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<ul><li><p>Kathy Corrigan is pleased with the gov-ernments new changes to the way Tasersare used, but the Burnaby-Deer Lake MLAwants independent safety certification forthe devices.</p><p>There are CSA standards for toast-ers and other electronic devices, Corrigansaid. (But) there are no standards forweapons in Canada, including intermedi-ate weapons like Tasers. It is surprising.</p><p>According to Corrigan, the only stan-dards set for the certification of Tasers areones that are set by the companies them-selves.</p><p>I believe there needs to be independentoversight with something as potentiallylethal as a Taser, and that doesnt exist, shesaid. You have to get toasters tested andnot Tasers, so thats a real gap.</p><p>Tasers are the only energy-conductedweapons allowed for use in B.C.</p><p>Justice Thomas Braidwood oversaw aninquiry into the use of energy-conductedweapons, following the 2007 tasering deathof Robert Dziekanski. In his final report,Braidwood made 19 recommendationson how Tasers should be used and sug-gested a special committee of the legisla-ture be created to review the governmentsimplementation of his recommendations.Corrigan, the NDPs public safety critic, sat</p><p>on that committee, and shes pleased withthe governments changes.</p><p>The province has done a good jobimplementing the recommendations ofBraidwood, Corrigan said. Themain waytheyve done that is theyve created policestandards, written standards, standards foruse and training and so on.</p><p>Tasers can be used by police, RCMP,sheriffs, transit police and correctional offi-cers, but they are mostly used by police,according to Corrigan. Conducted energyweapons are not supposed to be lethal forceweapons, she pointed out.</p><p>Now, if somebody wants to be certi-fied to use a Taser, then they have to havetaken a course in the use of Tasers, she</p><p>said. You also have to be trained in crisisintervention and de-escalation.</p><p>Since 2003, 25 people in Canada havedied after a conducted energy weapon wasused on them, according to Braidwoodsreport. Taser use was on the rise untilDziekanskis death in 2007, and its sincedeclined by 87 per cent. Corrigan suspectsthats related to the widely viewed videofootage of the Dziekanski tasering inci-dent.</p><p>People seeing that video and being sohorrified by that video had a huge impacton people, and I think police themselvesand other law enforcement agencies made</p><p>Blue Rodeo will playat citys Blues fest</p><p>PAGE 3</p><p>Students performcondensed Hamlet</p><p>PAGE 11</p><p>Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Wednesday, February 27, 2013</p><p>Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! &gt;&gt; www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Tasers Page 8</p><p>FOR MOREPHOTOSSCAN WITH</p><p>MLA pushes for safety standards on TasersJennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>PROTESTERS DRENCHED AS THEY BANG POTS AND PANS IN PIPELINE PROTESTA few dozen people gathered in the rain on</p><p>Sunday for a protest against the Kinder Morganpipeline expansion.</p><p>The group, spearheaded by longtime environ-mental activist Gene Logan, started with Vancouverresidents but attracted some local protesters aswell.</p><p>Considering the weather, I think it was great. Itwas really wet. By the end of it, we were soaked,Logan told the NOW.</p><p>He estimated there were between 50 and 60protesters. They gathered at Kensington Park, andmarched to the site of the 2007 Kinder Morganpipeline spill, where the line was ruptured andnearby homes were coated in oil. They proceededto the gates of Kinder Morgans gates at the foot ofBayview Drive.</p><p>We had some very encouraging honks on theway, Logan said.</p><p>Protesters wrote notes for Kinder Morgan onlarge water drops, cut from poster board, andattached them to Kinder Morgans gate.</p><p>The groups main goal is to stop Kinder Morganfrom expanding the Trans Mountain pipeline. Thecompany wants to twin the exist-ing line, which has been runningoil from Alberta to the West Coastsince the 1950s. The new systemwould nearly triple capacity, from300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day.