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    Shadows OverScotland

    Player Handouts

    Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying in 1920s Scotlandby Stuart Boon

    Shadows OverScotland

    Player Handouts

  • Shadows Over Scotland

    - C r e d i t s -Author: Stuart Boon

    Cover Art: Jon Hodgson

    Interior Art: Nicole Cardiff, Kim Feigenbaum, Nate Furman, Andy Hepworth, Jon Hodgson,

    Pat Loboyko, Eric Lofgren, Rich Longmore, Scott Neil, Jan Pospisil, Graeme Neil Reid

    Maps: Aaron Acevedo, Jon Hodgson

    Editing: Sarah Newton and Janice Sellers

    Art Direction: Jon Hodgson

    Proofreading: Jenni Hill and Sarah Newton

    Peer Review: Steve Ironside, Stephen Thomson, Jon Hodgson,

    Dominic McDowall-Thomas, and Sarah Newton

    Graphic Design & Layout: Paul Bourne

    Managing Developer: Sarah Newton

    Director of RPG Development, Production

    & the Creative Studio: Dominic McDowall-Thomas

    Publishers: Angus Abranson and Dominic McDowall-Thomas

    Special thanks to Gordon McKerrell & Peter McNamara

    This book is dedicated to my wife Michele whose faith in me has made this project possible.

    Published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd

    Riverside House, Osney Mead, Oxford OX2 0ES, UK Reg. no 6036414

    Call of Cthulhu is the Registered Trademark of Chaosium Inc., and is used with their permission.

    This book, including all art, concepts, characters, text, and intellectual properties

    (besides those belonging to Chaosium and used under license)

    2011 Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

    Any unauthorised use of copyrighted material is illegal.

    Any trademarked names are used in a historical or fictional manner; no infringement is intended.

    Find out more about Cthulhu Britannica: Shadows Over Scotland

    And our other games at

    Printed in the USA


  • Player Handouts

    ~ The Office of the Lord Provost ~Mr Hugh Cadden

    Private Secretary to the Right Honourable Lord Provost of GlasgowCity Chambers, George Square

    GlasgowDear Sirs,

    I write to you on behalf of the Lord Provost and the Corporation of the City of Glasgow who extend to you an invitation to help us with matters of the utmost importance and urgency. We understand that this request will come to you unexpectedly and may seem extraordinary, but we assure you the circumstances behind it are more extraordinary still. The Office of the Lord Provost has undertaken an exhaustive search to seek out individuals who might be equal to the task, and your names were presented to us this very morning.

    To come to the point, the City of Glasgow has of late been plagued by a series of unexplained and disturbing murders. Our own dedicated police force has had little success in finding the perpetrator or perpetrators of these vicious and seemingly unconnected crimes, whose scale and nature are too horrible for words. Our Procurator Fiscal has declared that these killings are not the result of the usual, and lamentable, violence that man inflicts upon man; this is something altogether different and more perverse. He went so far as to call them unholy.

    I have been instructed by the Lord Provost and the Councillors of the City of Glasgow to request formally your help in dealing with these murders, and beseech you to come to Glasgow as soon as is possible. This barbaric murderer must be stopped, and we believe you to be our best hope in this regard.

    The Corporation of Glasgow and the Office of the Lord Provost will spare no expense to bring you to Glasgow swiftly and to accommodate you in the style to which you are accustomed as our honoured guests. The Lord Provost sends his assurances that you will have every assistance available. In addition, the City and Corporation of Glasgow will provide you with a substantial retainer during your stay and a handsome reward upon bringing this murderer, or murderers, as the case may be, to justice.

    Our need is great. We implore you to help us with these deplorable murders. No one should suffer as these men and women have been made to. If you are able, please come to Glasgow to help us resolve this terrible situation.

    We hope for a quick and positive response by telegraph or courier.

    Yours Most Sincerely,

    Mr Hugh CaddenPrivate Secretary to the Lord Provost

    H Cadden

    - S c e n a r i o 1 : D e a t h a n d H o r r o r I n c o r p o r a t e d H a n d o u t s -

    Handout 1. Letter from the Office of the Lord Provost


  • Shadows Over Scotland

    Handout 2. Lucy Siddonss Diary

    I don,t know what to do or who to talk to. I cannae go home. I cannae leave Arkwright House. I,m terrified Sir Gregory and the others will notice. Am I really trapped?,

    I broke down today before Mrs Geddes. I don,t know how, but I had to tell someone, and she,s always been so good to me. She,s promised not to tell Sir Gregory. Thank God! And she understands about my family and said that she would try to help. I only hope she can. The baby is starting to show more and more. I don,t know what to do.

    I caught Sir Gregory and that doctor looking at me queerly today. I almost ran from the room. I,ve got to do something. But what? What?

    Handout 3. Note in Lucy Siddonss Room


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    Handout 5. Werewolves Sighted on the Bridge of Sighs

    Handout 6. Cullens Laboratory Diary

    Handout 4. Ghoulish spell The Voyagers Song

    -The Voyagers Song-

    By means of this spell, every ghoul within a two-mile radius will be magically transported to the Dreamlands. The spell creates a vast shimmering globe of power to extend out from the caster(s) for two miles in every direction. The spell must be cast out of doors under a night sky. The spell requires 30 magic pointsthis expense can be shared amongst the castersand costs each participant 1D3 Sanity points. The song must be chanted for twelve minutes as the clock strikes midnight without interruption or the spell will fail. After the twelfth minute, the globe will fade and the ghouls will fade out from our reality and fade into the Dreamlands.

    The song that must be sung is as follows and should be intoned slowly and deliberately:

    Uhhrkurg girreggah wuul girreggahRharrerra fuuhrugg fuuhrugg graowgachar

    Gur kurreg gur kurreg chrach oorrechHri ur fechech howuuff grigorr aghourr

    WEREWOLVES SIGHTED ON THE BRIDGE OF SIGHSThree local bakers claim to have seen werewolves running across the Bridge of Sighs on the very night that the maid Lucy Siddons was murdered near Firpark Street. The men, who were walking up Wishart Street on their way to the Cairns Bakery, claim the strange creatures ran in the direction of Glasgow Cathedral and possessed glinting red eyes and great white teeth. The three men insist that what they saw was not human but not animal either.

    Glasgow Police, however, believe that the werewolves witnessed by the three bakers may in fact have been the killers escaping the scene of Miss Siddons murder. The police have asked the public to come forwards with any further information that might help lead to the capture of these cruel fiends. Any information should be sent to Detective Constable McKeegan in Turnbull Street.

    [Excerpt from the Glasgow Herald]

    5.45 amThey brought the girl in this morningor what was left of her. What a blasted mess! But the foetus has provided me with a new source of research. The seat will be found through an examination of variation, yes, but why had I not before considered the usefulness of examining such a thing, a veritable tabula rasa, an unborn babe. This one was damaged. I must have more soon. In addition, I must widen my search for new sources of variation. The answer is near.

    10.15 amThat damned fool! I should never have trusted that dim-witted dullard! Hed rather rut with whores and throw his money at cards than do the simplest bloody thing right.

    Now Garachars gifts are trapped at the docks while Im left to find an answer to the debacle. The whole affair has gone to Hell, but I must know what Garachar knows. I must have his magics. The bodies must be retrieved.

    7.00 pmBlack has informed me that Cadden has brought in some investigators to look into the murders. Need to look into this. Nothing must interfere with my experiments.

    1.20 amThey ask for more. Always more, more! And I must find a way. Black is a moron and Arkwright is useless. So I alone must find a way.


  • Shadows Over Scotland

    Handout 7. Cathedral Service Pamphlet

    GLASGOW CATHEDRAL WELCOMES YOUThe Cathedral is proud to be an exceptionally active Christian congregation within the Presbytery of Glasgow and the Church of Scotland. We hope to see you at our forthcoming services and events. May the Lord watch over and guide you.

    The Very Reverend Dr W. J. Grimond

    9.00 am Early Morning Prayer11.00 am Morning Service. Rev. Grimond12.20 pm Holy Communion6.30 pm Evening Service. Rev. Westerton

    Todays Music:Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend BWV 655 JS BachSanctus (Messe Basse) FaurAbove all praise and all majesty MendelssohnTonstych Op 22 No 1 Neils Gade


  • Player Handouts

    Doctor William McAlpine(PSGB, RPS, FEPS)

    T h e C h a n c e l l o r s B u i l d i n g T h e U n i v e r s i t y o f E d i n b u r g h

    Dear Sir,

    I write to inform you that our mutual friend, Professor Michael Ashbury, has been committed to the Edinburgh Lunatic Asylum after a recent misadventure. This will no doubt come as a shock: Ashbury was nothing if a sensible man. Allow me to explain.

    Three days ago, I was relaxing at the Edinburgh Philaletheian Society in New Town, when the Professor burst in and proceeded to relate the story I shall no