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  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm



    Pottery done by students of

    IBDP 1 & IBDP 2

    3rd August

    Mr Fredrick George Sharps


    From 5th July to

    5th August

    Visit to the Bisleri Factory

    25th August

    Teacherss Day Celebration



    Installation of Alpha Leo Club of SVKM International



  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm




    to teachers and studentssomething of


    difficul;esI havehadtoovercomeover

    my18 yearsexperiencein theteaching




    to give a meaningful response to this

    ques;on w ithout some ;me fo r

    reflec;on, especially since I believe in

    teachingthe individual rather than the

    subject, especially in TOK. TOK is in

    many ways an impossibly difficult and

    exhaus;ng subject to teach this isespecially true in a country like India.

    The IB insists that students develop

    analy;cal skills when approaching all


    the basis for all assump;ons,and that

    t hey ques;on t he ver y bas is o f

    everything that they have been told.

    India has a long tradi;on of selflessly

    accep;ng the authority of both texts

    andindividuals.It isoNenconsidereda

    mark of disrespect, even heresy, toques;on established views. Unity of



    a teacher broach the very concept of

    analyzing religious, parental, poli;cal,

    social, ethical beliefs and concepts? I

    was very encouraged inmy first week

    heretoreadin theTimesof India, that

    theSupremeCourt had ruled,in a libel

    case involving a implied cri;cism of


    ofan individual.So, I thought,there is

    hope that the TOK system of cri;cal

    thinking, and that the holding of

    controversial views is alive and well in

    India. However, in thesameweek, just

    as f reedom of opinion was being


    I read of the uproar concerning the

    content of JashwantSinghs book. The


    concerning what people may think or

    say or write. Consequently, the TOK

    teacherhasto treadprudently. Imerely

    quote Voltaire and ask for student


    Idisagreetotallywith everyword that

    you say,but Iwilldefend to mydeath,


    I am acutely aware that my varied

    experienceputsmein avery privileged


    na;onali;es in my classes, so that

    discussionofanymaZer isalwayslively

    and vigorous, since there are alwaysstudentswho represent points of view

    that other s tudents cou ld never

    encounter in their owncountries.Here

    at SVKMIhavefoundmanystudentsto

    be very sensi;ve to the need to have

    some freedom to express their own

    points of view. I have been working,

    overthepast fewweeksto givea very



    to be any more important on the

    contrary! it is because the Western

    approach is possibly not so frequently

    heardhere.I havetriedtoget students

    tolook atsitua;onsas freeindividuals,

    andto try to form genuinelyindividual

    reac;ons.More importantlythanthis,I

    have tried to convey the need for

    students to jus;fy their conclusions. I

    dislike theword opinion. I prefer the

    word judgement or conclusion,

    because these words imply a certain

    amountofcri;cal thinkingand analysis

    followed by a decision to balance the


    Theword opinionall toooNen implies

    liZle or no thought. Oscar Wilde once


    Most people are other people. Their

    thoughts are someone elses opinions,

    their lives a mimicry, their passions a



    the reac;ons that I have had to my

    aZempts to widen the possibili;es. I

    have a lso been impressed by the


    sculpture with a fresh mind. Some

    students are remarkably wellinformed

    ontopics fromtheDead Sea Scrolls to

    Chaos Theory.Many are very eager to

    do research, and have found on line


    finding!My thanksgo tothemfor their

    help in expandingmy knowledge! It is

    thatspirit that Iassessmy;mehereatSVKM. I feel that some students are

    opening up t he ir m inds to v iew




    chaosof knowledge. I hope that some

    wi ll keep in touch via emai l and

    facebook. Time will tell whether any

    have absorbed the techniques and


    have certainly witnessed an eagernessto think differently and originally and


    Mr Sharps One Month Experience

  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm


    Business Management Internal Assessment(IA)

    Today was my final meeting with the CEO of Sanjivini hospital, the organization I have selected

    for my BM IA research project. I had never thought of having such a healthy business based

    discussion with such a business stalwart. But my research project had made it all possible. Whenmy teacher first told me about this internally assessed project, I was very nervous. The very idea

    of selecting a real life firm and dealing with its business based issue made me even more unsure

    whether I could do justice to handling the enormity of what the research demanded. But the task

    was not as daunting as I had first thought it to be. With the IA progressing, I have witnessed

    myself develop substantially as a business student. Applying textbook knowledge into my IA I

    have seen the textbook practically come to life.

