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Hari Katha. Saint Sur Das. Saint Sur Das. Born in Sihi (near New Delhi) in 1479 Born BLIND ! Had 3 Brothers Neglected – Even everyone forgot his real name! People called him Sur (means: Blind). Father neglected! Even mother did not bother to feed him! Mostly he went hungry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Hari KathaSaint Sur Das

  • Saint Sur Das Born in Sihi (near New Delhi) in 1479 Born BLIND! Had 3 Brothers Neglected Even everyone forgot his real name! People called him Sur (means: Blind)

  • Father neglected! Even mother did not bother to feed him! Mostly he went hungry. On deepavali his brothers get new dress But only old dress for him he cant see anyway!

  • Saint Sur Das Could not go to school as he was blind.. Playmates always teased him. When complained to his mother, mother only scolded him!

  • One day, heard group of singers passing by... He wanted to join & sing bhajan! But he was blind.. Asked father to at least teach one bhajan Father refused. Go away! You are blind !..

  • Another day, a different singers passed by The song pulled his heart Sur das left his house and joined them But they told, You are blind! What can we do?

  • They traveled far away (on their way to Vrindavan) Stayed in a village for the night. Gave lot of prasadam to Surdas that night. But in the morning, they left without telling him!

  • He was like orphan now.. He was blind.. also left the house.. Nobody to help! Did not know what to do ! Was hungry and no place to stay.. This tree was his only shelter and started chanting

  • Saint Sur Das Constantly chanting on Lord Krishna.. Begged for food. Days, months and years passed..Listened to people talking. They were talking about Madhura and Vrindaban! Miraculously he developed divine powers!

  • Saint Sur Das He could see (without eyes) things that no one else can ! People came to him to help finding things.. One day a Landlord came. His child was missing. Surdas told him where to find the child.. and he found!

  • Landlord was very happy. He temporarily arranged a hut for him

  • Surdas got a little place now! But not permanent ! Started composing songs about the Lord! Sur Saravali (100,000 verses), Sahitya Lahiri, Sur Sagar Krishna Himself used to come to hear his kirtans!

  • Saint Sur DasHe conducted bhajans with other local people

  • Saint Sur Das One night Lord Krishna appeared in his dream Krishna called him to come to Vrindavan.. Anyone else who really cared about Sur Das?

  • Surdas decided to go to Vrindavan immediately! Even though blind, wanted to go by walking.. Walked for many months before reaching..

  • Saint Sur Das As he was blind, it was very difficult for him On the way, he was taking rest, drinking water from well Begging for food here and there..

  • Saint Sur Das The wells were sometimes open at ground level Not safe to children or blind people

  • Surdas was walking to Vrindavan..Walking alone with no one!..Blind, but heart with very pure love.He fell into a very deep well !

    May be many bones broken..Had to spend 7 nights taken!No one to help, no one to help..Hungry and Nothing to gulp!

    Thinking living is surely hard..Worried he couldnt please the LordMiracle! A boy with a long hand..Lifted him giving his own hand..!!

    Surdas wondered with joy!O dear son! called for the boy..But no one but only one heard ! He knew it was his sweet Lord!!

  • Surdas Reached Vrindavan! His joy reached no bound! Rolled on the ground.. Rolled on every where!

  • Saint Sur Das Heard about Sri Vallabhacharya But had to cross a river to meet Vallbhacharya himself came ! Surdas sang a nice kirtan He accepted Surdas as disciple Ordered to preach Krishna Bhakti

  • Saint Sur DasSurdas BhajanPeople from far and near came to Surdas bhajans..

  • Saint Sur Das Akbar came to know about Surdas Tansen recommended Job as royal singer in palace. Surdas refused. Surdas will sing only for Krishna!

  • Saint Sur DasEmperor Akbar personally came to respect & listen to his kirtan !

  • Before.. He was blind & illiterate! His father and brothers neglected ! Even his own mother neglected ! Every one neglected him like a dust ! Even pilgrims dumped him !!

    Now . The great Emperor came to his feet ! The Lord came to listen his kirtans..

    Our Lord never ever neglects us ! He is the only one who ever LOVES !

    All glories to the pure devotees! All glories to our ever sweet Lord!

  • Yamun Theer Yadhu VaradYdhava Mdhav Hey Raman! ... (Yamuna) Vrind Vana Dhara GovindVman Keav Hey Raman! ... (Yamuna)

    Gokula Nandana GopalaGopika Knt Hey Raman! ... (Yamuna)

    Murali Gnana Madhu-sudhanaMadana Mohana Hey Raman! ... (Yamuna)Hari Bhajan (New in Full)

  • Govinda Krishna Jay, Gopala Krishna JayGopala Bala Bala, Radha Krishna Jay (Govinda)Krishna Jay, Krishna Jay, Krishna Jay Krishna Krishna, Krishna Krishna Jay (Govinda)Gopika Mla, Hri Pyari, Myi Meera, Mana VihariMadhana Mohana, Murali Dhri, Krishna JayKrishna Jay, Bala Krishna Jay, Radha Krishna Jay Rama Krishna Krishna, Krishna Krishna JayKrishna Jay, Krishna Jay, Krishna Jay, Krishna JayKrishna Krishna, Krishna Krishna Jay (Govinda)[... Fast 1.5 times speed] Govinda Krishna Jay

    ---- Ending: Everybody Sing together. Very Slow ----Govinda Krishna Jay, Gopala Krishna Jay Gopala Bala Bala Radha Krishna Jay Hari Bhajan