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  • Creative Web Design Portland Oregon

    Hello, I'm a Portland-area marketing communications professional who can help you craft a new web

    site, design and execute an email campaign, PPC pay per click, produce a catalog or brochure, or even a strategic marketing plan. Affordable rates ask for James CALL 971-258-5047

    Advertising Works: So how can you increase sales in a tough economy? People

    are spending these days. You just have to work a little harder now. We can help

    sharpen your advertising campaign and shake loose some of those dollars.

    SEE website:

    Design & Print Collateral: The purpose of good graphic design is to

    communicate in a pleasing way that invites viewership. We are expert at designing

    catalogs, brochures, mail cards, product sheets, newsletters, and more. When

    other companies are cutting costs, you can stand out with a compelling message

    and look.

    Identity & Branding: What does your logo and overall identity communicate

    about you? Maybe it's time to take a critical and fresh at how your business is

    perceived. We assist companies in designing identities, including corporate and

    product logos, business cards, and signage.

    Websites Galore: Having a strong online presence is absolutely essential these

    days. Think of your website as your silent salesperson working 24/7/365. We excel

    at web design and development. We can produce a custom, unique site or freshen

    an existing one. Looking to explore e-mail marketing or social media tie-ins? We help integrate the site into your overall marketing and sales efforts.

    Want to know more? Call (971) 258-5047, e-mail me through this site, or visit my website. I would

    love to chat about your project, offer ideas, and if you wish provide a free written estimate/proposal.

    Thanks! SEE website: