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BPO & Call Center


BPO:IntroductionCDGK Call Centre Training Program


CenterBusiness Process Outsourcingmeans to do

Outsourcing Work Call centers are those where Telephone calls are being handled


Delegating a Companys Business ProcessesTo

Third Party

What is BPO?Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a form of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business functions (or processes) to a third-party service provider.

What is BPO?BPO as expanded sounds as Business Process Outsourcing and can be aptly defined as the act of utilizing the services of a third party by a company in order to perform its back office operations that might be payroll administration, customer help desks/ call centers, tele- marketing, accounting, billing; the list is endless.

Business Process Outsourcing includes the following areas and a lot more Back office operations Customer Relationship Management Call Centers and telemarketing Tele-servicing and product support Finance / Accounting/billing Human Resources Medical transcription Back Office Operations Insurance Claims Processing

Works can be Outsourced.Technology Service Outsourcing Tech Support Web Hosting Web Security & Solution Web Designing/Development/ Maintenance. Business Process Outsourcing Human Resources Finance and Accounting Back Office Administration Payment Processing CRM Logistic Management

Reasons for outsourcingCost Advantages Innovation and speed to market Increased Customer satisfaction Economy of sale Availability to skilled personnel also

increase the quality of service

CALL CENTREA call centre is a place of network of places, where a customers queries can be dealt with satisfaction to the customer. A call centre is a place, which interacts with the customers, either by making or receiving calls, for business purpose. It is the core work of the call centre.

Kinds of Call Centre

According to Geographical location:DOMESTIC:-Receiving & Making calls in INTERNATIONAL:-Call made in one

same country.

country & received in other country.

Types of Call CentreInbound Call Centre Outbound Call Centre Web Enabled Call Centre CRM Call Centre Telemarketing Call Centre Phone Call Centre

According to process:Inbound:-Where the calls are received. Outbound:-Where the calls are made.

According to Technology:Voice Based:-Which interacts withcustomers by using voice only. through web.


Web Based:-Which interacts the customers

Inbound Call Centre

An Inbound Centre is one that handles calls coming in from outside, most often through toll free numbers. These calls are primarily service and support calls, and inbound sales.

For ExampleCustomer Service Toll Free Response Help Desk Seminar Registration Inquiry Handling Technical Support

Representatives in inbound call centres are called CSRs (Customer Service Representitives)

Services ProvidedBanking & Finance I.T & Telecommunications Insurance & Mortgage Public Transportation

Outbound Call Centre

In Outbound Call Centres the calls are initiated by the representatives, mostly with the aim to sell a product or service to a customer.

Outbound Call Centre Services are: Direct Mail Follow-up Production Promotion Debt Collection Appointment Scheduling Up Sell/ Cross Sell Campaigns

Industries suites to Outbound:Banking & Finance I.T & Telecommunications Insurance and & Mortgage Tourism, Travel Industry & Hotels

What skills are required to work in a Call Center?SEGMENTS SKILLS

Call center

Good communication Language skills Accent Understanding team leadership Basic computing skills CRM