive chance to audition for the very popular Femina Miss

    India contest by the organisers. The Winners got a chance to perform directly at the main event

    of Miss India.

    Apurva Science Fair at Gokalibai School & AAVP Jr.College

    Apurva Vigyan Mela or Apurva Science Fair was held in institutions across Maharashtra in January,

    2016. It had been promoted by Rajya Vigyan Shikshan Sanstha, a Governmental body, in order to

    open the horizons of science at the grass root level and to promote scientific awareness. The

    students of Goklibai excitedly participated in this state level event and were appreciated by one

    and all.

    Students of SVKM perform at the exclusive Femina Miss India Auditions

    Students of Goklibai at the Apurva Science Fair


  • New Schools at NMIMSNMIMS School of Liberal Arts

    New Courses!Sunandan Divatia School of Science of NMIMS

    Introduced a 5 year Integrated M.Sc. in BiomedicalScience.

    The program is designed for students who are interested in clinical and

    medical biology. It is an interdisciplinary program that includes

    bio-informatics, bio-statistics and bio-technology. The structure of the

    program is as follows -

    • Foundation courses in biomedical field: First three years


    • Electives with specialization in Biomedical Science: Fourth and fifth

    year (Postgraduate)

    The program consists of a contemporary syllabus to meet the needs of

    the following industries –

    • Biotech

    • Pharm

    • Clinical data management

    • Molecular diagnostics

    The courses at SLA (School of Liberal Arts) are an infusion of humanitarian and entrepreneurial

    disciplines. From Modern History to Economics, the curriculum covers a wide range of subjects.

    Liberal Arts graduates can therefore pursue a career in politics, fine arts, design, architecture,

    entrepreneurship etc. It indeed is an interesting combination of the creative and the corporate


    A representative picture of ancient Liberal Arts

    A biomedical experiment


  • NMIMS School of Business Management is All Set toLaunch an MBA Law Program this Year

    The focus of the program will be on training students not just

    in various aspects of law but also in the legal facets of

    business. Papers on Finance, Economics, Legal Discourses,

    Marketing, Mergers and Acquisition etc. form a part of the

    curriculum. All in all, there are 22 papers divided into 6

    trimesters along with a Summer Internship. The course

    ensures that students are well versed in both, the

    management and the legal attributes of entrepreneurship.

    Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management shall offer the

    following courses this year onwards–

    • B.A Films, Television and New Media Production

    • M.A Entertainment, Media, Advertisement

    • M.Com Business Management

    3 New Courses at UPGC!

    The Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics is Offeringa Distinctive Master’s Degree Course in Economics

    This program combines traditional framework and modern day economics to formulate intellec-

    tually stimulating coursework. It will be very helpful for students who are looking forward to a

    high-flying analytical career in the field of economics. These students will be able to access

    career opportunities in consultancies, research centres, government departments, agencies and

    not to forget, the financial sector. It also gives them an excellent base for a Ph.D.

    A representative picture of analytical economics

    A DSLR Camera

    Scale of Justice


  • Rahul Gandhi visits NMIMS to speak with the students. He talks about ideas, identities and the

    profanity of reason. The students listen with rapt attention and take home great lessons from the


    Rahul Gandhi Interacts with the Students of NMIMS

    Guests at SVKM

    NMIMS had a grand two day convocation ceremony for its graduating students. Mr. Devendra

    Fadnavis was the guest of honour on day two. The students were more than glad to be receiving

    their degrees at the hands of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

    Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis Graces the Graduation

    Ceremony of NMIMS on Day 2


  • Aishwarya Rai Visits Mithibai for the Opening of Online Kshitij 2016

    Aishwarya Rai was at Mithibai to inaugarate ‘Kshitij Online 2016’ on 9th of May, 2016. She got

    candid with the students whilst also promoting her movie, Sarabjit.

    Shashi Tharoor, MP on Day 1 of the Convocation Ceremony

    Mr. Shashi Tharoor, who is a much respected

    Member of the Parliament was also the chief

    guest on day 1 of the convocation ceremony.

    He proudly gave away the degrees to the

    graduating students of NMIMS.


  • They Did Us Proud!

