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  • 1. Nicole Branch Librarian for Research and DigitizationPaul J. Cushing Library, Holy Names University

2. All Search is Local Holy Names University: A small localacademic institution WorldCat Local: HNUs local searchengine Maximizing Discovery: HNU library wishlist 3. Holy Names University Located in Oakland, California 1,300 enrolled students Degrees: Graduate, adult degreecompletion, traditional undergraduate Programs: Nursing, Business,Education, Psychology, Liberal Arts,Religion/Spirituality Social justice focus 4. Students & Faculty Diverse student body First generation college students (morethan 50%), working adults, internationalstudents Dedicated to teaching Professional degree orientation Strong ties to the local community 5. Student and Faculty ResearchSkills Reliant on Google (students) Used to traditional ILS/card catalogs(faculty) Local public high schools do not havestrong library cultures Beginning-level information search skills Very budget conscious 6. Library Transformation Leadership Staffing Services Technology 7. Instruction Approximately 70 research workshopsbetween August 2011-June 2012 Most instruction sessions are 75 minuteslong Attended by over 1,000 students in 2011-2012 (duplicated and unduplicated) Important for faculty awareness 8. Research Help Spring semester 2012 Librarians responded to 585 inquiries at theresearch help desk 402 of these inquiries were researchquestion (i.e. not technology, directional orcirculation) 9. Library Services Collectionmanagement E-Theses E-Learning Liaisonprogram Environment Events 10. Materials Budget HNU Materials BudgetPrinte-Resrouces 11. Materials Budget Print budget static for the past decade 8% increase in e-resources budgetannually 12. WorldCat Local at HNU Launched in September 2011 ILS implemented in 2004 Circulating online July 2009 OCLC December 2009 WorldCat Resource Sharing (ILL) and OCLCNavigator July 2010 Resolving a cataloging backlog 13. Usage Impact Comparing spring 2011 usage to spring2012: Examined 29 individual databases (articles, video/music, eBooks, reference) 14 databases declined in usage 15 databases increased in usage 14. Usage Trends Overall usage increased by over 32% Individual database decreases ranged fromjust under 9% to around 97% Individual database increases ranged from25% to 1596% 8 individual databases increased in the rangeof 100-300% 15. Circulation Trends Spring 2011 Total Checkouts: 2,553 Spring 2012 Total Checkouts: 3,394Increase of 33% 16. Implications for Selection Usage Usage is the local mayor Analyze library and non-library factorsimpacting usage Visibility Makes visible materials that are desired(even if they are not currently available) Requests rule 17. HNU WorldCat Wish List Enriched data MARC records Records management Central indexing 18. Enriched Data Users expect an enriched searchexperience Abstracts Table of Contents Jackets and cover art Enriched doesnt generally include advanced search for users 19. Google & SearchExpectation#1 Websites based on traffic rank. Image courtesy of 20. Familiar Search Experience 21. Information Evaluation Abstracts, table of contents, related subjects 22. Visual Display ofInformation Configuration makes it easy to presentnice eBooks 23. Database/FormatAwareness Ability to distinguish between differentdatabases and types of formats 24. Preparing Lifelong Scholars Academic alternative to Google Developing new familiars Support skills that cut across platformsand institutions 25. MARC Records Give us records Let them be of high quality No need to manipulate records in-house Good records-- including abstracts(500/520)-- are crucial for discovery 26. eBook Records Dont treat eBook records as anafterthought- they reign eBook discovery Records and the interface for downloading Clash of the ISBNs When not unique, records conflict 27. Quality Assurance Have a quality assurance plan in place If you arent sure, ask your users Search the AUTOCAT mailing list for your company name and look for grumbling 28. Record Management Complete and comprehensive sets ofrecords Easy way to load/reload Clear distinctions for what is new orupdated Adding and changing proxy server prefix(global edit) Dynamic and universal changes (no waittime) Intuitive admin pages 29. Central Indexing Impacts visibility Supports understanding of databasecontent Can dramatically impact usage 30. The Case of MAS Ultra Centrally indexed Not demonstrated through instruction Generally not a targetedrecommendation during research help 31. MAS Ultra UsageComparison Spring 2011 usage (full text): 55 Spring 2012 usage: 933Increase of 1596% 32. Closing WorldCat Local makes searching local Users expect centralized and enrichedsearch experiences Dont neglect records Make discovery easy with centralindexing and easily manageable records