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hi frndsthis is Gaurav chaturvedi from RATM collge, mathurappt on bpo


<p>B P O</p> <p>PRESENTATION ON BPO</p> <p>PRESENTED BY GAURAV CHATURVEDI NARESH AGRAWAL</p> <p>BPO</p> <p>&amp;</p> <p>Call Center</p> <p>Business Process Outsourcingmeans to do</p> <p>Outsourcing Work Call centers are those where Telephone calls are being handled</p> <p>BPO Industry facing the challengesDefinition</p> <p>Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a form of outsourcing that involves the contracting of operations&amp; responsibilities of a specific business functions(or processes) to a third- party service provider.Originally, this</p> <p>BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING(BPO) BPO is typically categorised into back office outsourcing.Including</p> <p>accounting,Medical coding&amp;Medical</p> <p>How to Enter BPO CompanyOne</p> <p>way to go through a recruitment company. way is to pin point to good communication skill &amp;confidence.</p> <p>Another</p> <p>Difference BetweenVoice/Non-voice BPO</p> <p> In</p> <p>voice BPO u need to attend a customer calls where u provide solution to customer or clients. Communication level should be higher when applying for a voice process.</p> <p>based. Either in inbound or outbound where in calls are received from made to the customer respectively. Specialised business processing , here calls are made from company to company.</p> <p>Nature of work or web Call centres are voice</p> <p>INBOUND PROCESSA</p> <p>inbound call centre is one that exclusively Handles inbound calls(calls initiated by the customer)rather than the customer calls. A call centre may handle either only inbound or outbound calls or might deal with a combination of two. VCC</p> <p>Outbound process</p> <p> An</p> <p>outbound call centres is one in which call centre agents make outbound calls to customer on the behalf of business or clients.Calls made from the centre can include telemarketing , sales or</p> <p>Non-voiced jobs Data entry This requires updating,organizing data based on various detail of customers&amp; clients. Transcation processing:Answering customer</p> <p>Working condition with BPOTo</p> <p>work in a BPO you must be prepared for the challenging job,which would also require you to work in non-morning hours(night shift)</p> <p>Call centre excepts Call</p> <p>centre depends on Computer basic knowledge Good communication skills in English. Keyboard skills(typing speed) Mathematical skills</p> <p>Important areas of training Accent</p> <p>training Communication skills Telephone etiquette Tele sales CR and Call centre terminology</p> <p>TrainingIt</p> <p>would be given on basic skills It is on the product/services (client specific) Technical fields and Functional areas.</p> <p>INDUSTRY SIZE World</p> <p>Bpo size is worth $170$185bn. India has total revenue of $52 bn. India has revenues of $15.7 billion from offshore (which is 7-8% of total Bpo indu.) Has a commanding 63% 0f total offshore Indian Bpo increasing with a rate of 32% where world is with mere 28%</p> <p>TOP 10 INDIAN COMPANIESSI. NO.</p> <p>COMPANY</p> <p>REVENUE(</p> <p>1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.</p> <p>GENPACT TRANSWORKS IBM DAKSH TCS BPOCAMBRIDGE SOLUTIONS WNS GLOBAL SERVICES</p> <p>WIPRO BPO CONVERGYS INDIA FIRSTSOURCE HCL BPO</p> <p>2220 1510 1260 1107 1000 990 935 890 809 746</p> <p>INDIA A HOT OFFSHORE DESTINATIONsalary differentiation INDIA Vs USA</p> <p>DESIGNATION</p> <p>USA1-1.2 lacs pm.</p> <p>INDIA17000-26000pm. 8-12lacs PA. 5-8lacsPA. 2-5lacsPA.</p> <p>CCRsTeam leaders</p> <p>70-80000 pm 8000-15000pm.</p> <p>Training heads 4-5 lacs pm. Training mgrs</p> <p>3-4 lacs pm. 1-2 lacs pm.</p> <p>Trainers</p> <p>Images</p> <p>Now u can ask questions</p> <p>Thanks to Dharmendra sir dt he gives me precious oppurtunity.</p>