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<ul><li>1.Hifza Junaid 12003077029 Risha Jamal 12003077005</li></ul> <p>2. Introduction What are brokenhomes? Causes of broken homes. Effects of broken homes. Conclusion. 3. A Broken home refers to a family in which the parents are eitherdivorced or separated. 4. Causes Lack of CommunicationUnfaithfulnessFamily or friends interferenceAddictions 5. Due to lack of communication the spouses experience high levels of frustration, resentment and disappointment.Since the key to any good relationship is communication. 6. Unfaithfulness or cheating occurs when either the man or the woman seeks companionship especially physical in a partner outside of themarriage. 7. Parents, siblings or anyone close to themarried couple can interfere in the couples life by forcing one or the other to take certain steps even ifthey harm the marriage. 8. Addictions to gambling and alcohol are main reasons that can lead to wastage of money and domestic violence. 9. Effects Major effects are on children. Relationship with parentsAcademic achievementsFeelings of anxiety and guilt. 10. Relationship withparents is disturbed because of the lack of attention towards the child as well as minimal parentalsupervision. 11. Children who have experienced a divorce frequently have lower academic achievement than children from non-divorced families. 12. Children from age range of 35 years old may oftenmistake the divorce as though it were their own fault ,whereas older children experience feelings of anger, grief, and embarrassment. 13. Divorces do not have to happen. If two people love each other, knowing the reasons for divorce can help you prevent it. 14. A broken home refers to .. Children of the age range . mistake the divorce as theirfault. Due to lack of communication the spouses suffer from high levelsof resentment, frustration and A reason for domestic violence is .. A divorce can be prevented if . 15. References Article on Divorce - The effects of drug addiction on marriage The 3 Most Common Reasons For Divorce And How To Avoid Them - Why lack of communication can destroy a marriage - 16. Thank you!! </p>