    Dr. Sharad Y. Mhaiskar was Awarded the Best Deanby DNA & Stars of the Industry group

    DNA and DNA & Stars of the Industry group, recognizes excellence

    in education by giving Innovative Education Awards to institutes and

    individuals. Dr Sharad Y. Mhaiskar, Dean, MPSTME has received the

    “BEST DEAN AWARD”. This award was given by DNA & STARS Group

    at a ceremony held at the TAJ Lands’End, Mumbai.

    Dr. Sharad Y. Mhaiskar

    Shreya Totla from CNMS is among the Top 3 ICSE Students!

    CNM School has had 100% results in this year’s ICSE

    examination. The school topper Shreya Totla has

    achieved 99.2%. Shreya Totla is also among the top 3

    ICSE students. 89.7% of students have passed with

    distinction and around 50 students of the school have

    attained full marks in various subjects. This is indeed

    a proud moment for CNM School.

    Shreya Totla - Topper from CNMS


  • Aditya Krishnadevan from UPGC Crosses Boundarieswith his New App, Giffage

    Krishnadevan’s app, Giffage, lets you create,

    share and explore gifs. Aditya Krishnadevan

    says “it was originally supposed to be a side

    project and not a project on such large a scale

    as it turned out to be.” Aditya’s app was

    incorporated as Giffage LLC by New York in-

    vestor Jack Shalom. Aditya worked with remote

    designers in order to create this app. The app

    lets you favourite as well as save Gifs so that

    coming up with one at the right time is easier.

    You can also see what the trending Gifs are.

    Aditya Krishnadevan

    Team Screwdrivers from MPSTME Wins Prizes atNASA

    A team of 12 students from team screwdrivers under the

    guidance of Prof SawanKumar Naik and leadership of Rishi

    Bafna represented India at 15th Annual International MATE

    ROV Underwater Robotics competition held from 23rd to

    25th June 2016 in NASA’s Johnson Space Centre Texas, USA.

    The Team ranked 6th in Marketing Display Category among

    69th team participating from 16 countries and won the

    Aloha Team spirit award. The following the students

    participated in the competition - Vijendra Joshi,

    Shambhavi Tripati, Ankit Sharma, Aditya Mulgundkar,

    Sarthak Agrawal, Rajas, Sanjana Gupta, Shalim, Alolika

    Biswas, Amala and Mridul Sharma.Team Screwdrivers, MPSTME


  • Proud Ph.D. Holders

    Name - Dr Atul SherjeInstitute - BNCP Ph.D Title - The enhancement, for-mulation and develop-ment of paliperidone

    Name - Dr Kedar BhideInstitute - NM College Ph.D Title - Study of transac-tions based on selected tech-nical indicators in S & P CNXNifty Index Stocks

    Name -Dr JeniferD’souzaInstitute - NM College Ph.D Title - A categorisa-tion ofgrammatical/rhetorical features acquired at aparticular grade level.

    Name - Dr Sadaf HashmiInstitute - NM CollegePh.D Title - A study of thefactors affecting the InternalCapital Adequacy Assess-ment Process (ICAAP) forbanks in India with referenceto Basel guidelines.


    Name - Dr Amisha VoraInstitute - NMIMS SPPSPTMPh.D Title - Development of Herbo-somes for the effectivedelivery of an ellagitan-nin from the extract ofPunica granatum

    Name - Dr AnudnyaKalgutkarInstitute - JV Parekh In-ternational Ph.D Title - Ecology of disturbedhabitat in a ProtectedArea

    Name - Dr MaheshMouryaInstitute - NMIMS MP-STMEPh.D Title - A Research Study of Dis-tributed File systems andPerformance Analysis onOptimization Techniques

    Name - Dr Sanjay SangeInstitute - NMIMS MPSTMEPh.D Title - Sufficient Hybrid CODECusing Half tone compressionfor video

    Name - Dr Esha KhannaInstitute - NMIMS SAMSOEPh.D Title - Trade, Growthand Productivity: An Empiri-cal Analysis of ManufacturingSector in the Post-reform Pe-riod (1991-2011)

    Name - Dr Pravin ShrinathInstitute - NMIMS MPSTMEPh.D Title - Segmentation of UltrasoundBreast Images

    Name - Dr Rohit Muraleed-haranInstitute - NMIMS SAMSOEPh.D Title - A Macroeco-nomic Study on the Efficiency and Regulation ofIndian Banking Sector Duringthe Liberalization Era

    The following staff members of SVKM have completed their Ph.D. in the last 6 months.

