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MOOOSE - Marketing Automation Summit presentation by ARTOOS about Distributed Marketing



2. The sustainableCommunication Production House 3. Managing your marketing campaignsthrough decentralised teams 4. HeadQuarterNetworkLocalDirect MarketingLocalPOS MaterialsSteer & controlAct & progressLocalMedia 5. TOTAL CONSISTENCY 6. WHO 7. RETAILCOMPLEX ORGANISATIONSTRUCTURECOMPLEX BRANDSTRUCTURE 8. Why? 9. Visible: Licences, cost of productionTOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIPNon visible: waste, working hours, brand image loss, etc 10. FROM BATCHTO CONTINUOUS 11. RelevancyQuality Centralisation 12. CHALLENGES 13. How to align internal stakeholders? Q 14. Align agendasSteercoInvolve stakeholders 15. How to align Q SystemsProcessesCollaboration HQ & Network 16. Personal Cloud 17. COLLABORATIVE WORKFLOWHQServiceprovidersNetworkMARKETINGAUTOMATION 18. COLLABORATIVE WORKFLOWMARKETING(5 users)Mktg GuidanceSALESHQ(40 users)HQNETWORK(250 BROKERS)MATERIALPRODUCERS(30 users)Administrate & Manage Material / Activity ReportingLibrary of materials to order (POS & DM)Selection / Edition / BAT / Order / Order HistoryOrder follow-up and status back to usersNetwork mgtrelationshsipSupplierrelationshipStimulate Network activity / Activity reportingSystememailemail tomy zoneemail tonetwork 19. How to create relevancy (local network)? Q 20. SMART 1TO1 TEMPLATES 21. How to create end to end integration? Q 22. 1to1PrintShowBAT1to1layoutNetworkNeedSeamless flow andreal-time automationADsPRINTDIGITAL 23. What did we learn? 24. Activate your networkAttention to TCOChoose the best Allies 25. QUESTIONS ?