Dig, Dig, Digging Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Word Practice High Frequency Words Phonics Practice Additional Resources.

Download Dig, Dig, Digging Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Word Practice High Frequency Words Phonics Practice Additional Resources.

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Dig, Dig, DiggingDay One

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Day Five

Word Practice

High Frequency Words

Phonics Practice

Additional Resources

1Question of the dayWhat kinds of machines help us at school?57Question of the dayHow do machines help people work together?66

Amazing Words

4trucks are big





9tWord Practiceip10tWord Practiceop11tWord Practiceap12tWord Practiceen13tWord Practiceom14tWord Practiceub15toa16Word PracticelittleItheam17


19Nouns for placesToday we are going to practice using naming words, or nouns, for places. The word school is a noun because it names a place.

What is the place that you go to after school is over?

Where do you go to buy groceries?

Where do you go to check out a book? 20Lets Write nouns for placesDraw a picture of a city with cars driving by, a fire station with a fire truck, or an airport with an airplane.We use an uppercase letter for the first word. The uppercase letter in this sentence is C. The sentence also ends with a period.


22Question of the dayHow do machines help people do things?23a truck can work all day

24A truck can work all day.

25Shared ReadingPages 45Why do the workers use diggers? What are the diggers doing in the picture?

Pages 67Why might the fire engine have to race and go fast? What are the firefighters doing?

Pages 89What kind of a worker would use a tractor? Who is driving the tractor?

26Shared ReadingPages 1011What do the garbage trucks do with the garbage? What do they do to fit the garbage in the truck?

Pages 1213What are the cranes lifting to the top of the building? What is the crane's job at the construction site?

Pages 1415What do transporters do? How many cars are on this transporter?

27Shared ReadingPages 1617What are dump trucks good at? Where do you think they dump their loads?

Pages 1819How do helicopters rescue people? Why do the helicopters use a rope?

Pages 2021What are the road rollers doing? Why do they use a road roller?

28Shared ReadingPages 2223What are the bulldozers good at?

Pages 2425What are the trucks doing? What do you think the trucks are carrying?

Pages 2627What do the machines do after a busy day? How can you tell they are resting? 29Classify and CategorizeTrucks like diggers and dump trucks help construction workers build things. Fire engines and rescue helicopters help people in trouble.30Word WorkMm

31Word WorkTt

32Word Workthe

33Word Workto

34Word Worka

35Word Workam

36Word WorkI

37Word Worklittle





42Lets Write nouns for thingsThis thing is a tent. The word tent names this thing. Tent is a naming word. Naming words are called nouns.

43Lets Read

44Question of the dayWhat machine takes food from farms to stores?45the truck brings food

46The truck brings food.

47Classify and CategorizeIn the story, which machines carry something up in the air?

Which machines in the story work with dirt or rocks?

In the story, which machines are used to save people?

Which of the machines in the story work outdoors? 485152


54Lets Read

55Lets WritePoint to the truck. What is this machine? Have you ever seen trucks on the road? What do trucks do to help people?

Trucks carry heavy loads.

56miss Bindergarten took the class to the library

58Miss Bindergarten took the class to the library.




64Let's name some machines that make life easier for people. My dishwasher helps me clean up faster. I am going to draw a dishwasher and me. Then I will write dishwasher.

65trucks help people work together

67Trucks help people work together.

68the69little70to71a72am73I74Yy75Zz76Rr77Ss78Ww79Xx80Qq81Tt82Oo83Pp84Mm85Uu86Aa87Vv88Ee89Hh90Ee91Kk92Jj93Bb94Gg95Ii96Cc97Ll98Dd99Nn100Additional ResourcesBob the Builder Gamewww.bobthebuilder.com/usa/games.aspCookie Monster- letter Tthttp://pbskids.org/sesame/letter/t.htmlStarfall- letter Ttwww.starfall.com/n/level-k/letter-t/load.htm?fLetter Speed Racewww.freewebs.com/weddell/findtheletter.htmlConstruction site video cliphttp://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/video/index_2.htmlConstruction site with pictures and voices of workerswww.tvokids.com/framesets/play.html?game=171



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