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BPO & Call Center


<p>BPO:IntroductionCDGK Call Centre Training Program</p> <p>B P O</p> <p>CenterBusiness Process Outsourcingmeans to do</p> <p>Outsourcing Work Call centers are those where Telephone calls are being handled</p> <p>What is OUTSOURCING?</p> <p>Delegating a Companys Business ProcessesTo</p> <p>Third Party</p> <p>What is BPO?Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a form of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business functions (or processes) to a third-party service provider.</p> <p>What is BPO?BPO as expanded sounds as Business Process Outsourcing and can be aptly defined as the act of utilizing the services of a third party by a company in order to perform its back office operations that might be payroll administration, customer help desks/ call centers, tele- marketing, accounting, billing; the list is endless.</p> <p>Business Process Outsourcing includes the following areas and a lot more Back office operations Customer Relationship Management Call Centers and telemarketing Tele-servicing and product support Finance / Accounting/billing Human Resources Medical transcription Back Office Operations Insurance Claims Processing</p> <p>Works can be Outsourced.Technology Service Outsourcing Tech Support Web Hosting Web Security &amp; Solution Web Designing/Development/ Maintenance. Business Process Outsourcing Human Resources Finance and Accounting Back Office Administration Payment Processing CRM Logistic Management</p> <p>Reasons for outsourcingCost Advantages Innovation and speed to market Increased Customer satisfaction Economy of sale Availability to skilled personnel also</p> <p>increase the quality of service</p> <p>CALL CENTREA call centre is a place of network of places, where a customers queries can be dealt with satisfaction to the customer. A call centre is a place, which interacts with the customers, either by making or receiving calls, for business purpose. It is the core work of the call centre.</p> <p>Kinds of Call Centre</p> <p>According to Geographical location:DOMESTIC:-Receiving &amp; Making calls in INTERNATIONAL:-Call made in one</p> <p>same country.</p> <p>country &amp; received in other country.</p> <p>Types of Call CentreInbound Call Centre Outbound Call Centre Web Enabled Call Centre CRM Call Centre Telemarketing Call Centre Phone Call Centre</p> <p>According to process:Inbound:-Where the calls are received. Outbound:-Where the calls are made.</p> <p>According to Technology:Voice Based:-Which interacts withcustomers by using voice only. through web.</p> <p>the</p> <p>Web Based:-Which interacts the customers</p> <p>Inbound Call Centre</p> <p>An Inbound Centre is one that handles calls coming in from outside, most often through toll free numbers. These calls are primarily service and support calls, and inbound sales.</p> <p>For ExampleCustomer Service Toll Free Response Help Desk Seminar Registration Inquiry Handling Technical Support</p> <p>Representatives in inbound call centres are called CSRs (Customer Service Representitives)</p> <p>Services ProvidedBanking &amp; Finance I.T &amp; Telecommunications Insurance &amp; Mortgage Public Transportation</p> <p>Outbound Call Centre</p> <p>In Outbound Call Centres the calls are initiated by the representatives, mostly with the aim to sell a product or service to a customer.</p> <p>Outbound Call Centre Services are: Direct Mail Follow-up Production Promotion Debt Collection Appointment Scheduling Up Sell/ Cross Sell Campaigns</p> <p>Industries suites to Outbound:Banking &amp; Finance I.T &amp; Telecommunications Insurance and &amp; Mortgage Tourism, Travel Industry &amp; Hotels</p> <p>What skills are required to work in a Call Center?SEGMENTS SKILLS</p> <p>Call center</p> <p>Good communication Language skills Accent Understanding team leadership Basic computing skills CRM</p>