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June 2012


  • SUMMERDIG INTO14 Amazing Cheap Eats

    plus Issue 41 June 2012

    Special Feature Euro Cup 10 Adventures

    Settling InA Taste of Local Fish

    FashionFashion TrendsFathers Day Gifts

    Euro 2012 Special



    DIG INTOSUMMER10 Adventures You Must Ta


    11 Best Summer Drinks

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    Although the heat of summer is upon us, Im sure youll feel energized after reading this in-spirational and informative issue of DJ. From the intrepid group of Saudi women who tackled the

    frozen slopes of Mt. Everest in the name of conquer-ing breast cancer to the talented Saudi women artists showcasing their creations in Jeddah its clear that Saudi women are a force to be reckoned with!

    Summer is the time to eat light, so take our handy Guide to the Fish of the Red Sea to the fish market and sample some of Jeddahs delicacies. Or enjoy a tall, cooling drink cocktail from one of Jeddahs many watering holes listed in our Summer Drinks sectionthe tropical tastes and sophisticated concoctions will transport you to the place of your dreams. If youre saving up for a holiday abroad, then youll welcome our Cheap Eats Under 20SR. Who knows, you may rediscover some old favorites which remind you of your student days. Our Travel section continues to offer travel tips and handy ad-vice for travellers of all ages (teens theres a story especially for you!) And if youre staying in town for the summer months, visit some of Jeddahs beach resorts which DJ has reviewed for you in advance. Its a tough jobbut DJ staff have braved the sun and the sand and the surf to bring you the hidden coastal gems.

    Once again, I continue to marvel at all the many activities and sights which Jeddah has to offer. Some-times I worry that DJ may run out of topicsbut the people, the places, and the sheer diversity of Jeddah never fails to surprise me. Im honored to call this city by the sea my home.

    Enas Hashani Editor-in-Chief



    43 Arts & Entertainment 54 Fashion & Shopping 71 Restaurants84 Travel90 Health & Beauty95 General

    Useful InformationYou Said It & City Facts

    BusinessBrand Revolution, MISK

    Healthy LivingHot Beauty Tips, How to Fake the Perfect Tan

    Settling In A Taste of Local Fish

    DJ NewsNokia, Signature, KFUPM Career Fair

    Fashion & ShoppingFashion Trends, Fathers Day

    Travel TrendsHow to Survive a Long Flight, Travel Germ Free

    Special FeaturesEURO 2012

    Time BusterTV Guide, Music, Books & Movies

    Dining Around Town Marble Slab, Best Summer Drinks, Amazing Cheap Eats












  • Fashion & ShoppingFashion Trends, Fathers Day

    If you taste it, you will understand


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    You Said It Moved or angry about something? Let us know!Congratulations for being a part of such a culturally informative and enriching circulation! I would also like to thank you for featuring the Annual Bride Show from which my friends sculpture / installation was photo-featured at the bottom left corner of the page. My friend, Mr. Cris Gentica was the designer / sculptor of the piece and was not aware that the photo was featured in your article. We practically whooped with joy and pride over this news when I told him.

    Thank you again.

    John Williams Jones


    HUH??!!Lets think about this for a second... its a giant ship...with giant pieces of fruit in it...where are they going?! And can we go too?Send in your funny pictures to DJ


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    Only in Jeddah everyone! The giant fruit cruise!


    Fahmieda Barends: Salam all, can anyone give me some info on hiring a car in Jeddah. Cost requirements: Something cheap please ;)

    DJ Says: Check out the general directory on page 95, hope it helps.

    Nahed Aziz: Anyone experience any good fish restaurants? Please do shareDJ Says: Jeddah people are known for their love of fish, check page 18 for our cooking recommendations and the best seafood restaurants.

    Kamal Hubaishi: Im looking for a beach club/resort (not kabayen) I can go to every weekend, something that looks good and is easily accessible. Any suggestions?DJ Says: The best thing about summer is the beach, we have a feature about beach resorts on page 76 and check the red sea directory

    Lynn @rgalzate: Thanks for the online magazine! Im out of Jeddah but I still feel connected. Kudos to the staff!DJ Says: We

  • Saudi Spirit Ana Special Mall Tel +966 2 2883358Saudi Spirit Ana Special Mall Tel +966 2 2883358Saudi Spirit Ana Special Mall Tel +966 2 2883358


    Thumbs Up to...

    There has been a lot of construction throughout the whole city lately and it is causing a lot of disruption and traffic, however were all really excited and optimistic about the improvements to Jeddahs urban infrastructure. Plans for the Corniche are coming along that will definitely reinvigorate the cityscape. The success of the bridge on Sari St. has motivated the creation of more bridges to decrease traffic. And some of the annoying There has been a lot of construction throughout the whole city lately and it is causing a lot of disruption and traffic, however were all really excited and optimistic about the improvements to Jeddahs urban infrastructure. Plans

    Improving the Citys Infrastructure

    A downside to all of the construction happening around town is that residents and business owners havent been notified beforehand of construction happening right in front of their homes or businesses.

    Some have reported waking up to a deep hole in front of their house which they have to jump over - inconvenient for children and the elderly. There are also businesses being forced to close down indefinitely and are in possible financial

    danger due to the inconvenience to their clients.

    In these situations, there are people and factors to consider so the necessary steps can be taken. We suggest a letter sent to the homes, or a private call to the business owner, or at least a few signs around the designated area. Even though these developments are for the benefit of the community, whats the point when we cant consider each others real needs?

    When landing in Jeddah, we must go down a flight of stairs with the engines still roaring and ride the airside bus to take us to the terminal, and we must do the same thing when we board. Why does it seem like were the only airport in the world that still does this? Whats wrong with the comfortable passenger boarding bridge? On top of that, sometimes the bus ride to the airplane takes way too long. Some travelers have reported being on the bus for 20 minutes! Maybe its because of expenses, or its because of the layout of the airport, whatever it is - its definitely a thumbs down!

    Jeddah Airport - Use of Airside Transfer BusesThumbs Down to...

    City Construction Woes - Notify Us Please!


    Useful Information



    Useful Information

    June WeatherCity& CountryUseful Information

    Country: Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaCapital: RiyadhHead of State: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-SaudCrown Prince: Prince Naif bin abdulazizPopulation: 29207277 (72% Saudi, 27% foreign)Population Growth: 1.75% (approx. 2% per year) (55% are under the age of 20)

    Birth rate: 28.29 births/1,000 population (2010 est.)Area: 2,149,640 sq. kmMajor Cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam.Holy Cities: Makkah, Madinah.International Airports: Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz Intl. Airport (Airport Code: JED)Madinah: Pri