    Hearty Congratulations to them!

  • IGCSE Results – Students of JV Parekh shine theirTorches High!

    Ayush Gala from JV Parekh scored 5 A*s and 2 As in the IGCSE board exam. Disha Sankle on the

    other hand scored 2 A*s and 2 As in her 5 subjects. Jenil Doshi, Anoma Shetty, Varun Shreenivasan

    and Taksh Dedhia from JV Parekh also topped the IGCSE board exams. JV Parekh has had a 100%

    success rate this year. The school basks in the glory of its students.


    From Left: Varun Shreenivasan, Jenil Doshi, Disha Sankhe, Taksh Dedhia

    DJSCE Zooms Past the Skies!

    The students of DJSCE have an aircraft, a racing car and a solar car to their credit. Their solar car

    is also going to be present in the Electric Solar Vehicle Competition to be held in a year. Their

    racing car was a part of National level Race Car Design Competition and their aircraft literally flew

    across borders as it was a part of an International level RC Aircraft design competition organised

    by SAE international. This competition took place in Texas, USA.

    SKylark - RC created by DJSCE


  • 14

    Muskaan – An Initiative byNMIMS ASMSOC

    Social Awareness

    Social Responsibility Forum (SRF) club of NMIMS

    ASMSOC organised “MUSKAAN” in collaboration

    with NGO Advitya, a creative centre for the

    mentally challenged. As a part of this

    collaboration, the students not only spent time

    with those at the NGO but also donated

    Rs.50,000/- to help them further with the good

    work that they are doing for the society.

    A volunteer from ASMOC dances with residents of Advitya

    Students of BNCP Win the Best College Trophy forthe 5th Time in a Row and Many More Awards at

    The Rx Festival

    The Rx festival is the oldest large scale annual festival for the pharmacy student community and

    has increased in magnitude over the last ten years. More than 4000 students from Pharmacy Col-

    leges all over Mumbai participate every year in Rx. The students of SVKM's BNCP once again

    reached new horizons and set new benchmarks of unparalleled professionalism. They bagged the

    'Best College' trophy for the 5th time in a row proving their mettle and determination. They were

    also awarded the 'Best Culturals' and the 'Best Sports' trophy.

    BNCP Students with their winning trophies

  • NMIMS SAMSOE Undertook a Sex Education Driveat the Manilal Sunderji Muncipal U.P. Tamil School

    The community service club of

    (SAMSOE), NMIMS, had undertaken a

    sex education drive for Students of class

    VII and VIII by Miss Chhaya from an NGO

    called Vacha. First, the group of 70 girls

    were guided upon the physical and

    mental changes that take place in a

    girl’s body as she enters puberty and

    later the mentors created awareness

    regarding the social injustice towards

    women in society.Volunteers teaching at the muncipal school

    ‘Car Rally for the Blind’ –An Initiative by the Students of DJSCE!

    The SYBMM Students ofUPGC Taught Village

    Children in Karjat

    The Second Year BMM students of UPGC had a

    rendezvous with happiness derived from giving

    back to the society when they made a trip to

    Karjat to teach village kids. The theme for this

    learning session was Incredible India. With

    satisfied smiles and memories for a lifetime,

    they returned to college.

    The tagline of the rally was ‘You drive - We

    navigate’ wherein the main purpose was the

    welfare of the visually impaired and education

    for the under-privileged children. The

    volunteers were honoured with a certificate by

    Mrs Fadnavis

    UPGC students with the village children

    A banner for the rally


  • 16

    Off-Beat!More than Just Food for Thought....

    This place smells of banter,memories and

    romance, Of tears, birthday parties and

    a long lost chance, Canteen’s a comfort zone for

    one and all, Canteen’s a place where time

    would stall!

    Coffee, Lessons and food, You’d always come back to the college canteen,

    If you could!

    The NMIMS Food Court

    Mithibai Canteen

  • DJSCE Canteen

    It is not common to have food & beverage departments in educational institutions in India. However, SVKM

    has always been a step ahead. Our Food & Beverage department is managed by Mr. Kaikobad Bokdawalla

    and Mr. Varzavand Kermani. The department looks after the eateries across the institutions of SVKM. The

    contract for NMIMS, Mumbai and DJSCE has been given to F3 whereas that of Mithibai Building has been

    given to Aditi Fast Food. Shree Sukh Sagar serves at CNMS, Goklibai, NMIMS Shirpur, NMIMS Bengaluru and

    M. K. M Girl’s Hostel whilst Laxmi Caterers takes care of MPSTME. All the service providers are well-staffed

    with friendly waiters and incredible chefs. The employees and students of SVKM have so far been happy and

    satisfied with the canteens.

