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  • 1. By,Anna,Avtar, Chitira, Hui Ling, LiYenTechnology and Culture

2. TECHNOLOGYDefinition:Knowledge or use of themechanical arts and appliedsciences in various fields. 3. CULTUREDef init ion:Shar ed pat t er ns of behaviour and int er act ion,cognit ive const r uct s and af f ect iveunder st anding t hat ar e lear ned t hr ough apr ocess of socializat ion.Accor ding t o Damen, L. (1987), Cult ur e ismankinds primar y adapt ive mechanism. 4. Relation between technology andculture.According to Baark and Jamison (1986), at any historical juncture,the cultural critique of technology exists in society as an overallsocietal assesment of technological change (p.4). Considering boththe technological imperative as well as the cultural critique oftechnology, they have developed what they term is the technology andculture problematique. 5. TECHNOLOGICAL IMPERATIVECULTURAL CRITIQUE OFTECHNOLOGY 6. Gerhard and Jean Lenski (1995) argue that a societyslevel of technology is crucial in determining whatcultural ideas and artifacts emerge or are evenpossible.Thus, they see a sociocultural evolution, or historicalchange in culture caused by a new technology, passingthrough four levels of development which are outlinedin the next slide. 7. In a nutshell, technology plays a crucial role in the developmentof a culture as technology is the knowledge that people apply inadapting to their environments and this affects the behaviour ofmankind in the process of adaptation. 8. Technologythe knack of so arranging the world that we need notexperience it.Homo Faber (1957) pt. 2