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Canadian Culture and Technology. Canadian Culture. Canadians were listening to American radio stations and going to see American made films Sparked fears that the American entertainment industry was threatening Canadian culture and causing Canadians to lose their identity. Formation of the CBC. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Canadian Culture and Technology

  • Canadian CultureCanadians were listening to American radio stations and going to see American made filmsSparked fears that the American entertainment industry was threatening Canadian culture and causing Canadians to lose their identity

  • Formation of the CBCFear that American programs were dominating Canadian airwavesBennett created Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission in 1932 Purpose was to provide information and entertainment to the whole country.

  • National Film Board of Canada1939 Mackenzie King founded the NFBCanadas public film producer and distributorAn agency of the Government of CanadaJohn Grierson Father of the Documentary was appointed its first film commissioner and played a pivotal role in the agencys development. Purpose was to tell Canadian stories to Canadians and others around the world.

  • Artists Group of SevenOriginal Members: Franklin Carmichael, Lawren Harris, A.Y. Jackson, Frank Johnston, Arthur Lismer, J.E.H. MacDonald, F.H. Varley.Wanted to paint the Canadian landscape in new waysWanted to express the feelings that the landscape inspired in themEmily Carr began to do similar things.Important part of Canadian identity

  • What is Lawren Harris trying to express? The loneliness, the cold, and the isolation of the north shore of Lake Superior.

  • What is Emily Carr trying to express?The nobility of a British Columbia tree that has been rejected by loggers who had cut down all the trees around it.

  • Mary PickfordWatch CoquetteCanadian Actresses, stared in 4 talking films.Married Douglas Fairbanks (director), they founded United Artists World renownedAmericas Sweetheart

  • Sports and Recreation1930s: Golden of Hockey in Canada Foster HewittDuring the Depression, hockey provided many Canadians will hope.Creation of Maple Leaf Gardens 1931-19321932: Toronto Maple Leafs treated like royalty after their Stanley Cup win.

  • Women and SportsIn the 1920s pressure from women forced the AAU to create a women's committee and the IAAF to include women's events in the Olympic Games, but the new opportunities were never equal to those enjoyed by men. Rosenfeld, Bobbie Rosenfeld was Canada's female athlete of the first half-century

  • Women and SportsEdmonton Grads Womens basketball team 1915-194093% winning recordWon the North American Championships in 1934, 1935, and 1936. Get to know the Grads

  • Dionne QuintupletsOn May 28, 1934, five identical girls are born to Elzire and Oliva Dionne in Callander, Ontario.

  • Dionne QuintupletsWhen the quints are still babies, the Ontario government takes the sisters from their parents, apparently to protect their fragile health, and makes the girls wards of the state. For the first nine years of their lives, they live at a hospital in their hometown that becomes a tourist mecca called "Quintland." The Ministry of Public Welfare sets up a trust fund in their behalf with assurances that the financial well-being of the entire Dionne family would be taken care of "for all their normal needs for the rest of their lives." Between 1934 and 1943, about 3 million people visit Quintland. The government and nearby businesses make an estimated half-billion dollars off the tourists, much of which the Dionne family never sees. The sisters are the nation's biggest tourist attraction bigger than Niagara Falls.

  • Dionne Quintuplets After nine years and a bitter custody fight, the girls moved back with their parents and their other siblings. They received only a fraction of the promised financial returns.

    There is still a mystery surrounding what happened to the money the Ontario government placed in a trust fund for the quints, though it's believed that most of the funds went to pay for the many employees of "Quintland."

    After years of wrangling over compensation, the Ontario government formally apologized to the surviving quints on March 6, 1998. The government offered the quints a $4-million lump-sum payment, which the quints accepted after having rejected a previous offer of only $2000 a month.

  • Technology Communication TelephoneMore popular, rotary phones meant no longer needed to go through switchboard. Long distance networks call from Montreal to TorontoRadio The Golden Age of Radio.Brought mass entertainment to CanadiansIn evenings families would gather around the radio in the living roomCBC radio reached 90% of Canadians by 1929

  • Technology - DomesticRefrigerators, iron, washing machine vacuumPromised that these mechanized servants would reduce the time spent doing household chores.However, expectations of the homemaker became more demanding they were expected to keep their homes cleaner, their families better fed etc.

  • Technology Transportation AutomobilesBy 1930 1 239 889 vehicles were registered in Canada (tripled from 1920)Model T Mass production allowed Henry Ford to manufacture them cheaply.Change in landscape highways etc. Bush Planes1926 modified planes so that they could land on water, snnow or the ground to deal with the heavily forested north and lack of open areas.

  • Technology Medicine - Insulin1920-1921 on the research team that discovered insulin.Used as a lifesaving treatment for DiabetesSold their idea for $1 to the University of Toronto they used the fees for medical research. Won the Nobel Peace Prize 1923

  • Technology Medicine - PablumFrederick Tisdall, Theodore Drake and Alan Brown (doctors) invented Pablum, the pre-cooked, vitamin-enriched, easily digestible cereal in 1930.Royalties for the product went to the Hospital for Sick Kids (Toronto), where they funded pediatric research for 25 years.

  • Technology Medicine - NeurologyMapping of the Brain - Dr. PenfieldHeritage Moments Burnt Toast