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2. INDEX DEFINATION TYPESOF BPO KEY TERMS BPO SERVICES BPO (UESES) ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES TOP BPO COMPANIES 3. DEFINATION BPOis contracting of certain tasks such as HR and customer service to third party service providerBPO allows companies to focus on core business processBPOis implemented as cost saving measure for the task that the company requires 4. TYPES OF BPO BACK OFFICE Includes internal function like billing and purchasing FRONT OFFICE Includes customer related services like marketing and tech support 5. KEY TERMS OF BPO OFFSHOREONSHORENEARSHORE 6. BPO SERVICE Customer services Technical support servicer Telemarketing service Employee IT help 7. BPO SERVICE Insurance processingData entry services Book keeping and accounting services Internet/ online/web research 8. BPO (USES) BANKS INSURANCE ASSETMANAGEMENT MANUFACTURING HEALTH CARE IT TELECOMMUNICATION TRAVEL AIRLINES GOVERMENT 9. ADVANTAGES COSTREDUCTION FOCUS AVOIDON CORE AREASCAPITAL EXPENTIDURE REVENUE HIGHERINCREASELEVEL OF SERVICE WITH LOWER COST 10. DISADVANTAGES POOR LACK RISKQUALITY CONTROLOF LOYAL EMPLOYEESOF EXPOSING CONFIDENTIAL DATA REDUCTION HIDDENIN STRATEGIC ALLIGNMENTCOSTS 11. TOP BPO FIRMS IBMTATAINFOSYSWIPROCOGNIZANT 12. TOP BPO FIRMS CONVERGYS CORP.NCO FINANCIALACCENTUREGENPACTSTERAM GLOBAL SERVICES 13. INDEX DEFINATION KPOSERVICES KPO (UESES) ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES TOP KPO COMPANIES 14. DEFINATION KPOis an outsourcing of a high end business functions in an organization. KPOallows both core and non core activities 15. KPO SERVICE Legal services Data conversion Drafting services Analytical services Publishing services 16. KPO (USES) Businessand Technical Analysis E-Learning Solutions Cartoon Animation & Design Legal Services or Legal Process Outsourcing Media Outsourcing Intellectual Property (IP) Research Network Management Corporate Training & Consultancy 17. ADVANTAGES TRAINEDPROFESSIONALS AT WORK INCREASEIN PROFITS STANDARD OPTIONOPERATIONAL EFFICIENCYTO RECRUIT LARGE WORK FORCE WITHOUT RAISING COST 18. DISADVANTAGES QUALITYOF PERSONNEL AND WORK CANNOT BE GUARNTEED SHORTAGEOF SKILLED EMPLOYEES REDUCTIONIN COMMUNICATION DUE TO LANGUAGE BARRIER INABILITYTO PROTECT COMPANYS INTELLECT PROPERTY 19. TOP KPO FIRMS FRACTAL ANALYTICSBUXTONHARTE HANKSADVENTITYWNS 20. TOP KPO FIRMS INFOSYSCONVERGYSINTELNETMARKET EQUATIONSWIPRO 21. DIFFERENCE BETWWEN BPO AND KPO 22. METERBPOKcess for clientLow end processHigh endrequiredLowHighclientLowHighLess than US $15Can go upLess .HighVolume drivenInsight drixity 23. FUTURE OF BPO AND KPO


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