</p><p>Logan said there would bemore protests in the future.</p><p> By Jennifer Moreau, staff reporter</p><p>Stormy weather: About 50 people came out Sunday to a Burnaby protest against the Kinder Morgan pipeline.The ad hoc group of Lower Mainland residents wants the companys pipeline expansion proposal stopped.</p><p>Jennifer Gauthier/burnaby now</p><p>604-985-3330 100120 West 16th Street, North Vancouver | www.whysufferinvein.com</p><p>Improve your appearance and turn back the clock with almost no downtime Thermage Skin Tightening IPL Photorejuvenation Microdermabrasion Chemical Peels Advanced Vein Treatments</p><p>Facial Rejuvenation Treatments</p></li><li><p>A02 Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>Scan with</p><p>for a quote</p></li><li><p>Visions*The Bay*Shoppers Drug Mart*Summit Tools*Staples*Home Outfitters*London Drugs*</p><p>* not in all areas</p><p>6 Opinion</p><p>11 Arts</p><p>17 Taste</p><p>25 Healthwise</p><p>27 Motoring</p><p>29 Sports</p><p>31 Classifieds</p><p>Last weeks questionDo you agree with the citys movenot to ban shark fins?YES 35.48% NO 64.52%</p><p>This weeks questionDo you think Tasers should becertified?</p><p>Vote at: www.burnabynow.com</p><p>5 Condolences 6,7 Letters 9 Seniors advocate</p><p>The 14th annual Burnaby Blues andRoots Festival is set to have 12 bandsperforming on three stages, with a bigCanadian headliner this summer.</p><p>On Aug. 10, Deer Lake Park will bebrimming with music, enthusiasts andsome of the best blues legends the worldhas to offer.</p><p>This years headliner Blue Rodeo kickedoff a cross-country tour in January to cel-ebrate 25 years of making music together,and will bring the party to this yearsfestival.</p><p>Its going to be pretty exciting, JaredBowles, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts mar-keting sponsorship coordinator, told theBurnaby NOW in a phone interview. Itsthe 14th one and were looking forwardto it.</p><p>The lineup also includes the screamingeagle of soul Charles Bradley, ZZ Ward,Shakura SAida and David Gogo, amongothers.</p><p>Weve had great success the last fewyears and were looking forward to anoth-er successful one, Bowles said.</p><p>This year will have an additional stage,with three in total, to maximize the enjoy-ment for the 8,000 attendees who areexpected to pack the park. The festival willalso have food vendors and an artisan vil-lage, as it has in past years.</p><p>The best thing about this is that ticket</p><p>prices are the same as last year, Bowlesnoted. Everyone gets more value for theirmoney, more acts, more music and morefun for the same price.</p><p>Early bird tickets are on sale now for</p><p>$65 each, or a pack of four for $180 at theShadbolt Centre box office. Tickets on theday will be $75. Online ticket sales and the2013 website launch will be on March 12 atwww.burnabybluesfestival.com.</p><p>Once the weather starts getting better,the sun will be here and summer will beright around the corner, Bowles added.</p><p>sseccia@burnabynow.com</p><p>Canadiana:Blue Rodeowill be theheadlinersat this yearsBurnaby Bluesand RootsFestival atDeer LakePark on Aug.10.</p><p>City told nodough, no go</p><p>TWELVE ACTS AND THREE STAGES AT 14TH ANNUAL SHINDIG IN AUGUST AT DEER LAKE PARK</p><p>Blue Rodeo heads Blues and Roots Fest</p><p>TOILETS, PLEASEBlue box changesworry councillors</p><p>Proposed changes to what can go in the bluebox has Burnaby councillors worried about adrop in service for local residents.</p><p>Burnaby council asked staff to write Multi-Material B.C. regarding concerns about remov-ing recyclable materials such as glass fromcurbside pickup. It is asking the agency to atleast maintain all of the recyclable materialscurrently picked up at the curb.</p><p>Multi-Material B.C. was formed under theB.C. Society Act to develop a stewardship planfor packing and printed paper. The non-profitsboard is comprised of representatives from theretail and food industries.