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English version of the story of Chitraguptaji, the forefather of Kayastha community. This is read by kayastha families on Yam Dwitiya.


  • Shri Chitragupta Katha Author: Late Munshi Fatelalji Simlote Manak Bhandari

    Translated by Dr. Mahavir Mohan Simlot.

    I icguPt kwa leok > Sv muNzI )telaljI sImlaet, mank -~farI

  • - 1 -


    Our Grandfather, Munshi Fatelalji Simlote, was a writer and a

    poet. He wrote the CHITRAGUPTA KATHA in simple Hindi

    for common people. This Katha has been in use for generations.

    The photograph of Chitraguptaji and his sons given on the front

    page was created by an artist based on the descriptions given in

    the Katha and scriptures. I am told that the printing block was

    made in England and the printing was done in Ajmer.

    I have made an attempt to translate the Katha in simple English

    for the benefit of those having difficulty in reading Hindi e.g.

    present generation of Indians brought up in foreign countries.

    Translation of puranic Katha into English is a tough job, since

    exact English equivalent of Hindi words are not available. I will

    be updating this Katha as and when I find better equivalent


    Shriman Govind Swaroopji Simlote, son of Munshi Fatelalji,

    has kindly given me permission to translate the work.

    Dr. Mahavir Mohan Simlot


  • - 2 -








    Yudhisthirji said to Bhishmaji- O! Great Grand Father Bhishmaji!

    With pleasure, I listened to the scriptures. You told me about the

    duties of Brahman, Kshatriya, and Vaishya and in particular about

    shudras. You also told me about the pilgrimage. You had

    mentioned the various fasts related to months (Maas), Stars

    (nakshatra), date (tithi) and week days (vaar). Among these you

    mentioned Yama Dwitiya. I now wish to hear in detail about this

    fast. What can one gain from it? When and how this fast (vrat)) is

    to be observed. Please tell me.

    Bhishmji said- O dear Yudhistir! I will tell you about this important

    fast (vrat) in detail. The second day (called tithi) of the first

    (lighted) half (called paksha) of Indian month of Kartika and the

    second (dark) half of Indian month Chaitra is called Yama Dwitiya.

    Yudhistir asked- Who should one worship on this day in Kartika

    month and how one should observe the fast (vrat)) in Chaitra


  • - 3 -

    Bhismaji replied- O dear one! I will tell you a story from scriptures

    (puran) about this. There is no doubt that whoever listens to this

    Story (Katha) gets rid of all his sins. In the era of satyug Lord

    Narayan, had narrated all the four Vedas to Lord Brahma, who was

    born out of the Lotus flower present in the Navel of Lord Narayan.

    Narayan said- O Brahmaji! You are the creator of the Universe

    and you are also the moving force behind all physical forms and

    yogis. I therefore order you to immediately create the world. O

    king! Hearing this Lord Brahma became very happy and created

    Brahman from his mouth, Kshatriya from his arm, Vaishya from

    his thigh and Shudra from his feet. After this he created dev,

    gandharva, danav, rakshasa, snakes, nag, water animals, land

    animals, rivers, and mountains and trees etc. followed by Manuji.

    He then created Daksh Prajapati and asked him to further procreate

    the world. Sixty girls were born to Daksha Prajapati. Out of whom

    10 were married to Dharamraj, 13 to Kasshyapji and 27 to

    Chandrama (god moon). Kashyapji fathered species of Dev,

    danav, rakshasa (demon/devil), gandharva, pishach (ogre), gau

    (cattle), and birds. These species further procreated and held their

    individual responsible position.

    Knowing that Dharamraj is a spiritual Chief, Lord Brahma gave

    him the responsibility of all the worlds and told him to work

    relentlessly. On the basis of good or bad deeds done by Wight

    (jeev) take decision judiciously according to the scriptures to give

    them the fruits of their deeds and always to follow my orders.

