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Brain hud quickstart guide

Brains R US TechnologyBrains R Us is in Notha, Second LifeContact: Nathan Zetkin, Nevada Beattie

GoalsMake virtual life easierProvide a new social networking venue within SLEnhance communications between avatars and the web

Brains R Us System Components

TechnologyPlug-in architectureCommon data sharingCommunicationsNetworkingPlug-in architecture

Included plug-ins:EmailContextTeleportRegion InfoObject rezzorParticle effectsObject finder

Brain UpgradesBrain upgrades install more plug-ins into brains to add functionality.Currently available:TwitterHUD plug-inComing soon:AO plug-inMovement plug-inSecurity plug-in

Common data sharingIn the brain, data is shared between plug-ins.Data is defined by type. Any plug-in may use shared data or provide it.Shared data is saved in a context based memory and may be retrieved at anytime.Example uses:Teleport historyTo do listsCommand history

CommunicationsEach brain can send and receive email.The email plug-in provides email in and out of Second Life.Address book for often used addresses.Brain Server provides constant email address and store and forward of incoming email.

NetworkingBrain Servers may be networked to allow brains to be connected in a group.Allows brain to brain email.Pictures can be sent along with text.Twitter like feeds with pictures.Region blasting of messages and pictures. (advertisments)

Brain HUD

Brain emailSend and receive indicatorsPicture browser (pics, profiles, maps, particles)Region displayTarget alignment indicatorMessage areaBrain connected indicatorBrain menusSim performance indicatorsNearby avatarsOnline indicatorsRadar (not shown)Brain HUD featuresMenus make brain commands easy to usePicture browser shows pictures, profiles, maps and particle texturesProfile pictures gathered from nearby avatars automaticallyClick on profile pic to see full profileMaps of regions visited saved automaticallyTarget alignment indicator makes for perfect hugs.THANK YOU!!

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