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  • 1.How the Internet is set to transform teaching and learning

2. A change is needed
Robinson (2010) argues that education is in need of a significant paradigm shift. Why?

  • the current model of education is out-dated and not relevant for today's learners.

3. school systems are organised according to an industrial model in which standardisation rules. 4. this has lead to a one size fits all approach that stifles creativity and dislocates people from their natural talents. Robinson (2010) says we need a revolution and a challenge against long held assumptions about how we prepare students for the future.
5. A long tradition
Davidson & Goldberg (2009) argue that despite the great changes to learning such as, inventive, collaborative, an participatory learning brought about by the Internet, institutions of higher learning have failed to keep pace. Why?
Universities are grounded in a long tradition, and somodern universities have, in some respects, not changed greatly since medieval times.
6. Answering questions
However, advances in technology and the resultant changes to how people can access information and learn are placing pressure on universities to change. What these changes will be can be anticipated by asking certain questions.

  • What will be the relationship between teacher and student?

7. Will traditional pedagogies be replaced by more collaborative and participatory styles of teaching and learning? 8. What will universities of the future look like? 9. Will they have retained their resemblance to their medieval roots?(Davidson & Goldberg, 2009)