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Collaborative Requisitioning Guide Working with Collaboration Requests

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Slide 1Agenda
Receiving a Collaboration Request
Post-Response Actions
What are Collaboration Requests?
A Collaboration Request is the document by which Cognizant
works with you as a supplier to find, evaluate and obtain goods
and/or services.
about collaboration requests to your online Inbox on the Ariba
The Quick Links panel on your Home Dashboard indicates you
have received a new collaboration request.
In your online Inbox, you can view collaboration requests, assign
collaboration requests and search for specific collaboration
Getting Started on the Ariba Network
Setting Up Users and Permissions on the Ariba
•Setting Email Addressing for System Notifications
For details on how to set up users and permissions, review the Account
Management Guide in Supplier Information Portal
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Setting up Email Notifications
Collaboration request email notifications can be set up to receive
emails when collaboration requests are received. Click the
checkbox beside collaboration request, enter email addresses and
click Save. You can enter up to 3 email addresses separated by a
• The following events will trigger notification to an individual user’s email address
• A collaboration request is assigned to the user
• An assigned collaboration request’s status changes
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Working with Collaboration Requests
From the Home page you can see under the Collaboration Requests
Quick Link section you have two collaboration requests needing
your attention.
Note: If you do not see any collaboration requests needing your
attention, you may need to check the date range in the View field
under Quick Links.
Working with Collaboration Requests
You can work on the collaboration request yourself or you have the option to
assign it to another person. If you wish to assign it, click the checkbox
beside the request you wish to assign and choose the Assign To party.
From your inbox you can see two collaboration requests.
You can apply a sort of the requests by simply clicking the column you would like to sort by.
To open a specific request, simply click the link for the request you wish to view. In this example,
the supplier will click on PR4694-R363
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Working with Collaboration Requests
As this particular request has not been acted upon by any user, you
see a green box beside the request number.
Click on the green box to view the details of the collaboration request.
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Working with Collaboration Requests
Click on the Detail button to see each of the Line
Working with Collaboration Requests
collaboration request such as
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Working with Collaboration Requests
You can send a message to the buyer within the
collaboration request itself. Click on the Actions
button and then select Send Message., or on button
New Message
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Working with Collaboration Requests Enter the Subject of your message along with the message you would like to send to
the Buyer. You can add an attachment to your message by clicking on the Add
button beside Attachments.
Note: You and the buyer can submit multiple messages throughout the
collaboration request process.
Click Send to send the message to the buyer.
A record of messages referring to this document are seen at the
bottom portion of the screen.
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Respond with Proposal
with Proposal button.
previous screen, use the back link in the
application, not the browser.
Respond with Proposal
Note that there is one item within the proposal. In order
to modify the description click on the Description line.
To continue please click Next button
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Respond with Proposal
quantity of 10 with the item exceeding $100 per item.
In this example it is assumed the item on hand is
$129.9. This example illustrates the options available
using the Edit button.
Note: Within the proposal you have the option to Add
from Catalog or Add Non-Catalog Item to the proposal.
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Respond with Proposal
Price as well as populate values for any additional
fields. Click OK.
Respond with Proposal
Enter the comment. Click OK.
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Respond with Proposal To add an attachment. Click Add Attachment.
Search for and select the document within Explorer
Respond with Proposal
delete ones that are attached. Click OK to
Respond with Proposal
Note: This is a response with proposal.
A simple response could just be a message.
Please see slide 24 for referral.
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Respond with Proposal
Respond with Proposal
accepted by the buyer. Note:
Buyer may undergo additional
proposal. It is important to
understand that : "Acceptance of
not the same cases.
the Buyer might have made thus far.
To check the status of the proposal you just
submitted, click on Response Needed under the
Collaboration Requests Quick Link.
request. PO was created after the
collaborative request was completed.
Respond with Proposal
following your earlier comment.
collaborative request here.
Post Collaboration Response Actions
Revise a previously submitted proposal to provide revised
information Revise proposal
Edit proposal information
Submit revised proposal
Provide reason for withdrawal
Potential Collaboration Statuses
1. Request Received – Supplier Response Required A new Collaboration request is in your Inbox. The Buyer is awaiting your response.
2. Awaiting Response from Buyer The Buyer is reviewing the proposal submitted.
3. Proposal Accepted By Buyer The Buyer has accepted all line items on the proposal submitted. Note: Proposal Accepted may require additional
approval within the buying organization. This indicates an intent to pursue the proposal, but is not finalized.
4. Proposal Rejected By Buyer The Buyer has rejected the entire proposal submitted. The supplier may choose to resubmit a revised proposal
until the request has been closed.
5. Proposal Withdrawn By Supplier You have decided to withdraw a proposal which you had submitted.
6. Request Declined By Supplier You declined to submit a proposal to the Buyer’s request.
7. Request Canceled By Buyer The Buyer has decided to cancel the request. No further action is allowed.
8. Request Closed The request has been closed through the Buyer’s selection of an alternative proposal. No further action is allowed.
9. Proposal Accepted and Request Closed The Buyer has accepted your proposal and therefore closed the request. No further action is allowed.
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Revise a Proposal
customer has not accepted the collaboration
Revise a Proposal
Revise a Proposal
from $150 to $140. Click OK after all changes
have been made.
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Revise a Proposal
Revise a Proposal
Withdraw a Proposal
comment. Click OK.
After a proposal has been submitted to the buyer it can be
withdrawn by you. Click Withdraw Request from the Respond
Decline a Proposal
Respond and select Decline
comment. Click OK.
Supplier Information Portal
Supplier Education Portal: An Ariba Network-hosted, Customer-managed website specifically dedicated for sharing Cognizant specific information. Primary method for distributing education and training material. All the guides and documents have been saved here. Please go through all the slides for you reference
Thank you