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its a presentation which will make students aware of bpo&kpo


<p>ISM PUNDAG</p> <p>IN THE FRAY TOGETHER Mithilesh kr.singh(46) Poonam kri. Singh(50)</p> <p> Juhi kumari (29) Anil kumar (31) Manisha kumari(48) Vineeta Gupta(16)</p> <p>BPO? Business process outsourcing (BPO) contains the transmission of processes along with the associated operational activities and responsibilities, to a third party with at least a guaranteed equal service level .</p> <p>KPO? Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) means the outsourcing of high end complex processes and tasks including investment research, patent filing, legal and analytic services, sourcing and information management, market research amongst others.</p> <p>SOME INSBpo&amp;kpo employees are called cyber coolies Banged as abusing table Responsible for everyones faillure No norms against customers mal-treatment No compulsion accepted</p> <p>TYPE OF BPO &amp; KPOOn the basis of function 2. Back office outsourcing (internal business function) 3. Front office outsourcing (customer related services) On business basis 2. Offshore-: (out side companys own country) 3. Near shore (companys neighbour country)</p> <p>WHY BPO? Cost effectiveness (Economies) Better Quality at lower cost Concentration on CORE BUSINESS Securing Data is less complicated Tighter management control</p> <p>WHY NOT BPO? Possibility of security breach</p> <p>Expensive specialist skill in host countries High unit personnel cost Unavailability of skilled manpower due to market stagnation</p> <p>KPO DIFFERENT FROM BPO? It is one step extension of BPO Requires more skill, domain knowledge and experience. A culmination of APO, BPO and RPO. Having wide coverage than BPO. Percentage share in Indian outsource will be higher by 2010.</p> <p>FAVOURITE DESTINATION India leads with 21% Russia follows with 10% Then philippinse 9% (And so on) Where others toghether share 31%</p> <p>INDUSTRY SIZE World Bpo size is worth $170-$185bn. India has total revenue of $52 bn. India has revenues of $15.7 billion from offshore (which is 7-8% of total Bpo indu.) Has a commanding 63% 0f total offshore Indian Bpo increasing with a rate of 32% where world is with mere 28%</p> <p>TOP 10 INDIAN COMPANIESSI. NO.</p> <p>COMPANY</p> <p>REVENUE(Rs.cr.)</p> <p>1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.</p> <p>GENPACT TRANSWORKS IBM DAKSH TCS BPOCAMBRIDGE SOLUTIONS WNS GLOBAL SERVICES</p> <p>WIPRO BPO CONVERGYS INDIA FIRSTSOURCE HCL BPO</p> <p>2220 1510 1260 1107 1000 990 935 890 809 746</p> <p>INDIA A HOT OFFSHORE DESTINATIONsalary differentiation INDIA Vs USA</p> <p>DESIGNATION</p> <p>USA1-1.2 lacs pm.</p> <p>INDIA17000-26000pm. 8-12lacs PA. 5-8lacsPA. 2-5lacsPA.</p> <p>CCRsTeam leaders</p> <p>70-80000 pm 8000-15000pm.</p> <p>Training heads 4-5 lacs pm. Training mgrs</p> <p>3-4 lacs pm. 1-2 lacs pm.</p> <p>Trainers</p> <p>CRUX</p> <p>BPO &amp; KPO is growing with a fast pace globally in which India leading ahead because of its skilled &amp; cheaper work force. It has provided the world a shoulder to support employment. Bpo upholds companies to zero in on its core business. Due to some security reasons it should be executed cautiously.</p> <p>THANK U ALL FROM MITHILESH POONAM JUHI ANIL MANISHA VINEETA</p>