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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Ten Things You Should Know About Sensing Places10Put innovation to work for youSensing Places1</p> <p>1Stand OutSensing Places is an spin-off founded in 2006. Our mission is to bring the latest technical innovations out of the lab and into the world, for people to use.</p> <p>Our design and technology work becomes the ultimate creative tool to make our clients stand out.</p> <p>Put innovation to work for youSensing Places2</p> <p>2How? We go far beyond assembling existing software or technologies.</p> <p>We make complex projects happen using advanced technologies such as: machine learning, image and video processing sensing and analyticsPut innovation to work for youSensing PlacesWe are Creative Problem SolversWe are obsessed with the idea that by using technology creatively, we can change, facilitate and enable new behaviors.33Make It HappenPut innovation to work for youSensing PlacesOur clients call on Sensing Placesfor special projects that requireinnovative design, thinking and sophisticated technical systems.We support clients with specialized projects and ambitious goals. You relax while we take you there. </p> <p>4</p> <p>4Put innovation to work for youSensing PlacesWhat We Offervisionarycreativeexperiencedesignsoftwareintegrationturnkeyinteractiveinstallationsweb and mobileapplication developmentR&amp;DservicesFrom the ultra-creative...... to the ultra-technicalrapidprototyping5Put innovation to work for youSensing PlacesWho, Why, When5Our clients are innovators who want to create unique experiencesThey have a design or technical problem that requires outof the box thinking and custom technical solutions They call us when they have no one else to call...5</p> <p>6</p> <p>6ExperientialDesign &amp;IdeationSoftwareIntegration&amp; ProductDevelopmentInteractive Installations&amp; Exhibit HighlightsProjects</p> <p>NAMOC Museum, BeijingZaha Hadid ArchitectsNational Museum of American Jewish HistoryPolshek Architects (Ennead Architects)The E-Hotel, Las VegasFX Luxury GroupHangzhou Museum of Contemporary ArchitectureZaha Hadid ArchitectsVodafone Experience CenterVodafoneSamba Bank HeadquartersRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaZaha Hadid ArchitectsSentosa Island Aquatic Resort and CasinoGehry Partners, LLPRedcat TheaterInteractive Dance StageDisney HallInteractive Shop WindowOnward Fashion GroupMuseum WearableLa Scala Opera TheaterCollaborative multi-touch tableVodafone Experience CenterDigital Video, Image and Documentdistribution for exhibits &amp; enterpriseSensing PlacesDedicated Control RoomSoftware for Media and LightingVodafoneSmart Mobile Application developmentTime WarnerCustom User Interfacesfor Control RoomsVodafone7</p> <p>7Experiential Design &amp; IdeationHangzhou Museum of Contemporary ArchitectureZaha Hadid ArchitectsPut innovation to work for youSensing PlacesWe help design the experience and content while working with integrators/ consultants to specify hardware. i.e. Projector selection and installation for the interactive walkway of the up and coming Hangzhou Museum of Contemporary Architecture.EXAMPLE8</p> <p>8Software IntegrationWe provide software solutions to problems such as integrating disjointed technical components into a single experience.Put innovation to work for youSensing PlacesEXAMPLE 1Vodafone wanted control of three different existing control systems for:LightingHVAcBlinds </p> <p>9</p> <p>Put innovation to work for youSensing PlacesSOFTWARE INTEGRATIONHOW WE CAN HELP YOUEXAMPLE 1THE CLIENT WANTED TO MAINTAIN THE EXISTING CONTROL SYSTEM for lighting and electrical blinds while NO COMMERCIAL SOLUTION WAS AVAILABLE.?10</p> <p>CUSTOMCONTROLSOFTWARECUSTOMMOBILEAPPLICATIONwe developed a control application on a tablet with a custom guiwe set up an ambient server to relay commands to the middlewareTHIS IS HOW WE SOLVED THE PROBLEM:we identified middleware control hardware (control router)11</p> <p>LightsBlindsComputer Power On/offComputer volumeMonitor power, input and backlightCamera power, zoom, focus, etc.Tablet Controls for all rooms(Welcome Room, Video Room, Innovation Room, Discovery Room, etc.)Power on all devices (on/off)CUSTOM USER INTERFACE DESIGNPut innovation to work for youSensing PlacesVodafone Experience CenterVodafone12</p> <p>Put innovation to work for youSensing PlacesCustom ContentManagementSoftware+DedicatedControlSoftware+User InterfaceDesignEXAMPLE 2We also extended the same tablet application to control all media content displayed on all monitors on the fly13</p> <p>9We provide one of a kind, engaging and beautifully designed interactive installations driven by touch or gestures.Collaborative multi-touch table with document annotation and support for Microsoft office filesEXAMPLEVodafone Experience CenterINTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS AND EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS14</p> <p>RAPID PROTOTYPING10Put innovation to work for youSensing PlacesEXAMPLETime WarnerWorking Mobile Application (with limited functionality) for Time Warners Mobile News Reader. This was an internal pitch from a team within the companySmart Mobile Application developmentTime WarnerWant to test an idea by building a quick mockup or interactive prototype? </p> <p>We provide a working and functional proof of concept so you can win your client approval.15</p>