</p><p>The agency drafted an updated list of accept-able items for pickup at the curb and drop off atthe depot last November, and has added itemsto it. Council is concerned about glass and plas-</p><p>tic film only being accepted at the depot underthe proposed changes.</p><p>From staffs perspective, this is a reductionin service and risk transference, as glass whichgoes uncollected at the curbside may likely bedisposed into the garbage stream rather thanbeing taken to the depot, Burnabys depart-ment of engineering report states.</p><p>Municipalities have until March 1, 2014 toprovide input on the proposed Packaging andPrinted Paper Stewardship Plan, according tothe city report. The agency is still researchingthe existing plans curbside, multi-family build-ing and depot collection costs.</p><p>Burnaby is one of the selected municipali-ties that received a request from the agency toreview what collection cost the city last year,including administration.</p><p>At the Feb. 18 council meeting, Coun. DanJohnston said the agency is not making deci-sions based on the interest of the city.</p><p>The issue is that the non-profit organizationis made up of representatives from the food andretail industry, which means the city is dealingwith a more privatized system, he said.</p><p>Coun. Colleen Jordan said the recycling pro-gram could change things drastically.</p><p>It looks like a huge step backwards, shesaid.</p><p>Coun. Nick Volkow said he was suspiciousof the agencys plans and questioned the ratio-nale behind the drafted list.</p><p>If its not broken, why fix it? he said.But, the agency stands by its proposed</p><p>change to remove glass from the blue box.Multi-Material B.C. chair Allen Langdon</p><p>says the agency is happy to hear any commentsfrom Burnaby, but by removing glass fromcurbside pickup it allows more room for otheracceptable items to fit into the blue box.</p><p>He says glass often breaks in the blue boxand contaminates the other recyclable materi-als.</p><p>It impacts the ability to recycle materials,Langdon said in a phone interview. Its moredifficult to recycle.</p><p>He said removingglass fromcurbsidepickupand making it only a depot drop-off item isntnew, as the regional districts of Nanaimo andCentral Okanagan already took these steps.</p><p>Recycling organization lookingat discontinuing glass pickup</p><p>Stefania Secciastaff reporter</p><p>Stefania Secciastaff reporter</p><p>Contributed photo/burnaby now</p><p>FOR AVIDEOSCAN WITH</p><p>Burnaby council is call-ing on TransLink to providepublic toilets at its SkyTrainstations when fundingallows it.</p><p>Last November, the citysent a letter to TransLinkrequesting the transporta-tion authority provide pub-lic toilets at its SkyTrain sta-tions beyond the urgentaccess to staff facilities cur-rently provided.</p><p>In a recent letter to thecity, TransLinks boardof directors chair NancyOlewiler said there is nofunding to pay for toiletfacilities.</p><p>I am aware of the needfor public washrooms, par-ticularly for elderly and</p><p>Toilets Page 9</p><p>Community conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversations</p><p>Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com</p><p>Jennifer Moreaus Blog</p><p>Lets talk. From thepersonal to political.</p><p>Life in Burnaby</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, February 27, 2013 A03</p></li><li><p>A04 Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>www.burnabynow.com/auctions</p><p>Over one million dollars in PRODUCTS, SERVICESLOCATIONS ANDMORE TO BID ON!</p><p>Starts February 23rd!Starts February 23rd!