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  • Marketplace Requisitioning

    Video tutorials can be found at: Requisitioning is to replace paper requisitioning for marketplace suppliers and the process starts in Proactis.

    1. Log into Proactis and click on the purchase tab.

    2. Click on Requests.

    3. Under Your Marketplace templates, choose the GEN or TEC Science Warehouse Hub template. Please

    be aware that you may only see one template depending on how your College have decided to use the


    The scope of the TEC template is determined by your College/Service and will be for items that require

    specialist approval i.e. hazardous gases, chemicals, I.T. equipment etc. There is a field next to each item

    where you can enter your COSHH reference. All other items should be requisitioned on the GEN template.

    4. We advise against copying an existing requisition as the prices will change in the marketplace regularly.

    5. The Marketplace opens in a new browser window. Any special offers available from suppliers will appear

    in the marketplace news section. There is also a online help section.

  • 6. You can search by item code, description AND/OR supplier. Enter a description in the search box at the top

    of the screen and press the magnifying glass icon.

    You can use the categories/suppliers filters in the left pane to help you find products.

    7. Select your items by clicking on add to basket or by adding a number in the quantity box next to the item

    and clicking on add to basket.

    8. Once you have selected your items click on Checkout at the top of the screen.

    9. You are taken back into Proactis to review and submit your requisition. There will be a draft requisition for

    each supplier you selected items from.

    Click on the supplier e.g. Office Depot UK ltd.


    If you checkout a basket with goods from more than one supplier Proactis will create a requisition for each supplier.

    After you have processed the first one you are not automatically returned to a screen showing the other(s). They will

    be in your draft requisitions, so on the Requests page click on Edit a Draft Requisition

  • 10. Your items are listed in the requisition and the correct element 1 code and your default element 2 code is

    pulled through. Please do not change the ITEMCODE reference as this is used for procurement analysis.

    11. You can put a reference or the name of the person the item is for in the box here.

    12. Items are charged against an account code. An account code is made up of 3 elements. Element 1 is the

    item reference, e.g. 43500 is the reference for stationery, the element 2 is your department code e.g. LFSA

    for the Finance Office, the element 3 code is the actual account the item is being charged to.

    13. You can open up each line to add the element 3 code or go to the show header option and enter the

    element 3 code ONLY and click on apply to lines. DO NOT TICK THE BOXES NEXT TO Consolidation Group;

    Link all items as a batch and Consolidate to order immediately, this will result in your requisition

    potentially being rejected.

  • 14. There is also a delete option at the left of the item description if the item is no longer needed.

    15. If you want to use the VAT medical exemption certificate you will need to change the tax code against the

    item to remove VAT from the cost of the product.

    16. Click on the PSR (Purchase Standard Rate) tax element and a drop down list is generated.

    17. Scroll down to the Medical Exempt (PZM) rate, then click on ok. There is no need to attach a paper version

    of the certificate.

  • Please keep all VAT treatment the same on requisitions.

    18. You can change your delivery address if necessary, Click on show Header at the bottom of the screen and

    click on Deliver To.

    19. Select an address and change the free-text box if necessary, if you want the items delivered to a specific

    person, add their name in the address box followed by a coma and leaving the text already displayed in

    that box (for example Joe Bloggs, Birmingham University). Then click on OK at the bottom of the screen

    20. Comments or attachments are not required for marketplace requisitions. Do not use these options or the

    order may be processed manually by the supplier and take longer to be dispatched.

    21. If all other details are correct select Submit Requisition at the bottom of the screen.

    22. A blue banner message will appear to let you know your requisition has been submitted and has gone for

    budget authorisation.

    What happens next?

    All requisition items go to a budget authoriser routed according to the account code used. Technical requisition

    items will go for further authorisation according to the policy of your College/Service. All items then go to your

    College/Service admin for final review and conversion into orders to the supplier.

    If you are the budget holder and you raise a requisition you will not need to authorise, this process is done

    automatically and will go straight to the buyer for review and conversion to an order.

  • Tracking your requisitions

    On the left hand menu there are options for you to view submitted requisitions, view requisitions being

    authorised, to delete draft requisitions and to view any rejected items. It is good practice to clear the rejected

    items basket periodically.

    The options in the centre of the page allow you to copy an existing requisition, edit a draft requisition, your

    submitted requisitions and to cancel a requisition.

    Email messaging

    1. You will need to subscribe to the relevant email messages in order to be notified when your requisitions

    have been authorised or rejected. Go to the Admin tab and select Manage system feedback messages and


    2. Click on Edit my message subscriptions.

  • 3. Select the messages you wish to receive and click on Save Subscriptions.

    4. Now set your message schedules

    5. You can change the times that proactis emails you by checking the box and entering 1 for every hour, 2 for

    every 2 hours etc. Save your schedule.

  • 6. You can also set the days and times that you wish to be emailed. Click on Advance Settings

    7. Once your preferred schedules are selected click the Save Advanced Schedule option at the bottom of the


    To set the requisitioning screen as your default Start Page

    If your only role in Proactis is to raise requisitions, it is worth considering setting the requisitioning home

    page as your default page for when logging into Proactis.

    1. Click on the Admin tab

    2. Click on Streamline your PROACTIS

  • 3. Select Set your start page

    4. Select the radio button next to Requisitioning home page, then select Set new start page.

    Your new start page is now set.


    Before requisitioning for the first time marketplace go to :

    Admn Tab > Streamline your PROACTIS > Set your preferred method of creating requisitions. Ensure Mult-line

    requisition entry is checked and click on Set new requisition create method page. DO THIS EVEN IF THIS BOX IS


  • You should get a confirmation message:

    MESSAGE: Your new preferred requisition method has been set.

    If you do not do this, then when you check your basket out of the marketplace and click on the requisition Proactis

    will show the requisition header and not the requisition lines. Also you will not be able to enter default account


    Visit our online tutorial at: