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    Lights and Shadows

    Apart from the absence of light, shadow is

    also the shape a body makes on a surface

    when it comes between that surface and a

    light source. Despite usually been presented

    as a dark reflection of what it represents,

    shadows don't always come from a shape

    identical to their own. The creative process

    is revealed by the quest for possible shapes

    behind a projection; this generates the

    assumptions through which it develops,

    translating an ambiguous vision of a

    universe where light and shadow become

    one and turn into a pictorial representation

    of themselves.



    i. by.mariameira

    t. 914866676


    Still sun

    Starting point – Luanda, Angola, the land in earth shades. A place where music, colours

    and humidity come together overpoweringly. There, where

    winters are warm and smiles come easily.

    The inspiration came from a series of memories preserved in

    photos of children dancing a never-ending dance on the street

    and who smile whenever they see a camera. Explosive

    mixtures of parts of different universes result in random,

    uncoordinated combinations.

    Indifference in relation to clothing, which metaphorically

    speaking represents indifference to other aspects of daily life,

    when seen by somebody who “comes from afar” inevitably

    transforms the entire concept they have about what is, or

    isn't, a priority.

    Strongly influenced by sportswear, this collection explores

    different clothing references, coming to life in the contrasts

    between materials, colours and finishes, like in the clothes

    divided between right way around and inside out, a reflection

    of a relaxed, carefree state of mind.

    There's always a glimpse of a bare foot, which shows that

    shoes aren't always put on properly. Sometimes they get in

    the way of the dance.


    i. ritasa.brand

    f. ritasa.brand

    t. 960 302 377


    The Intimate Love

    Lucian Freud portrayed Celia Paul on canvas with great emotional power, insistently

    and cold-heartedly for her vulnerability. After Freud died, Celia Paul told her own

    story. Covered in paint, in a flat he'd bought, she developed layers of affection and

    revenge, transferring them to the canvas.

    The collection is inspire by these dynamics - strength and weakness -, alternating serge

    and leather parts overlaid on tight, structured knits, patched with overlapping stitching

    and seams, and satin showing frailty and the romantic involvement.

    Patches and tie-dye prints on the knits depict Celia's work. These prints, inspired by

    Jonathan Lasker's work aesthetic, present a fun, colourful approach, with shapes and

    ideas of full/empty spaces.

    The message comes to us subtly, inspired not only by the graphics of the prints, but

    also by the way they appear throughout the collection - broken, yet strong, almost like

    patches of visual information, so characteristic of the UNFLOWER universe.



    i. unflowerbrand

    f. unflowerbrand

    t. 915215921 / 912734474


    X Lo Siento

    Pain of not being able to breathe that air you have always breathed, the lack of

    strength to resist the fear of fighting to stay, the most intense farewell and the

    farewell that has always accompanied you. There is a void that sometimes when it is

    happening, the pain that your chest feels for 25 seconds until you stop feeling yes, stop

    feeling everything.

    plus the moments it takes for information to circulate from the heart to the brain and

    from the brain to the lungs, yes they are dying, you feel the body fleeing or arriving

    depends on the point of view.

    feel a paradigmatic reality where you can feel that you are someone else but in truth

    you are just the visit of a soul that let you experience the sensation of dying, but rather

    feel all that, unconsciously you are watching your body being invaded and taken by

    someone who came to test you to feel what you felt in the 25 minutes until the dead

    body was completely dead.

    I know I didn't say goodbye...


    i. @_arieiv_

    t. 910860226

  • Carolina Sobral


    Inspired by timeless pieces and a work wear approach, this

    collection is designed to create a “complete wardrobe” for the

    modern day woman. It consists of classic, casual and versatile

    lines, reflecting the creativity and the confidence of the

    modern day woman. Colours such as beige, green and black

    predominate, with touches of blue and yellow standing out.

    While keeping to the aesthetics of label, “SHIFT” intends to

    present a functional, practical collection for sophisticated,

    contemporary women.



    i. _carolinasobral

    f. carolinasobral.cs

    t. 916 462 122

  • João Sousa

    Bellamira FW20

    Sometimes it´s hard to tell someone how much we like them, much more difficult if

    the person is a relative. This collection is a tribute to my grandmother Belmira, the

    name “Bellamira” analogy is Bella (because I was raised with her and we always play

    fantasy and all of that imaginary things) and Mira (the name that I call her). It’s a

    collection that represents all of her struggles in

    life, the breast cancer and the loss of her left

    breast, and both legs because of the diabetes. The

    fabric manipulation and the asymmetries

    symbolize theobstacles that rise when no one is

    expecting. The choice of the fabrics was based on

    the choices that my grandmother pick to the

    Sunday church moment and to do the garments to

    my mom. The sparkle and the design was inspired

    in her pomposity and vanity. This collection

    presents a fight between the light and the dark,

    with the mote “after rain there´s always sun” that

    reveals that if we believe all the struggles can be

    beaten and life can shine again.


    i. joaosousabrand

    f. joaosousabrand

    t. 916 075 043

  • 0.9 VÍRUS


    A person dives into a crystalline sea and then

    emerges and sees a dark stain blocking the

    communication of light and heat.

    Inspired by water, a finite resource - a terrible waste

    of the source of being - and the ability of molten

    magma to recover. Man as the one responsible for

    the changes in what surrounds us and in ourselves.

    Molten magma, its ability to make soil fertile - Nature

    motivated to recover. A possible change in the

    direction of sustainability and raising awareness in


    The clothing, with different shapes and silhouettes,

    gives the collection a relaxed, youthful look. Of note

    are the layers that depict ripples referring to fluidity,

    the ephemeral and fading away. Structure through

    cuts - the interaction of Man. Use of mainly organic and recyclable materials - terry

    cloth, serge and denim in black and shades of blue, alluding to the power and

    exuberance of the resources. Black prints that distinguish the oil ripples on the

    crystalline water.


    i. 0.9virus

    t. 911 068 97




    Híbridos tells the story of an unrelenting love

    between two tribes - the Nyaneka Humbi and the

    Punk. Both appear as primary references, giving

    way to manifestations of a new being. In itself,

    HÍBRIDOS is made of opposites; separated from

    any unique style, although retaining small DNA

    traces - from the classic to street wear. This

    materialisation is seen in several contrasts in raw

    materials, textures, lengths and volumes and

    monochrome aesthetic details.



    i. kllaukenzo

    t. 964222043



    ARCANA is inspired by the “The High Priestess”, the 2nd Major Arcane in Tarot. It

    refers to the esoteric, the unknown, which has intrigued mankind since time

    immemorial - female intuition. A serene, confident female figure is portrayed, with

    the moon at her feet (symbol of fear and

    insecurity) and a book in her hands (symbol of

    knowledge and wisdom). She is someone who

    sees all but reveals nothing. She represents the

    balance between opposing forces through the

    presence of two pillars: one black (with the letter

    B for Boaz) and one white (with the letter J for


    ARCANA was created from the balance of

    contrasts: Feminine/Masculine;