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Drawing and Painting. Partners in Crime. Drawing. 2 dimensional Often monochromatic Linear Tonal contrasts Can be in color A combination of surface and medium can and often does dictate the quality of line and tones in a drawing. Drawing Materials: Dry. Silverpoint - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Drawing and Painting

Drawing and PaintingPartners in CrimeDrawing2 dimensionalOften monochromaticLinearTonal contrastsCan be in colorA combination of surface and medium can and often does dictate the quality of line and tones in a drawingDrawing Materials: DrySilverpointSilver-tipped instrument dragged over a surface that has been coated with a ground bone dust or chalk mixed with gum, water, and pigment

Drawing Materials: DryPencilOnce used lead and now use graphiteDiverse and popularContemporary and historical

Drawing Materials: Dry CharcoalSimilar to pencil in history and range, but simply burnt wood

Drawing Materials: DryChalk and PastelLike charcoal, but with a pigment and a binder

Drawing Materials: DryCrayonConte crayonCrayola

Drawing Materials: FluidPen and InkQuillsMetal nib slipped into a wooden stylus

Drawing Materials: FluidPen and WashBrush and InkBrush and Wash

PaintingPaintPowdered pigment mixed with a binding agent or a mediumBinding agents: lime plaster, wax, egg, linseed oil, acrylic plastic, water, and gum arabicThinning agents: water and turenpentine

Types of PaintingFrescoPainting on plasterOften a mural on walls, but limited to While wall dries the artist paints and the image becomes permanent Issues include timing

Types of PaintingEncausticPigment with wax as a binderBeeswax is the primary wax

Types of PaintingTemperaPigments mixed with egg yolk and thinned with waterNot like this anymoreNow pigment is mixed with gums, saps, glues, etcFell out of favor once oil paints came to be widespread

Types of PaintingOil PaintTook over as major painting technique due to ability to glazeThin layers of paint placed one on top of another to create subtle tones and illusions of depth

Types of PaintingAcrylic PaintPigment and plastic binder that can be thinned with waterMany advantages over oil paints

Types of PaintingWatercolorFine pigments using water as solventGouache is watercolor mixed with opaque white chalk

Types of PaintingSpray PaintNew and not-so-new

Types of PaintingMixed media/collage

Traditional Classifications of DrawingsThose that investigate, study, and question the real, visible, tangible world.Those that record objects and events.Those that communicate ideas.Those that are transcriptions from memory a way of collecting and keeping impressions and ideas, a way of making visible the world of our imagination.Contemporary DrawingHas expanded previous classificationsNow drawings are called to works on paperPrintmaking, photography, illustration, posters, etc.This expanded definition does not include mark making, which can be done on any surfaceDrawing is a preeminent mediumEconomicalFlexibleOpen to experimentationTechnologies stretch the boundariesSome will say a painting is finished and a drawing is never finished your thoughts?Google Art Project and PBS Art:21http://www.googleartproject.com/artist/michelangelo-buonarroti/4127017/http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/julie-mehretu/