  • - 4 -

    On hearing this command, wise Dharamraj with folded hands said

    in a sweet and courteous voice-O Lord! I, your servant make a

    request that you have assigned me the responsibility of giving

    justice to those living in this wide world on the basis of their deeds

    (karma) and to categories it according to their deeds. This is a

    great job. I will do this job whole heartedly, such that Doer (Karta)

    will get proper justice. But Wight (Jeev) and their bodies are

    infinite and if their location, time period, knowledge etc. is

    considered, their deeds become numerous. Of these how many

    Doer has done and how many left to be done and in what way it

    was accomplished. Furthermore each deed gets divided into many

    because of the basic and minor differences. How the deed was done

    by Doer, did he do it on his own or motivated by others etc. makes

    it a very intensive work load. Hence consider as to how I alone will

    be able to take up this huge work load. Therefore please provide

    me with a colleague, who is pious, judicious, wise, skilled and

    quick writer, smart, ascetic (Tapasvi), brahmnisth (faith in

    Brahma), having knowledge of Vedic scriptures.

    The Lord was happy with Dharamraj's request and knew that the

    request is genuine. He started worrying about fulfilling the wishes

    of Dharamraj and to find a man with great knowledge, high

    qualities and writer, without whose help Dharamraj's task will not

    be completed. Brahmaji said- O Dharamraj! I will help you in your

    requirement. Brahmaji left him and meditated for 1000 years. When

    he opened his eyes after meditation, he saw in front of him a man

    azure (shyam) in color, Conch shell like neck, deep forehead,

  • - 5 -

    moonlike face, with pen, inkpot and water in the hand, reciting

    Vedic scriptures, very wise, raising the honor of deities, very duty

    conscious, very skillful writer, and very smart looking. Who are

    you? - Brahmaji asked him. Then the man said- O Lord! I don't

    know my father and mother, but I have come out of your body.

    Please give me a name and tell me the purpose for which I am born.

    O Brahamaji! I do not know who I am. Please tell me everything.

    Brahmaji after listening to that man laughingly told the Man born

    out of HIS heart- Thou art born out of my kaya (body) and my kaya

    is present in your body. Therefore you are Kshatriya named kayasth

    Chitragupta. You are to record the good and bad deeds of those

    living in the land of Dharamraj and be an assistant and a colleague

    to him in all his work and as a good friend help Dharanraj in his

    job. You are born to give justice to people for their deeds. He then

    turned to Dharmraj and said- O Dharamraj! This excellent writer

    friend I have given you, who is aware of the propriety of all types

    of deeds (karmsutra) in this world. He will always obey you and

    will be in your command. Brahmaji then disappeared. Chitrguptji

    then went to Kotinagar and worshipped chandi-prachand


    While fasting, he engrossed Chandikaji in his mind and heart and

    worshipped Jwalamukhiji reciting jap (a form of prayer) and hymn

    and strot (form of hymn) as follows:

  • - 6 -

    O! Bearer of the Universe! I salute you, Mahadevi.

    O! Giver of Light to the worlds of Heaven, Earth and Patal Etc.

    Salute to you.

    Evening and Night form of Bhagawati! I salute You.

    O! Wearer of White Clothes, Ma Sarasvati! I salute you.

    O! Chandi Devi! The Bearer of good, bad, dark forms,

    Radiance-giver to Deities! Resident of Himalayan Mountains,

    prototype form! I salute you.

    O! Sponsor of Veda, making 3.3 million deities appear,

    O! Trieyed, holder of triple forms of IDOL, boon-giver to

    devotees, spoiler of homes of devils, kingdom giver to Indra

    and other deities. Mahadevi.

    O! Devi! You do not hold bad or good attributes and are

    without any attributes.

    You are worshipped by Lord Hari.

    You are the killer of demons and devils

    O! Chandilika Devi! Kindly give me a boon and blessing just as

    you have given to Lord Hari and Indra etc.

    I have prayed for the benefit of the worlds; there is no doubt about


    Any one, who recites this hymn in the early morning, definitely

    earns Dharma, Arth, Kam and Moksha. Hearing such prayer, Deviji

    blessed Chitragupta. Deviji said- O Chitragupta! O son! You

    worshipped me properly and therefore I bless that you will be

    skilled in helping others, undeterred in your responsibilities and of

    infinite age. Deviji disappeared after thus blessing. After this

    Chitraguptji went with Dharamrajji and occupied himself on a

    position worthy of worshipping.

  • - 7 -

    At about this time Susharma, top sage amongst sages, worshipped

    Brahmaji and with his blessings got a daughter named Irawati.

    Irawati was married to Chitragupta. She gave birth to eight sons

    named Charu, Sucharu, Chitra, Matiman, Himwan, Chitracharu,

    Arun and the eighth Ati