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Olly MursOlly Murs gets represented as a cheeky chap, in his music videos, he always features in his music videos, which then starts to create his star image, by audiences believe he is a cheeky lad, he isnt afraid to be in front of a camera, and by what he does in his music then starts to turn into positive thoughts about him, which then leads into a positive star image of him.

Olly Murs websiteWhen researching about Olly Murs I found his website and he features throughout his website of the homepage, you even have the chance to listen to his songs on there , you are able to sign up to a newsletter, see pictures and videos of him. When you look at the images on his webpage it shows pictures of him in his music video, and him being silly, which then shows that he doesn'tt take life too seriously and you are able to have a joke with him, you also notice in the images that he is having fun and by seeing him have a good time, then makes you smile just looking at the images. This then also represents what Olly Murs is like by not taking life overly serious, and able to have fun and enjoy what he has, but not take things for granted.

Olly Murs Dear Darlin music videoWhen watching an Olly Murs music video for example with his music video Dear Darling is about a relationship that has gone wrong we notice that at the beginning Olly is quite sad about the break, and because he is sad we then start to feel sad with him, because she connects with his audience, we then see a close up of Ollys face which is showing he is quite down and the setting implies that the story behind the song is affecting how he feels, and us as an audience just want to reach out and hug him, this then also helps how he gets represented by that normally in his music videos we see Olly happy and having a good time, however in this music video we see a different emotion to Olly. As an audience we start to see more of what Olly went through in his relationship as the music video progresses through and we see a shot of him and his ex girlfriend moving into the house he is now alone in. As we watch the music video Olly gets represented by showing he has a normal life like anyone else by he gets into relationships and at times even though you think they are the one for you, in the end they aren't and you can get upset, it is okay to show emotions that you may not always to open up.

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Olly Murs Right Place Right Time music videoHowever with Right Place Right Time we see a different side to Olly compared to him in his music video Dear Darling by that in this music video this is something his audience are use to by the cheekiness in him, having a good time. When watching his music video he has parts where he is singing along to the song and other parts in his music videos where it has already been recorded elsewhere of him enjoying himself, and having a laugh. This also proves that he is a cheeky chap in this music video by at the end of the music video he goes and kisses the camera, and just before that shot we see him of a prerecording of him from comic relief when hes sat on the floor tries to get his knees to touch the floor however his trousers split, which shows that he is having a laugh, and can be a joker as he was wearing jeans while trying to do it.

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