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  • 1. Lesson 23WARM UP: The T will start the class by playing the game tic tac toe in order to review the usage of his and her and at the same time, during the game, the T will emphasize what the people are doing. In this way the T will be introducing the new topic. Ss should use a complete sentence saying the name or last name of one person.PRESENTATION: The T will introduce the topic by showing to the Ss the imagesthey saw in the previous activity, but this time one by one.To make it easier, the T should use body movements togive a clear idea about the topic.For example,the T will show the first image and the T will say: This is Raul. He is doing something. He is not brushing his teeth. HE IS PLAYING THE GUITAR.

2. Raul and Alex OcampoLaura Pea4 27Paula Diaz Luis Cortes5 18 Jose Prado6 39Oscar MirandaLili Gomez 3. THEY are Raul and Alex Ocampo THEY are PLAYING the guitarHIS name isEvandro Souza HE isEATING a big tortaHER name isMariana Ochoa SHE is TAKING A SHOWER 4. HIS name isLuis CortesHe is BRUSHING HIS TEETHHER name isLaura PeaSHE is COOKING a cake His name is Jose PradoHE isDRINKING a soda 5. HER name isLili GomezSHE is DANCING cumbiasHER name isPaula DiazSHE isCOMBING her daughter`s hairHIS name isOscar Miranda HE isPLAYING the guitar 6. 123 456 7 89 10 11 12 13A B C DEF G HI JK LM1415161718 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26NOP Q RSTUVWXYZ1.- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____ __ __ __ __ __91 135 1 20 9 14 716 15 26 15 12 52.- WHAT IS HE DOING?_ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __8 59 1923 8 1 20 3 8 9 14 7 20 5 12 5 22 9 19 9 15 143.- WHAT IS SHE DOING?__ __ ____ ____ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __19 85 9 19 16 12 1 25 9 14 719 15 3 35 18 7. INSTRUCTIONS The students will read Amazing Trip toChildrens City once in silence. The T will read the text louder and Ss willlisten and follow the reading. The T will ask some questions to Ss orallyaccording to the text. Ss will correct some statements accordingto the text. 8. The students of 5th grade at Lzaro Crdenas school are visiting theChildrens City because they are the winners of the Mathemathicscontest in the zone, and they are learning about different occupations.At this moment they are in the hospital, the doctor is attending a woman,and the nurse is helping to him. In the supermarket there are peopleselling different products and people are paying for them. In the bankthe secretary is writing a message to her boss and the police officer iskeeping the order inside the place.Right now the students are having their lunch and some of them aredancing in the Discotheque they are enjoying the music and drinkingsodas.Its 4:00 oclock p.m. and they are concluding their trip, they are atTelevisa Studios where some students are acting Rebelde, they arehaving fun and they are really happy because Ma is in the place signing autographs for them.Finally they are taking the bus to return to Cuernavaca and they are verytired, so they are sleeping and dreaming this amazing adventure. 9. Find the wrong statements and correct them according to the text.The students of 3rd grade are visiting Azteca StadiumThey are learning different occupations.They are dancing in the Discoteque.The doctor is attending a boy.The police officer is keeping the order in the hospital.They are eating tortas.Students are acting Rebelde.They are begining their trip.They are taking the bus to Cuernavaca.Roberta is signing autographs. 10. Ss will be given a paper where they will have some questionswritten in order to focus their attention on the conversation thatthey will listen to and enable them to answer those questionsaccording to the information on it. 11. Listen to the conversation and answer the following questions.1. - What is Carlos doing?2. - Why is Raul calling Carlos?3. - What is Carlos sister doing and what is her name?4. - Where are they going and at what time are they going to meet?5. - What is Carlos last name?6. - What is the relationship between Carlos and Rauls sister? 12. Ok, Im washingYes Hi Raul how my hands,Im a wait Mom are you second.Okdoing? Carloson the phone it is Raul isa minuteRaul, Wait washingWell Im talking telling me that with Ok, Raul is Yes, My sister isLagunas?he Lethe wantsmy go to the cinema with she just Who isme ask tois taking a shower but is Raul. wait sister. Raul my sister Yes, let me talk to him. myandsee you there then. He callinghis hands, you Who are I would like wants toCarolina we is your Carlos.Caaarlooos!Welland I. Do are goingyoudoing you.go Carloscinema so where do Oh! the Im calling talking to Raul?becauseyou to What you want to boyfriend. sister go? Okit?to go to p.m. let Hi to meetwe foursister Is itmewith you and your my the cinema see. Mmm meet? Carlos?OK?Carolina! What are youdoing?Im doing fine and Good afternoon! Im Lets meet at cinepolis at Mmmm my you? I guess she is getting ready sister Is Raul there?Carlos4:00 p.m. to have dinner with his boyfriend, Sorry! Ok I am talking toIm taking a Carlos. shower. Why?Yes Carlos Lagunas. Why? Your boyfriend? Yes whyItsnot?Ok 13. Ss will make some predictions about the conversation.Ss will listen to the rest of the conversation so they can answer a true-false exercise. 14. Instructions: Listen to the rest of the conversation and answer(T) true or (F) false. Carlos and Maggie are having dinner together. T F The four are going together to the cinema.T F 15. Hi!MaggiYes Maggie but we are going toe the cinema with my sister and your brother beforeyou at theGreat idea! see having dinner.cinema then.Goodbye What do you think is going to happen?sweet heart. Are they going to the cinema together?Ok see you there bye.Are we going to have dinner togethertonight?Ok see you at the cinema and maybe we couldhave dinner all together? 16. Ss will interview their partners in order to find out what theythink their family members are doing right now. 17. Interview your p What is your a rtners doing?My . is .in gNameMother Father Brother / Grandmother /Uncle SisterGrandfatherGaby Watching WatchingWatchingSleeping Playing TV TVTVvideo games