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DEVELOPERS OF QUALITY BUSINESS SOFTWARE NEVER FORGET Slide 2 LOG-IN SCREEN PASSWORD PROTECTED Slide 3 THE MAIN POS WINDOW MAIN POS WINDOW Slide 4 MULTIPLE PAYMENT TYPES Slide 5 REFUND PER ITEM OR INVOICE Slide 6 SYSTEM OPTIONS Slide 7 MESSAGES SENT TO OTHER STATION VIA THE NETWORK Slide 8 ADVANCE ITEM SEARCH VIEW / PRINT DETAIL Slide 9 CLOCK-IN CLOCK-OUT Slide 10 EXPORT TO VARIOUS FORMATS Slide 11 SAVE A SALE & LOAD AT A LATER STAGE Slide 12 GENERATE CRITICAL REPORTS IN SUMMARY & DETAILED FORM Slide 13 KEEPS TRACK OF POS SHIFTS & STATUS Slide 14 CREATE ITEM NOT IN THE SYSTEM Slide 15 ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD & NUMPAD ENHANCES USABILITY FOR TOUCH- SCREEN SYSTEM Slide 16 Will store data locally if connection to the server is lost and upload it once connection is re-established. Save a sale and load it again at a later stage Do Invoices, Quotations, Sales Order, Delivery Notes, Picking Slips from the POS and convert from one transaction type to another in an instant View customer age analysis and print out statements from the POS Receive account payments from the POS Artificial Intelligence will help you capture stock items from the Till Supports a variety of Cash Drawers and Pole Displays Can be configured to support serial tracking [SEPERATE MODULE] Slide 17 031 4621920/22 086 6101 824 a 031 4621920/22 086 6101 824 078 517 6492 a Become a FanFollow Us DEVELOPERS OF QUALITY BUSINESS SOFTWARE NEVER FORGET CONTACT US!!! FOR A FREE DEMO! INFO ON OUR SPECIALS! OR ANYTHING ELSE!