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This slide presentation describes the Brains R Us system for Second Life Avatars. This is a multipurpose gadget that makes virtual life easier.


  • 1. Brains R Us

2. Brains Brain HUD Brain UpgradesBrain Server 3. It can learn how to do new things. Brain upgrades add to what your brain is able todo. It can remember things. Your brain will remember things based on whatthey are. It can communicate. By using email your brain can communicatewith other brains or even outside SL. 4. Get your brain upgrades here 5. Brain connected indicator Brain email (bmail) Send and receive indicators Brain menus Picture browser (pics, profiles, maps, particles) Sim performance indicators Nearby avatars Region displayMessage area Target alignment indicator Online indicators 6. Menus make brain commands easy to use Picture browser shows pictures, profiles, maps and particle textures Profile pictures gathered from nearby avatarsautomatically Click on profile pic to see full profile Maps of regions visited saved automatically Target alignment indicator makes for perfect hugs.