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  • 1. Copyright + Social Media + Archival Collections Tues 29 April, 2014, 5:30pm, The Astor
  • 2. Bottom line Breach of copyright is serious. Even if you dont believe in copyright, it is a civil offence. There are criminal provisions for commercial-scale infringement. SLSA B21925/9
  • 3. Creative Commons SLSA has identified over 100,000 images in its online catalogue as being out of copyright Added the Creative Commons Public Domain mark Working on applying the CC-BY license to in-copyright images and other online collections Creative Commons search page is a great place to start when looking for material you can reuse
  • 4. In copyright. Astor Hotel, ca. 1990. SLSA, B70869/18613
  • 5. Out of copyright. Perseverance Hotel (now the Astor Hotel), ca. 1927. SLSA, B4265
  • 6. What next? Copyright owners Moral rights Requests for permission SLSA PRG 280/1/6/109
  • 7. SARCIB Who owns the copyright for these letters?
  • 8. Risk management Record keeping Take down notices SLSA B 47072/45
  • 9. More info Copyright tag bundle on Delicious Creative Commons Australia SLSA Copyright & our collections
  • 10. Contact e t @katykat f m 0421 34 69 78


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