Bootstrap It! Marketing Automation for Small Business (SXSW Workshop)

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Presented at SXSW 2014 When youre running a startup or small business -- and strapped with limits in time, money and human resources -- your marketing success often hinges on your ability to get more utility out of fewer assets than your big business competitors. But theres a silver lining to that grim forecast: Your WordPress website combined with a little effort and few third party tools and services can make you a marketing machine. An SEO ninja. An email Jedi. A lion of lead generation. In this two and a half hour long workshop, presenter Erik Wolf will show you step-by-step how to leverage WordPress for optimal marketing efficiencies and automation without breaking your budget. Attendees will learn: - Email marketing strategies that would make Ron Popeil proud - Why blogging is ACTUALLY a timesaver! - How to reduce abandonment on products and offers - How to build SEO into everything you do - How to get the most out of forms. With 90 minutes of time every week and a total budget of less than $150 per month, you can get all your online marketing done easily and this talk will show you exactly how.