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  1. 1. The video for Olly Murs Heart Skips A Beat is typical pop music video. The bright and fashionable clothes they wear and the dancing throughout represent pop. The video is performance based as Olly Murs is seen dancing around a record on the ground this again representing pop music. The video has no story throughout so therefore is not narrative. The lyrics represent illustration as when Olly Murs says my heart skips skips a beat he is seen doing a beating heart move, which links the lyrics and the music video together. The video could be seen as Iconography as Murs is seen wearing a stripy top, chinos and a trilby hat the trilby hat is his icon and used in most of his videos.
  2. 2. The notion of looking is constantly used throughout as Murs repeatedly makes eye contact with the camera which draws the audience in to the video and makes the video more realistic. According to Andrew Goodwins Theory, it is important that the artist plays a main role in the video. The video is location based as the location is quite a pop themed area, from the record on the floor to the graffiti on the walls. Stereotypically, teenagers graffiti on walls in public places and pop music is stereotypically listened to by teenagers, so this links with each other. The video producers will have purposely used this link to engage with their target audience.
  3. 3. The use of Rizzle Kicks in the music video also adds to the pop theme the two boys are popular teenage artists. The three involved are seen to be wearing very current and fashionable clothes, which is very appealing to young teenagers. Many will believe Olly Murs is a girls artist, however the trendy clothes worn may attract a male audience as well as the female audience.