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1. Editing my photos 2. ORIGINAL My first image was a mid shot of Emily which showed her playing a guitar and smiling. This image conveys the rock look as the dress code is clack and the guitar is present. I changed the picture to black and white as the bright colours seemed to upbeat for my magazine and the black and white gives a better rock look. I used a steady cam to avoid shakes however it was hard to capture a still image when Emily was moving whilst playing the guitar. Improvements would be to capture a stiller image and to have Emily not smiling. 3. ORIGINAL The second image is a long shot which gives more of a rock star feeling as there is no smiling involved and smashing the guitar gives off that hard-core effect. Using photo shop I changed the curves and Hue/Saturation which helped me change the colours of the image to very vibrant and odd colours. This brought out the quirky side to my magazine and also makes the magazine very eye-catching. Improvements would be to capture Emilys facial expression and maybe make the image more of a close-up. 4. ORIGINAL The last image I chose was a mid shot with captured Emily laughing whilst holding the guitar. I liked this image as even though its not the typical rock star pose the image gives off a friendly and warm feeling which may entice the readers. After looking at the original I decided to make the image brighter and more posterised. By changing around the Shadows/Highlights tools and the Hue/Saturation tools I managed to form a much brighter and vibrant picture which would sit well on my front page. Improvements would be again to capture the image whilst Emily is not moving and get a more focused image.