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  1. 1. Editing Process To edit my opening scene I have used the software Adobe Premier Elements and imported all of the clips in which I needed for the opening scene from my document folder.
  2. 2. I have began my editing process by creating my own production company called VL Productions. I wanted to go for a blond, eye catching and girly theme so that it fits well with the genre of a rom-com chick flick. Additionally, the colours all clash with each other, which foreshadows the narrative of the film in which the protagonist is rebellious, girly and clashes with her parents (this will be established further in the narrative). The transition from this clip to the start of the filming will zoom in and onto the filming. I chose this transition because it is quick, which fits with the quick, fast clips of the protagonists life.
  3. 3. I decided to film and include a range of different shots into my opening scene, which include close ups, mid shots, long shots so that each clip looks different and more interesting as there is more variation. I have also zoomed in on some clips to demonstrate the different shots, for instance when the camera is a mid shot of the protagonist getting ready in the mirror and then zooms in to a close up shot.
  4. 4. Once all of the clips were uploaded, I needed to sort them out into which order I wanted each clip to go in. To do this I simply dragged and dropped the file into the screen line. Next, I needed to crop each clip down so that all of my clips were short and snappy. To do this, I turned to the timeline and used the crop tool at the point I wanted the clip to be cropped at. Once I was happy with all of the clips that I have cropped, I decided that some of the clips needed to be faster to fit with the beats of the backing music, and because I wanted each clip to be quick paced, so I right clicked on the chosen clip, clicked timing and reduced the time to whatever fitted well.
  5. 5. Once I had edited all of my clips together and cropped them so that they all flowed smoothly and fast, I added text to the bottom corners of each clip. The text was used to state relevant information such as who is starring in the film, who produced the film, the music etc. To create the text, I clicked on the T symbol on the bottom right of the video frame, typed and chose the font, size and colour.
  6. 6. Finally, I have included a voice over into my opening scene. To do this, I recorded all of the voiceover and uploaded/imported this to my film. I found editing the voice over into my opening scene the most challenging, because I had to ensure that the voice over could be heard over the soundtrack, which meant I had to decrease the volume of the soundtrack when the voice over appeared.