crct review 6 th grade social studies. latin america

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CRCT Review 6 th Grade Social Studies

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  • CRCT Review6th Grade Social Studies

  • Latin America

  • 1. Where was the Aztec civilization located? Who was their leader?

  • 2. Where was the Incan empire located? Who was their leader?

  • 3. What was traded during the Columbian Exchange?

  • 4. What did Hernan Cortes do?

  • 5. What did Francisco Pizarro do?

  • 6. What was the Triangular Trade? Who did the Europeans get to work on the sugar plantations and mines in Latin America after the natives died?

  • 7. Who is Miguel Hidalgo? Country?

  • 8. Who is Toussaint LOuverture? Country?

  • 9. Who is Simon Bolivar? Countries?

  • 10. Who is Fidel Castro and how did he change Cuban history?

  • 11. What was the Cuban Embargo?

  • 12. Who are the Zapatistas?

  • 13. What is NAFTA and how does it affect Mexico, US, and Canada?

  • 14. What is happening to the Amazon Rainforest?

  • 15. What is the primary religion practiced and the primary language spoken in Latin America?

  • 16. Which two countries had the greatest impact on the religion of Latin America?

  • Canada

  • 17. What two European countries colonized Canada?

  • 18. How did Canada become independent from Great Britain?

  • 19. What does Quebec hope to preserve by becoming independent from the rest of Canada?

  • 20. What are Canadas two official languages?

  • 21. Where does most of Canadas population live?

  • 22. Why are most of Canadas factories located along the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes?

  • Europe

  • 23. Who is Prince Henry the Navigator? What is he known for?

  • 24. Name at least 3 countries that were originally colonized by Great Britain?

  • 25. Which countries were involved in World War I?

  • 26. The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I. What did the treaty force Germany to do?

  • 27. How did World War I affect Germanys economy?

  • 28. What is Nazism?

  • 29. Who were the Axis Powers in World War II?

  • 30. Who were the Allied Powers in World War II?

  • 31. What caused World War II to take place?

  • 32. What was the Holocaust?

  • 33. Who was Vladimir Lenin?

  • 34. What was the Russian Revolution?

  • 35. Who was Czar Nicholas II?

  • 36. After World War II, which 2 nations engaged in the Cold War?

  • 37. What happened to Berlin after World War II?

  • 38. After the Soviet Union collapsed, what happened to East and West Germany?

  • 39. What is the European Union?

  • 40. What are the three major religions in Europe?

  • 41. What are some causes of acid rain in Germany?

  • 42. What happened at Chernobyl, Ukraine?

  • Australia

  • 43. Who were the Aborigines? How did they pass their Dreamtime legends down through generations?

  • 44. Why did the British originally colonize Australia?

  • 45. Where do most Australians live? Why?

  • Government

  • 46. What is an autocracy?

  • 47. What is an oligarchy?

  • 48. What is a democracy?

  • 49. What is a unitary system of government?

  • 50. What is a confederation?

  • 51. What is a federal system?

  • 52. How is the leader chosen in a parliamentary democracy?

  • 53. How is the leader chosen in a presidential democracy?

  • 54. Australia is considered to have a federal system, what does this mean?

  • 55. Brazil and Mexico both have presidential democracies. How do they determine their leaders?

  • Economics

  • 56. What are the different economic systems? Describe each.

  • 57. In Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom, the government regulates some industries but most business decisions are made by individuals. What type of economy do these countries have?

  • 58. What are the 3 economic questions that every country must answer?

  • 59. What are the 3 economic trade barriers? Describe each.

  • 60. Cuba has a command economy and Brazil has a mixed economy. How do these two economies differ?

  • 61. What are the 4 factors of economic growth? Give an example of each.

  • 62. What is Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?

  • 63. If a country does not have many natural resources, what will their GDP be like?

  • 64. If countries want to trade internationally, what must they first do with their currency?

  • 65. If a country has a high literacy rate, what will the countrys standard of living be like?

  • 66. What is the goal of NAFTA?

    *Low-paying job, poor housing & healthcare, lower life expectancy, lower standard of living High -- 99% High -- one of the highest in the world