</p><p>Go to... www.burnabynow.com/auctions now to register and bid on items:Preview items and register as a bidder Place your bid on the item(s) you want between February 23 to March 4, 2013</p><p>Canlan Ice SportsBurnaby 8 Rinks</p><p>www.icesports.com/burnaby8rinks</p><p>Public IceSkating Party</p><p>Private IceSkating Party</p><p>SoccerParty</p><p>Multi SportSummer Camp</p><p>CANADAS LARGEST COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER ONLINE AUCTION I FEB 23-MAR 4</p><p>www.burnabynow.com/auctions</p><p>www.tnessonthego.ca</p><p>Fitness 0n the Go$150/$250Gift Certicates</p><p>www.canadiantire.ca</p><p>Canadian Tire$100</p><p>Gift Certicate</p><p>www.kitchencraftvancouver.com</p><p>Custom kitchen$5,000</p><p>A1WINDOWSwww.a1windows.ca</p><p>A1 Windows$1,100 Vinyl Patio Door</p><p>www.acousticahearing.com</p><p>Acoustica Hearing$500 Gift Certicate</p><p>www.serenitysalonandspa.ca</p><p>Serenity Salon and Spa$100 Gift Certicate</p><p>www.cabinetwarehouse.ca</p><p>DIY Burnaby$1,000 Gift Certicate</p><p>www.harthouserestaurant.com</p><p>Hart House$100 Gift Certicate</p></li><li><p>Flowers and condolences are piling up at the doorstepof Pauls Restaurant on Hastings Street in Burnaby, afterthe owners daughter was found deceased in a water tankatop of a hotel in Los Angeles last week.</p><p>I think its the worst nightmare of any parent. I havefour daughters myself, said Vincent Ma, owner of X-SiteGrill and Bistro, just next door to Pauls Restaurant. Iwish them well, because its tough.</p><p>Pauls Restaurant has a closed sign on the door, andMa said he hasnt seen the family in a while. The 21-year-old daughter, Elisa Lam, was reported missing by her par-ents, after she went on a trip to California in late January.Lam was staying at a hotel in Los Angeles, and a workerinvestigating complaints of low water pressure foundLams body in one of the hotels rooftop water tanks.</p><p>Los Angeles police are investigating, but the cause ofdeath is still a mystery. Its not clear if she was killed orthe victim of an accident. Coroners officials are awaitingtoxicology tests before making a final determination.</p><p>- With files from The Vancouver Sun</p><p>Sympathies:People havebeen leavingflowers andmessages ofcondolencesoutside theBurnabyrestaurant ofElisa Lamsparents. Lamsbody wasfound in ahotel watertank in LosAngeles.</p><p>Condolences, notes,left for family atBurnaby restaurantJennifer Moreaustaff reporter</p><p>Visit www.Burnabynow.com</p><p>Jennifer Moreau/burnaby now</p><p>Burnaby NOW Wednesday, February 27, 2013 A05</p><p>View with</p><p>$19PERPERSONPlus Taxes &amp;GratuityF+' +,.!," R"*"'$)(!+,* $!*!(###.H)'(H+&amp;*"R"*()&amp;'),(.%+-+' %).. 604 298 4278</p><p>QUICK&amp;DELICIOUS!</p><p>2 COURSEEXPRESS LUNCH</p><p>View with</p><p>See page 17!</p><p>Terry MooneyJEWELRY DESIGNER CUSTOM GOLDSMITH</p><p>S ince 1973</p><p>REPAIRS SPECIAL WE BUY GOLDSOLDER CHAINS........$12RE-TIPPING:4 CLAWS......................$60</p><p>RING SIZE 10K:UP .................................$45DOWN..........................$20</p><p>Some condi t ions apply L imited t ime of fersExpi res March 9, 2013</p><p>9610B Cameron St., Burnaby(next to Joe's Market and Red Robin Restaurant )</p><p>604-421-4653 www.terrymooney.comOPEN: Tues, Wed, Fri 11-6 Sat 11-5</p><p>APPRAISALS INSURANCE CLAIMS</p></li><li><p>A06 Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Burnaby NOW</p><p>The evidence is in: BritishColumbians have collect-ively hit the off switchto anything the B.C. Liberal gov-ernment has to say.</p><p>Nothing the B.C. Liberalshave tried for months hasimproved theirstanding with thevoters, who nowappear firmlyentrenched in the anti-B.C.Liberal camp.</p><p>The multi-million taxpayer adcampaign that made question-able boasts about job creationhas been a dud. The nasty attackad on NDP leader Adrian Dixhas had no impact. The ThroneSpeech was a flop.</p><p>The budget fell flat with thepublic, which appears to havedecided to ignore anything thegovernment has to say.</p><p>Two recent polls back upthese assertions. One, by Ipsos-Reid, showed that just 12 percent of those who knew thegovernment had tabled a newbudget believed the governmentwhen it claimed it was bal-anced.</p><p>The latest Angus Reid pollprovides a mountain of find-ings that show the B.C. Liberalscontinue to be mired in a swampof negativity from the voters.The party trails the NDP by 16points, and has lost about one-third of the people who votedfor it i...</p></li></ul>