    Years shall come, Years Shall go,What went on in the canteens, The professors will never know!


  • 18

    Looking Ahead!

    SVKM School, Dhule began its very first session in June this year. The school lies right next to

    SVKM University which is advantageous for its students. They will not only have access to the

    amenities of the university but will also have access to higher learning. The pre-primary section

    has already begun at SVKM School and it shall upgrade to primary from 2018 onwards. Mrs

    Sunanda Menon is the founding principal of this highly facilitated English medium ICSE School.

    As of now, the focus is on building a child friendly environment with the help of pedagogy experts.

    SVKM University will be spread across 250,000 square feet of land. It will have amenities such as

    playing fields, open air theatre, cycle stand etc. The recruitment for teaching and non-teaching

    staff is in process. The university and the school positively look forward to a promising future.

    SVKM School, Dhule Begins! SVKM University toCommence Next Year!

    Artist’s impression of SVKM School, DhuleArtist’s impression of SVKM University, Dhule

  • only made significant contributions towards research in their respective fields but also have a few

    published papers and well-known presentations to their credit. At present, there is a need for an

    H.T connection for electricity from the State Electricity Board has been initiated. The project

    should be complete in a few months.

    Sourced from - 1. JLL Project Report for Hyderabad, Telangana


    Artist’s Impression of NMIMS, Hyderabad

    Work Begins at Indore for New NMIMS Campus

    Artist’s impression of proposed design for NMIMS, Indore

    The foundation stone for SVKM’s NMIMS Indore campus was laid by CM of Madhya Pradesh, Shiv-

    raj Sing Chouhan on 21st of February 2016. Dr Rajan Saxena, the Vice Chancellor of NMIMS plans

    The 90 acre Jadcherla Campus is going to be a delight to look at. Efforts are being made to con-

    serve the environment and create a self-sufficient campus by creating water catchment areas and

    looking for ways to utilise solar power. Apart from that, the classrooms have state of the art facil-

    ities. The students are also provided with respectable professors of the industry who have not

    Green Campus at NMIMS Hyderabad – Jadcherla


  • 20

    Construction in Full Swing at NMIMS BengaluruCampus

    NMIMS Bengaluru Campus under construction

    The campus of NMIMS Bengaluru is SVKM’s effort to spread southwards. It is located in the heart

    of the city and is spread across an area of 8.5 acres. The campus is also divided into phase 1 and

    phase 2. While it is highly-facilitated, it also blends with nature in every way. For, the engineers

    have designed it such that, that there is in-flow of natural light and air and at the same time the

    students have access to everything from wireless LAN to video based classrooms. Apart from that,

    the professors are the best of the best in their respective industries

    Sourced From -

    to focus on innovative programs customised for the state of Indore. Recognising the fact that the

    state has a large number of tribal areas and is an agricultural state, the subject areas are going to

    be Biodiversity, Renewable Energy etc. Other than that, it will also have regular programs such as

    BBA, B.SC Economics etc. This campus spread across 25 acres of land is definitely bound to

    flourish. The project has taken a while to go operational but now that it is on the floors, things

    are progressing smoothly.

    Sourced from - 1.


    2. JLL Project Report for Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • Sri Bhaidas Bhuta

    1934 –Sri Bhaidas Bhuta made a handsome donation and at the same time, SVKM was regis-

    tered as an education society. Shri Jinnabhai joined Rashtriya Shala as the Principal.

    Down the Memory LaneThe First Decade!

    1922 – The foundation stone of Rashtriya Shala was laid by Srimati Kasturba Gandhi

    1930 – Rashtriya Shala was registered

    1932 – The school was under pressure from the British Government. In the wake of the Charkha

    Movement, they were asked to shut down. Mr. Khan, the local police chief who had a liking for

    the educational institution and didn’t want the school to close, suggested that he formally

    arrest two members who will accept the responsibility of conducting illegal or objectionable

    activities while the shala kept running.

