digital drawing and painting

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Digital Drawing and Painting. 2013 Why use Photoshop to drawing and paint?. Sketch, Illustrator 2012 . Portrait, Digital 2012. Portrait Drawing Illustrator 2012. Portrait Painting Photoshop 2012. Earl Sweatshirt Illustrator 2012. Earl Sweatshirt Photoshop 2012. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Digital Drawing and Painting

Digital Drawing and Painting2013Why use Photoshop to drawing and paint?Sketch,Illustrator2012


Portrait DrawingIllustrator2012

Portrait PaintingPhotoshop2012

Earl SweatshirtIllustrator2012

Earl Sweatshirt Photoshop2012Digital Drawing

11/5/12Illustrator Digital Drawing11/12/12Digital Painting created with Wacom TabletDigital Painting

How has Photoshop change how we see the arts?1990- First Photoshop software for MAC

What has changed in the last 13 years in the digital arts? the article Traditional vs. Digital ArtsBy Rafiq ElmansyWhere do you stand in the discuss on traditional vs. digital arts?

How has the digital programs and materials, help you/ hinder you as an artist?

Why are the fine arts or traditional arts still important to learn in art school? Or why are they not important?