process of me editing my photos

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Process of me Editing my photos

For my first Image, I used photoshop to draw red squiggly lines roughly to create the background. I then used the smudge tool to blend this all in and give it a more bloody effect.

I then went on to editing the main image. I used the paint brush tool and put the opacity on roughly 15%, to use to colour under her eyes, bruises and cuts. I wanted to emphasis the colour a bit more so that it would stand out. However using the brush tool to emphasis the bruises and cuts made it look really fake, so I had to use a low opacity to make it seem more natural.

This is the completed look for this photo. I can possibly use this for my film poster or magazine front cover. The reason I have done it in this perception where the mysterious man behind her is holding the knife as well as holding her arm, is to show that she has been controlled by Kieran. In a way he is threatening her and so it hints to the audience of the narrative.

For my Second photo, I created a different background. I used the paint brush in a large size to create the white effect in the middle, and then used a smaller brush in a grey colour to create the shadow effects on the side. To create a blood stain effect i used a different brush to use to make the red effect.

I then went on to editing the main image, by using the Levels function to create contrast and exposure. This made the black objects in the picture more darker so that her wounds would stand out. Next I erased the background and then copied this image onto my background that I created.

This is the second final photo. In this one I have created a perspective of Lyra holding the knife. However Kieran behind her is still holding onto her which shows he is controlling and manipulating her. It allows the audience to get a hint of what the storyline is like.

For my third picture for me to edit, I had to Colour in the chair. This was because the chair was see through and it didn't look as if she was sitting on anything. What i used was a brown paint brush to paint the chair in, as well as using a spray paint in a darker shade to create a wooden effect. I also had to use the polygonal tool to draw a corner of the chair on, as I had made a mistake by taking the photo at an angle where it got cut off. I also edited the picture by using the exposure, saturation and contrast setting to make it more dark and for the wounds to stand out.

This is the final photo edited. I forgot to take screenshots of how I edited the background. But what I did was similar to the image previously. I used painted the sides black to create a shadow effect and then used a red spray paint to give the appearance of blood stains. This perception is a more obvious one to the audience. We can tell that She is the main killer as she is holding the knife and none is behind her. Therefore with this the audience wouldn't know about Kieran.

This is another photo I wanted to edit as an option for my film poster. I used the black large sized paint brush in the opacity of 25% to paint around the edges of this image to create a shadow effect so that all emphasis was on the knife and shoe.

This is the final photo.I used the levels function to create more contrast and exposure. I also painted on some fake blood onto the shoe. This perspective shows that the murders involve children as the shoe is a childs shoe rather than an adults. This could be giving a different hint to the audience on the narrative.