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<ul><li><p>Bosnia Challenge 2.0 20 YEARS SREBRENICA LEJLA SEPEROVIC</p></li><li><p>Facebook whether you love it or hate it. </p><p>It can do things.</p><p>Last night I watched this documentary about Srebrenica 20 years after the war and while again reminded of the genocide in Srebrenica, it also reminded me of my own journey on the 11 July 15:</p><p>THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN 2015 AND SUPPORTING MY BOSNIA 2.0 Srebrenica fundraiser.</p><p>Read more.about what we were able to do</p></li><li><p>What these pictures dont say, but traveling to Srebrenica was:</p><p>SCARYHARDALMOST TRAUMATIC</p><p>For 50km we were escorted by police. The bus was checked for weapons &amp; explosives before we boarded. There were nasty scenes in Sarajevo the day before.</p><p>But being surrounded by fellow Bosnians from Mostar with the same destination, for almost 15 hours on the bus, hearing their stories, seeing their faces, laughter and crying.</p><p>MADE ME JUST DO IT.</p></li><li><p>1st Donation: approx. 700 EUR</p><p>On July 11 at approx. 10am we made it to Potocari (burial site).</p><p>I travelled to Srebrenica with my aunt Esefa and my uncle Sucro with a small handbag full of cash in various currencies (EUR, KM, AUD, CHF, HRK).</p><p>I smile on the picture, because I am absolutely clueless on what do to, but Esefa is absolutely amazing and approaches about 10-15 elderly women, has a small talk with them about who they bury on the day (or have in the past) and we give cash in hand. On the spot. </p></li><li><p>2nd Donation: Orphanage 500 EUR </p></li><li><p>3nd Donation: 500 EUR</p><p>Adel Sabanovic was 8 years old when his family was killed in front of his eyes.</p><p>Serbs made him wash the knives they used to kill his family.</p><p>Adel lives on 50 EUR a month and donations.</p><p>With your help, Adel received a one off donation of 500 EUR.</p><p>The envelope he is holding says : For Adel from Lejla.</p><p>You tube</p><p>Press</p><p></p></li><li><p>I hope you know something about Srebrenica and you have had the chance to mention Srebrenica, so that we dont forget.</p><p>Thanks for your amazing support, there would have been no trip to Srebrenica in 2015 without you.</p><p>Sincerely, Lejla.</p></li></ul>