names i will never forget … names i will never forget …

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Names I will never forget …

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  • Names I will never forget Names I will never forget
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  • Today is the day that I wish to seek both in my heart and in my soul for the names of those who are written in the book that contains the history of my life,...
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  • ...the names of those I have now lost touch with and the names of those who are close to me every time I need them. I want to go through each page of my book of history and remember the names that were important in my childhood and my young years, those I no longer meet often and those I meet every day. The names of those I will always carry in my mind,...
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  • ... those who stood by me in hard times and those with whom I shared a smile, the names of those I have hurt and those who brought a tear to my eye, those from whom I have learnt lessons and perhaps have learnt something from me.
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  • Those names are now part of my human existence. The names of those that came into my life for a season and then carried on on their own journey are etched on my heart.
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  • I am thankful to those that at one time or another have been with me in times of sadness and loneliness, those who have always encouraged me and lent me a guiding hand when I had lost my way.
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  • True friendship is like the marriage of souls, sharing good times and bad times. Friendship is feeling what another is feeling. It is not restricted by time, age, race or sex. It has no boundaries. It enhances the virtues of others.
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  • As I go through the pages of my history book I recall every thorn as a rosebud, every tear as a smile or a hug, every dark night as a starry one, every aching minute as a feeling of happiness and relief.
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  • I am privileged to have been or still be part of the history of your life.
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  • I am thankful for each of those names that have left a mark in my heart.
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  • Making a friend is a blessing. Having a friend is a gift. Being or having been your friend is an honour. Thank you for the deep footprints of friendship that you have left in my heart.