    Amazingly every aspect of the IB learner profile is embedded in the BM IA. I first started with

    finding out an appropriate firm where accessing data would not be a great difficulty. Then I tried

    finding out business issues within the firm. This made me an inquirer and a thinker. But finding

    out the issue wasnt the end of it. I had to communicate with the firms personnel and get

    information from them about the issue, which enhanced my communication. Collecting and

    collating the data from the organization and then processing it based on my knowledge,

    application,analysis and evaluation skills I had acquired from the classroom interactions,

    workshops and of course the textbook, taught me the importance of balanced thinking. Lastly,

    through my IA I learnt that when it comes to business it is not only money and profits that play an

    important role, a more significant part is played by the non financial factors as well in building a

    corporate image based on societys expectations. Corporate objectives and strategies have changed

    in recent times due to a more positive attitude, greater tolerance and acceptance of

    multiculturalism and this has directly affected employment practices.

    Even though I havent yet completed the entire essay I feel the learning experience that I am

    gaining from the BM IA has set me on the path of becoming the complete IB student as I seek to

    be a lifelong learner.

    Niyoti Divekar

  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm



    Howdidwe(itAsterixandObelixMr.Pullanquiteapproveditsdescription asculture ratherthan literatureontheinvite intotheratherpureterritoryofEnglishLanguageA1?Well,thatwasthecontribution of the EnglishDepartment to the FrenchDay

    Celebrations!WehadbegunourpreparationfortheplayAsterixand Obelix a beloved epic French comic series) in a rathershaky manner because rains played spoilsport. But Mithilachipped inwith the script witha littlehelp fromyourstrulywho hada soft copyofthecomics.We had spenta fewhourspracticing. Predictably we crashed at the rehearsals. Not tomentionthewardrobemalfunctions!Wefeltbattered;muchliketheRomansdidaftertheir(ightswiththeGauls.Laughterbeingthebestmedicinewe decidedtoaddmore slapstickhumor tothe play which would amuse the audience. Unhygeinix,Vitalstatistix, Fullyautomatix, Obelix, Asterix, a hammer, a few(ishes,andafewunfortunateRomanswerepressedintoaction.

    As the day approached we were all suited in our costumes,whichmadeusfeelmoreintothecharacter,weplayed thepart.Nervousnessandanxietywerereplacedwithcon(idence.Whenwe were called tothe stage at thatpoint of timewe came upwith such grace, we could call ourselves (lawless. Theperformance was punctuated with loud claps of appreciationfromtheaudience.Atthatpointoftimeweasateamfeltthatwehadputourheartsintotheplay,weweretruewinners,wewereone up there. This ful(illed our French dream festival inelegance.Today,welookuponthatdaywithprideasweshowednolesscharismabutjustshoweredourheartandsoulintothatmemorableplay.


    Galleria ........Shots b Ishan Ravindranath

  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm



    ! Seeking a Life Partner?! Success in Career?!Want more money?

    Not to worry, CLAIRVOYANTS INC. Looks into

    your future and shows you the right path totrue happiness and all in French! Voil!

    Hurry up, limited discount offers till 30th

    September, 2009

    Clairvoyants in action

  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm


    SWOT analysis on IPL!"#$%"&'()%(*+,&(-"&)+)./'*'0*%'(./&%")1"%'&'-$2.1&3"&)4)%"&$#&4-)(&(-"&5678&


    )" #$%&'1&)%+'/)0&'$0&424-" 9/&'.&)56&'(6*

  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm


    iSaxak AaOr [-Svar

    gau$ gaaoivand dao} KDo, kako laagaU paya.

    bailaharI gau$ Aapnao gaaoivand idyaao bataya..

    ! kbaIr ko ]pya-u@t daoho maoM gau$ kao [-Svar sao BaI AiQak AaOr p`qama pujya kha gayaa hO @yaaoMik vahI tao p`Bau dSa-na ka &ana batata hO.[nadao pMi@tyaaoM nao gau$ kI maihmaa ka baKUbaI vaNa-na kr idyaa hO.!! P`aacaIna kala maoM iSaxakaoM kaogau$ ko naama sao pukara jaata qaa Aajagau$ Sabdsar, imasa, maODma maoM pirvait-t hao cauka hO prMtumaoro ivacaar sao Sabd badla jaanao sao ]sakI maihmaa kma nahIM haotI.Aaja BaIgau$, gaurhI hO .vao tba BaI hmaaro ilae p`kaSa stMBa qao, hOM, AaOrBaivaYya maoM BaI rhoMgao.]nako p`it sammaana pkT krnao ko ilae pit vaYa- hma 5 isatMbar kao iSaxak idvasa manaato hOM .[sa idna hma ]nhoM )dya saoQanyavaad p`kT krto hOM.

    !! BaartvaYa- maoM p`it vaYa- Da^ sava-pllaI raQaakRYNana ko janmaidna ko Avasar pr ]nakI yaad maoM jaao ek ivaWana AaOr .maOM ApnaI ]nnait AaOr p`ao%saahna ko ilae Apnao saBaI iSaxakaoM kI ?NaI hUM ijanhaoMnao mauJao Apnao AmaUlya &ana ko sauQaa rsa sao isaMcakr [sa laayak banaayaa.

