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Unethical Sales Story


  • 1. The Broken Promise Unethical Sales Story By: Kristi Maynard Mrs. Hinton 3 rdBlock

2. Susie was at home with her daughter, Kathy, one day when she heard a knock on her door. 3. She opened the door and saw a man in a business suit holding a black suitcase in one hand standing there. Hi there! Im Bob. How are you doing today maam?! the man boomed at her. 4. Susie invited him in as he explained he was a jewelry salesman. Susie listened to Bobs sales pitch and ended up buying a $100.00 necklace. 5. Before Bob left he handed her a bill, paperwork, and his business card. He told her if she had any problems dont hesitate to call him and he would be sure to fix it. 6. Susie went back to her computer and not 30 minutes later the necklace fell off of her neck. It had broken! 7. Susie called the phone number on the card Bob had given her, but the number was out of service. Susie re-dialed the number, carefully dialing each number to make sure she wasnt misdialing, but she got the same message. 8. Two months later Susie saw Bob out her window walking around her neighborhood again. She waited for him to come to her door, but noticed he skipped her house. Susie picked up Kathy, got the necklace and ran out of her house after him. 9. She told Bob what had happened and that the number he gave her was out of service. He looked at Susie like she was crazy and told her he had no idea what she was talking about. 10. Before she knew it Bob turned around and started running away from her towards a car parked on the side of the road. 11. Bob jumped in his car and sped offnever to be seen again! 12. The End!


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