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Internet Based Online Requisitioning Program

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  • Internet Based Online Requisitioning Program

  • Requisition BookletUser CodePasswordBooklet TypeYearRequisition Website

  • Requisition - InsideReference Website

  • Requisition BOCES Item #Sub-CategoryItem DescriptionUnit of MeasureRequisition PriceRequisition price will be different then the web price.

  • Requisitioning InstructionsFirst, review the list of items available within the requisitioning catalog.

    Make a check mark, highlight or indicate a quantity on the items you require, so that you can quickly locate and identify these items when you are within the on-line requisitioning program.

    If you require more information on an item or need a picture to identify an item, you should conduct your research before entering the requisition program.

    The BOCES item number for school supplies is actually School Specialtys number, for all the other supplies, an established vendors item number is listed at the end of each item description, as shown below. Websites are indicated in each requisition booklet.

  • Requisitioning Instructions - ContinuedFor example: School Specialty part numbers are used as our BOCES numbers. The numbers can then be used to search the vendors website to view the detailed information. For other bid commodities a vendors website is selected for ease of use. The vendors part numbers are embedded at the end of the item description, these numbers can be used to search the vendors website for detailed information of the items.

  • Starting the ProcessResearch items and add Quantities

  • Completed Requisition BOCES Item #Quantity Required

  • Logging On To The WebsiteWebsite Log-On Box

    User Code

    PasswordWebsite link is also available at To locate the link, navigate to the Cooperative Purchasing webpage. The link is on the left under online Requisitioning

  • Requisitioner places their uniqueUser Code and Password into the log on area.

    Click OK to enter the Requisitioning Program

  • Requisition Start-up Page

    Click on Enter a New Bid Requisition to Create or Add to an existing order

  • Start up screen for entering a requisition

    Enter the BOCES Item Number of the item you want to order in the appropriate area.

    Enter the Quantity.

    The requisitioner is responsible for ordering the correct amount. Please order using the items unit of measure as a guide. For example: if you need 12 pencils and the BOCES item unit of measure is set at 12/box, you would order 1 (one).

  • After filling out the item and quantity required click Submit Request

  • After submitting the required item, the program will confirm that the item and quantity has been accepted and added to your requisition.

    To Continue to order items, click on Bid Requisition

    To End the requisitioning process, click on Main Menu

  • Continue to add items


    End the Requisition by clicking Main Menu

  • Reviewing the RequisitionTo review the Requisition, log on to the Main Menu and click:

    Find, Edit, Delete, Print Your Requisition .

    To End the Requisition Process at any time, close your browser by clicking the X at the top right of your screen.

  • After clicking on Find, Edit, Delete, Print Your Requisition at the Main Screen, the screen to the left will appear.

    Click Start Search to View, Print or Edit your requisition.

  • Requisition screen will appear:

    To Exit click on Main Menu

    To Print, use the browser print button

    To Edit or Delete an item click on the item number to access the edit screen

  • To Edit an item you may:

    Change the quantity at this screen


    Delete the item

    After editing the item, click on Submit Changes

  • After the change has been submitted, the online program will verify that your requisition has been edited.

    Click Main Menu to end.

  • Completed RequisitionThe completed requisition will show the following:

    Your Name

    Items Requisitioned

    Total Requisition Amount

  • Thank You!