    ! ek iSaxak hI hO jaao saccao naagairk ko inamaa-Na sao raYT/ inamaa-Na ka gaaOrva p`aPt kr sakta hO.doSa kI naaOka kao par lagaanao vaalaa campUBaI ]saI ko haqa maoM hO.]sakI [saI BaUimaka ko ilae ]sao [-Svar sao BaI EaoYz maanaa gayaa hO.kbaIr ]sakI maihmaa vaNa-na sao nahIM AGaato

    kibara to nar AMQa hO gau$ khto AaOr .

    hir $zo gau$ zaOr hO gau$ $zo naihM zaOr..

    $icaka Agavaala.

    Aa[-. baI. DI pI. iWtIya vaYa-.

  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm


    The bright morning of 4th September saw a number of eager parents and students taking their seats in t

    basement auditorium. Their faces conveyed mixed emotions of curiosity, confusion, mild interest and, sometim

    wonderment. Why? SVKM had just initiated the first step of our future life- College placements. Madhavi Des

    CEO of Madhavi Desai Consulting Pvt. Ltd.(MDCPL) had been invited to guide students and parents abo

    education abroad. Set up in 1989, MDCPL is Indias first and leading education consulting firm. In the last 20 yea

    they have personally advised over 18,000 students and conducted public seminars for Universities and colleges bo

    in India and abroad. The hour long session was divided into a presentation and audience interaction. The dep

    and analytical approach of the presentation was strikingly impressive as was the use of statistics and empiri

    evidence. Ms. Desai conducted the discussion with commendable ease and candour while managing to remain on

    focused track. Choosing the right university and place for further studies is a matter of crucial importance in a

    childs career. The number and scope of options present can really baffle the minds of both students and pare

    and a wrong decision may have grave consequences. The right kind of guidance is absolutely essential and t

    meeting really helped iron out most of our issues. And it didnt end there. The continued presence of the MDC

    team on our campus (weekly or as per appointments) will certainly ensure that we tread along the right path an

    reach our desired destination. We Build Futures is what MDCPL profess and we look forward to the sky-scrape

    that lie in ours!

    Madhavi Desais Counseling

    -Mithila Saraf





    Assoonas wereached there,wereceivedawarmwelcomeandwere giventheprivilegeof a guided tourofthe

    factory.Ourguide gaveusadetailedexplana;onof theen;reprocess from thepurifica;onofwaterto thefinal


    saw theprocess,everythingbecamecrystalclear. Itwas amazinghowmachinescouldturna smallmouldof plas;c


    guidelinesgiventous byourB&Mteachers. Weaskedtheguidevariousques;onsto clarifyourdoubts,andshe


    Wewentbackwithagreatfeelingofknowingthatwhateverwelearntinourtextbooksis actuallyapplicableinreal



    - Viram Shah

    Water Water Every where...............

  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm


    The Leos Roar!!

    The Fresh Saturday morning was

    filled with vigour and enthusiasm, as we,

    students of SVKM International walked

    in all dressed in our best formal outfits for

    the installation ceremony of the newly

    formed Alpha Leo Club of SVKM

    International School. The 'Alpha Leo

    Club which is affiliated to the Juhu Lions

    club is the first of its kind in India for the

    age group of students from 12 to 18

    years. Being the charter batch for this

    prestigious club, we were all very excited

    about its happening. Eminent members

    from the Lions Club of Juhu presided

    over the ceremony. The Chief Guest and

    installation officer was District Governor

    Lion Umesh Gandhi. Other eminent

    dignitaries present were Lion Dr. Jayant

    Gandhi, Lion Milan Ajmera, Lion Ashish

    Sheth, Lion Gaurang Gundavda, Leo

    Kairav Mehta, and Leo Jay Shah among

    many others. The installation meeting

    began with the lighting of the lamp by

    the dignitaries. After the invocation

    prayer, the meeting was called to order by

    the President of Lions Club of Juhu, Lion

    Milan Ajmera, which was followed by his

    speech. The president of the Leo club of

    Juhu , Le o Jay Sha h al so sha re d

    information about the meaning of Leo

    Club and the significance of its activities.

    The SVKM International School hasalways sworn by values of quality

    education and wholesome development.

    To accentuate this thought, eminent

    international faculty Mr. Frederick Sharp

    of Leysin American School addressed the

    gathering on Education is a family


    After the words of wisdom from

    such eminent personalities, the event

    advanced with all the students of IBDP

    section being Inducted & Installed as

    members of the Alpha Leo Club. Thiswas followed by the installation of the

    Team -Board of directors, Secretaries,

    Treasurers and the President and Vice

    president for the year 2009-2010 by the

    Chief Guest Lion Umesh Gandhi. The

    ceremony was held with such grandeur

    that we all realized what an honour it is

    to have the designation Leo before our

    names. Mr. Umesh Gandhi then

    explained to us the seriousness of our

    responsibilities via simple anecdotes and

    meaning words and how Leo was an

    opportunity to empower others and

    enhance our leadership skills. He also

    advised our President Archit to keep

    running three factories, namely the

    sweet(to speak sweetly to everyone), icy

    cold(To keep his cool in difficult situation)

    and love (To be loving & caring

    throughout) to ensure the efficiency of

    t h e c l u b .

    Later the new president, Leo Archit

    Sureka spoke about his plans for the

    Leoistic year 2009-2010 and expressed

    gratitude at the provision of this excellent

    opportunity. To further promise the

    dedication of the club, he unveiled the

    logo of the Leo club of SVKM

    international .The students then sang a

    soothing piece, Heal the World to

    promise and ensure how we as members

    of Leo club will heal the world. The

    national anthem brought an end to the

    installation ceremony.

    Words are less to describe this

    remarkable experience. I can therefore

    only say that it feels great to have the tag

    of Leo before our names!

    -Krishma Shah (IBDP Year 1)

    Charisma of pottery

    On 27th July, 2009 all the students of the

    IBDP section got the opportunity to

    attend a one day workshop on Pottery as

    a part of the Creativity component of

    CAS activities. Here they experienced the

    art of making beautiful clay pots of

    varying shapes and sizes. Mr. Dinesh

    Chitroda and his assistant guided the

    students through the process. Many

    students were fascinated by the activity

    as, for most of them, it was their first

    experience. Each student got a hands on

    experience of making a pot of his/her

    own using the potters wheel. The

    students were told to dampen their hands

    to shape the pots, various designs were

    created. The feeling of moulding the

    mud to a shape which one desired, was

    truly great. Later, the pots were left to dry.

    Few of the students painted the pots with

    wonderful Warli painting designs and

    were presented as a memento to the

    dignitaries from the Lions Club on the

    29 th of August, 2009 during the

    Installation Ceremony of the Leo Club of

    SVKM International School. All the

    dignitaries were very pleased at the idea

    of students having given them something

    which they had created on their own. It

    was a muddy but an amazing experience!

    Mrugesha Raul (IBDP Year 1)

    Musical Bonanza

    In order to rejuvenate our respective

    creative senses, SVKM International

    School has arranged for weekly guitar

    classes which takes place every Monday

    as part of our CAS (Creativity, Action

    and Service) activities. This activity is

    responsible for weaving music into the

    IBDP curriculum which chiefly revolves

    around the idea of holistic development.

    Once were in guitar class, the

    atmosphere changes completely. Students

    can just let their hair down and chillax...!

    This becomes the optimal time to realize

    and understand how music can be used

    as a great toll in order to express oneself.

    We started out with an introduction to

    the guitar the different parts the

    instrument was composed of -- and then

    moved on to understand other basic,

    formal concepts like Staff Notation

    and playing certain notes as well.

    So try walking in sometime....youll always find us engrossedin strumming some tune or theother (irrespective of how itsounds:-p)Give it a chance and unveil themaestro in you!!

    Anushka Prabhu (IBDP Year 1)

  • 7/27/2019 Newsletter Sept of svkm


    Shashank dhir (L) Rashmi Narkar (R)

    Recently we have started to learn a new language, Japanese. It is a part of our CAS activity, it

    comes under Creativity. We have Japanese language sessions every Monday since the past three

    weeks. To be frank, I wasnt eager and excited to learn Japanese initially, because I was alreadylearning a foreign language, French, so it did not seem like a big deal at the beginning. But slowly

    when the classes began, believe me it was so much fun and interesting!! It was good to see

    everyone trying to speak in Japanese. And alongwith our Japanese teacher we have two,sometimes

    three native Japanese teachers who converse with us in Japanese. It is good to listen to them and

    learn the exact accent. We also play different games every week for instance identifying the

    alphabets, asking number names etc. We have learnt to write a few alphabets in Japanese- it was

    very difficult in the beginning but now we are enjoying ourselves. This week we learnt a song

    "Shiawase nara te o tatakou" which means "when you are happy and you know it clap your hands"..

    It was a wonderful experience. Initially we found it difficult to sing it but then later we could catch

    up and it became a very enjoyable experience. Now we always look forward to the Japanese classevery Monday. And I hope it becomes more interesting day by day and we enjoy it.

    Mansi Davda(IBDP Year 1)