    Srimati Kasturba Gandhi

    Charkha Movement

    Sri Jinabhai Desai


  • 22

    1936 – Srimati Goklibai donated INR 50,000 to Rashtriya Shala. Thus, the school was renamed

    Gokalibai Punamchand Pitamber High School as a mark of respect for the donation. Honorary

    Secratory Shri Sunandan Divatia was kind to let us know that Shri Bhaidas Bhuta had a significant

    hand behind convincing Goklibai to make a donation.

    1937 – The proposal of shifting the location of Goklibai High School to Dadabhai Road from

    Rashtriyashala Road was met with resistance since it was inconvenient for the students to travel

    to Dadabhai Road which wasn’t very developed back then. Shri Jinabhai Desai was also given a

    teary eyed farewell by one and all.

    1939 – After the Mandal members offered to resign and said that they’d be happy to let others

    run the mandal, the residents saw that the intent behind the shifting was good and hence,

    relented to it. Thus, Goklibai stands where it does today! Honorary Secratory Sri Sunandan

    Divatia also told us that important trustees such as Shri CT Sanghvi and Shri Chatrabhuj Narsee

    have been the alumni of Goklibai.

    An old picture of Goklibai School Srimati Goklibai

    Goklibai School

  • Name of the Institute Year of Establishment

    Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science 1961

    Shri Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic 1963

    Narsee Monjee Junior College of Commerce 1964

    Chauhan Junior College of Arts & Science 1976

    Jitendra Chauhan College of Law 1977

    Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce 1980

    Acharya A.V. Patel Jr. College 1992

    Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering 1994

    Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management 2003

    Pravin Gandhi College of Law – [5 year] 2004

    Schools Our Institutions


    Artist Impression of Mukesh R Patel Military School

    Name of the Institute Year of Establishment

    Smt. Gokalibai Punamchand Pitambar High School & Acharya A.V. Patel Jr. College 1934

    Shri. Manilal Vadilal Nanavati Prathamik Shala 1974

    Shri. Dhirajlal Vrajlal Parekh Shishu Vihar 1981

    Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School & ND. Parekh Pre-Primary School 1997

    Mukeshbhai R. Patel Military School – Shirpur 2003

    Mukesh R. Patel CBSE School – (Shirpur) 2003

    Shri J.V.Parekh International School 2008


  • Name of the Institute Year of Establishment

    SVKM’s NMIMS 1981

    School of Business Management 2006

    Institute of Intellectual Property Studies 2006

    Mukesh R.Patel School of Technology management and Engineering (Mumbai & Shirpur)



    Global Access School for Continuing Education 2006

    Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy & Technology Management (Mumbai &

    Shirpur) Mumbai-2006


    Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce 2007

    Balwant Sheth School of Architecture 2007

    Academy of Aviation (Shirpur) 2007

    Center for Textile Functions (Shirpur) 2007

    School of Science 2007

    Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics 2007

    School Of Law 2010

    School of Liberal Arts 2016


    Professional Institutes

    Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy 2004

    SVKM’s Institute of International Studies 2006

    Other Institutions of SVKMName of the Institute Year of Establishment

    Shri Gangaprasad Ranchodbhai Jani Boys Hostel 1968

  • Bhaidas Hall

    Shri Bhaidas Maganlal Sabagriha 1973

    Jashoda Rang Mandir 1975

    Santokba Sanskar Sadan 1975

    Juhu Jagruti Hall 1990

    Harkisan Mehta Institute of Media, Research and Analysis 1990

    Shri Chhotabhai B. Patel Research Centre for Chemistry & Biological Science 1990

    Babubhai Jagjivandas Hall 2000

    Matushri Kundangauri Manharlal Sanghvi Girl’s Hostel 2003

    Pravin Gandhi Pavillion 2004

    Centre of Performing Arts 2010

    Smt Jashwanti Vinod Goradia Auditorium 2011

  • Shirpur, once an underdeveloped tribal area has now beenturned into an educational hub thanks to NMIMS. SVKM has alsoundertaken developmental projects such as Water Harvestingand Water Conservation at Shirpur under its CSR branch. Theseprojects have proven to be extremely helpful for the farmers.This water conservation method developed by SVKM President,Shri Amrish R Patel is now nationally known as the Shirpur Pattern. It is considered to be one of the best methods of conserving water.

    NMIMS - ShirpurFor Private Circulation Only