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Cultural Biases in Archival Collections. Elizabeth ramsey 802 theoretical foundations of service: diagnosis and customization Learning seminar. Cultural Biases in Archival Collections. The Fallibility of Archival Collections. The Illusion of Neutrality. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Cultural Biases in Archival Collections</p> <p>Elizabeth ramsey</p> <p>802 theoretical foundations of service: diagnosis and customization</p> <p>Learning seminarCultural Biasesin Archival CollectionsCultural Biases in Archival Collections</p> <p>The Fallibilityof Archival CollectionsThe Illusion of NeutralityIn 1970 radical historian Howard Zinn told an audience of archivists,</p> <p>The existence, preservation, and availability of archives, documents, records in our society are very much determined by the distribution of wealth and power biased towards the important and powerful people of the society, tending to ignore the impotent and obscure.The Wielding of Power orPay no attention to the man behind the curtain</p> <p>Control over social (collective) memory</p> <p>Control over preservation and security of records</p> <p>Role as interpreter and mediator between records and users</p> <p>Efforts at DiversityThe relevance of archives to society and the completeness of the documentary record hinge in part on the professions success in ensuring that its members and the holdings that they manage reflect the diversity of society as a whole Issue Statement fromSAA President January 2007Intercultural Competence</p> <p>Dr. Milton Bennett (among many other researchers) asserts that InterculturalCompetence is:Measurable:Intercultural DevelopmentInventoryTeachable/Achievable:Developmental Model ofIntercultural SensitivityDMISETHNOCENTRIC STAGES:ETHNORELATIVE STAGES:The ethnorelative stages are characterized by a positive mindset about cultural difference. These stages are indicative of a person who will tend to make more inclusive decisions and actively seek to build a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment7Human Rights and Social Justice</p> <p>Nazi war criminals in CanadaTuskegee syphilis studySouth African State at the end of apartheid</p>