Cleargreen - Eliminate nitrogen caused by anaerobic digestion of sludge

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Biological treatment of effluents with high concentrations of ammonia


<ul><li> 1. CleargreenBIOLOGICAL TREATMENT OF EFFLUENTS WITHHIGH CONCENTRATIONS OF AMMONIA URBAN WASTEWATER ELIMINATE NITROGEN CAUSED BY ANAEROBIC EN-1004 DIGESTION OF SLUDGEP-PPT-ER-009-E1</li></ul> <p> 2. UrbanWastewaterW tt CONTENTS Cleargreen Why a new product to treat ammonia? Cleargreen in the treatment line Operating Principle Advantages of Cleargreen Case study: Creil-Montataire (60), FRANCE 2 2 3. UrbanWHY A NEW PRODUCT TO TREATWastewaterW ttAMMONIA?Cleargreen Nitrogen treatment requires high operating costs Nitrogenremovalneeds 2 successivesbiological reactions(nitrification and denitrification) requiring high levels of :1-Energy consumption for aeration2-External carbon (ex. : mthanol) () The growing market for anaerobic sludge digestion and biogazreuse leads to :A 15% to 35 % (in case of co-digestion) increase in nitrogen load tobe treated on the water treatment line.This treatmnt increase energyand external carbon consumption and could also increase volumes. 3 3 4. Cleargreen IN THE TREATMENT LINE***Ultrafor, Biofor, Cyclor or Meteor4 4 5. UrbanWastewaterW tt OPERATING PRINCIPLE (1/2) ( ) Cleargreen A biological treatment which is based on the Anammox bacteria ti b t i action i a SBRin SBR. A reactor equipped with captors, continually monitoring the system to limit human intervention. An implemented biological reaction of deammonification. p g A process divided into 4 stages into one tank 5 5 6. UrbanWastewaterW tt OPERATING PRINCIPLE (2/2) ( ) CleargreenSpecific features: pCleargreen specifically treats the concentrated flow of nitrates: itdoes not return to the head of the water treatment line. Field of application for urban WWTP: Retun flow from digested (Digelis &amp;Digelis Turbo) sludge dewatering, Centralized sludge treatment plants LLeachateh t6 6 7. UrbanWastewaterW tt ADVANTAGES OF Cleargreeng Cleargreen A patented, innovative, award-winning processaward winning Ease of operation: Spontaneous installation (without seeding) of the specificbiomass due to the control of the process conditions Automatic control of cycles and regulation Simple interface for an optimized management of aeration Low-maintenance Performance: Robust adaptability to variations in load and effluentcomposition Sustainable Development: No reactive agents needed Preservation of energy resources Savings: Automatic regulation of air supply(= control of consumption)77 8. CASE STUDY:CREIL-MONTATAIRE (60),CREIL MONTATAIRE (60) FRANCECONTEXT: DESIGN: P t t th t h b iinstalled on thePrototype that has been t ll d th Aerated biological tank volume ofWTTP of 250,000 PE 30,000 m3 - Digestion Dehydration of digested sludge return at Cleargreen prototype capacity:3 m3/dthe Creil plant h C il l Duration of the test: 17 months Continuous operation with a yield thatreaches more than 90% on nitrogen88</p>


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